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Thursday, May 18, 2017

There Actually WERE Missing FF 10 Songs:

I said I was done, unless some songs were missing from, say, my FF 10 soundtrack.  Well guess what -- songs were missing from my FF 10 soundtrack.

Most of them were just repetitive songs of prayer, so I can understand that.  But there were four actual songs -- Guadosalam, Rikku's Theme, Path of Repentance and Twilight -- which were just inexcusably missing.

I promptly seeded the new arrivals into my 4 and 3 star playlists and the new crisis is resolved, but wow paranoia really served me well this time.  I checked for any missing songs for FF 4-7 and thankfully there weren't any, so this is really it.

Now I'm really done!  Really!  3,725 songs.  A nice round number.

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