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Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Shows I Haven't Rewatched and Why:

I said I'd rewatch any great anime within 3 years of it airing, so long as certain conditions were met -- it wasn't receiving additional new content (it would be silly to be watching and rewatching the same show simultaneously, that's oversaturation), or it wasn't receiving a bluray fansubbed release which for whatever reason was taking longer than 3 years to come out, despite steady progress being made.

So what I mean is any series which is finished, within three years, so long as there's no hope of receiving a blu-ray release no matter how long I wait, I will rewatch as well as watch so long as it's a great anime in my rankings.

I've fulfilled this promise so far, despite there being 191 ranked anime, but in some cases it's been a close scrape.

Obviously, any show that only came out in 2016 or 2017, I have nothing to worry about, even if there isn't a blu-ray release out yet, I have plenty of time to keep patiently hoping and waiting on one.

So what about shows that came out in 2015?  Don't I need to get on those?

The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls has recently received a blu-ray translation of episodes 1-5.  Which means there's an active group slowly subtitling this in blu-ray, so it's immune to the law.

Kyoukai no Rinne is still currently airing, so the timer only starts once season 3 ends, so I still have until 2020 even if no additional season is announced.

What about shows that came out even earlier than that?

As for Macross 7, constant new Macross releases have meant the timer kept resetting, so there's no impending crisis here.

And as for Ojamajo Doremi, Doremi Fansubs is still working on # HD, the latest new episode being fansubbed just a couple months ago, so I can continue waiting for them to finish.  When season 1 was released in HD I did rewatch that as soon as possible, so I'm doing my best here.

These four shows are the only anime in my rankings I haven't rewatched that came out earlier than 2016, and I have a legitimate excuse for having not watched all four of them.

Anime rewatching isn't where I'm too lax. 

I've also completely caught up on my light novel reading -- Suka Suka needn't be read while there's still a chance it can come out in anime form, for the same oversaturation reason as described above.

I have read every translated chapter of all 99 of my ranked manga series, or watched the anime version thereof.

I've played all the video game franchises I've hyped as important to play.

I have thoroughly read every author in my hall of fame, though obviously that doesn't mean having read their complete bibliography.

I have watched every movie and tv show in my movies and tv shows rankings.
The only place where I'm behind is Really? Really!  Being in my 'top ten english translated visual novel franchises which I've actually read' rankings, I need to finish reading this visual novel, and thus the entire Shuffle series.

Once I finish Really? Really!, I'll be on schedule with everything.  Then I only have to worry about the stuff that's currently coming out, as opposed to any particular backlog.

I intend to drop Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and Flash next week, after all the shows have their season finale.  This doesn't mean I hated the arrowverse, it deserves its 10th place ranking, I just think any further content for these shows isn't going to be as good as what's already come before.  It's become redundant so they're fired.  The previous seasons were still great.  Of course, if the Wheel of Time tv series ever gets going, the arrowverse will be kicked out of the rankings entirely, but for now they deserve their 10th place.

To me, a backlog is a broken promise, so I hope to never have a backlog again.  My halls of fame should mean something, and I've been working hard so that they will.  Now there's just one more push to the finish line.

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