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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar Volume 4 Complete:

Since I'd already read the first third a year ago, reading the last 2/3 in a day was no issue.  Since it's Hai to Gensou, you can just read it one page after the next and never grow tired or bored.  As usual Ao Jyumonji is incredible when narrating battles, the best the world has ever seen.  This time it's a little less epic than storming an orc fort with hundreds of actors on both sides, but the fight with the Ulstrel, and even all the other fights before then, were intense and exciting in their own way.

For a brief moment (starting on the 24th) I wasn't all caught up with English translated Hai to Gensou, but that's all fixed now.

The next Hataraku Maou book is 95% translated, so I expect that will be my next objective in the near future.

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