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Friday, June 30, 2017

D.S. - Dal Segno - Released:

Dal Segno came out today.  You can buy it from mangagamer or pirate it from Eroge Downloads.  Dal Segno isn't Da Capo, so I'm not obligated to play it, but it's still by Circus, so I'm extremely interested in playing it.  For all we know it's better than Da Capo.

The art, at the very least, is as good as humanly possible.  I can't vouch for the rest because I haven't played any of it yet.

I can't play any visual novel right now -- whether it be Muv-Luv, Hatsukoi 1/1, or Dal Segno -- because I'm currently in the middle of organizing my girl rock playlist, and visual novels have their own music, so I can't listen to both at once.  But someday I'll be glad to have Dal Segno at my side, and when that day comes I'll be glad to have downloaded it when I had the chance.

Just like Cranberries, despite Garbage being my second oldest band and perhaps my favorite band, I wasn't even aware of their bonus, special, b-side tracks they released over the years, naively thinking that what they sold in stores was what they possessed.  So before I can finish judging Garbage, I have to finish collecting Garbage and actually listen to all their songs.  That's 31 new songs.  Why do bands do this?  Intentionally keep music away from their own fans?  It's madness.

The lead singer of Garbage is Scottish, so the British empire still accounts for 100% of my favorite rock music.  Brightman comes from England, so the streak isn't ending soon.  But at least Tori Amos and Vanessa Carlton are genuine Americans, so at the very end the home of rock and roll will finally get some credit.  Though America was also just part of the British Empire, when you think about it. . .

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