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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Koe no Katachi:

Kyoto Animation did a great job animating this movie, but ultimately, the source material wasn't good enough.  The movie was good, but it was worse than the similarly themed Anthem of the Heart.  It was also worse than Kimi ni Na Wa.  It's just a movie worth watching, based off of a manga worth reading but also nothing special, which has now joined my runners-up list with all the others.

If you're interested the movie is available for torrenting now.

Meanwhile, my quarterly re-ranking of my anime rankings has been carried out.  Now that I have a firm grasp on the quality of Eromanga Sensei and Suka Suka, I can guess where they'll be ranked by the time their seasons end.

The answer is Eromanga #86, Suka Suka #87.  This is about as high as you can possibly go with an incomplete, 12 episode series.  That's a lot of strikes against you to start off with, and you can only fly so high carrying that kind of dead weight.

Shingeki no Kyojin's new season propelled it up to #85, and School Days took the #84 slot.  Youjo Senki fell back down to #88.

Other shows also moved around noticeably.  Kin-iro Mosaic fell to #98.  Working! fell to #51.  Comedies just can't compete with dramas, no matter how well done.

Yuuki Yuuna is a properly emotional drama, so it rose up to #50.

The lack of a sequel announcement for Fairy Tail dropped it down to #10, behind #7 Naruto, #8 One Piece and #9 Dragon Ball.  Say what you like about these shows, at least they're adapted in full.

I'm about halfway through Really? Really!  It's a weak sequel, which is why it's taken me so long to play, and it reduces the Shuffle franchise down to my 10th favorite of those visual novel franchises which I've actually read, where previously it was #8.

But the important thing isn't how good or bad it is, but just that I get this done.  It'll be my very first day of liberty, where I'm not obligated to be reading or watching anything because I oversold it on some damn list.

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