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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Wanted: Rich Married Nazis

There are millions of Nazis around the globe, way above the population of many fully recognized nations.  But everywhere they live they are a powerless, despised minority.  Why is this?

First, I'll pick the low-lying fruit.  Many Nazis are people who couldn't fit in to modern society, are outcasts and social rejects, and therefore have nothing to gain from 'coming together.'  They don't have a wife, a job, educations, capital or job skills anyone could make use of.  I do not say this in any way as a disparagement.  I firmly believe that society is to blame.  They have ill-used our people and the ones most affected by the ill-use will of course be the most resentful of 'liberal democracy,' and thus the ones most likely to gravitate to Nazism.

Even if they all got together, it would be like a bunch of homeless people coagulating in a park in San Fransisco.  What next?  Without a wife and children, you can't raise and indoctrinate a new generation of Nazis via communal schooling and marrying properly indoctrinated offspring off to each other.  All you can do is wave at each other in the streets and be like, "the modern age sure sucks, doesn't it?"  "Yeah, I totally agree."

You can't even start a prosperous economy together because nobody knows how to do anything and nobody can afford to buy the land that would be required before you can start farming it.

Poor single Nazis get nothing by moving to a remote corner of the globe in order to meet other Nazis.  They just lose their current support networks, lose a ton of money by moving in the first place, and receive nothing in return.  There would also be language barriers to overcome and again, what for?  All for nothing.

The nucleus of a new Nazi state can not come from a bunch of outcasts and rejects, poor and unloved, coming together in order to lick each others' wounds.

Second, despite the fact that there are millions of Nazis, their views are still so divergent from each other that the vast majority still prefer their current law codes over what other Nazis would like to impose upon them.  Every Nazi is a rebel who cares more about his own personal truth and personal way of the Nazi than getting along and conforming to the majority.  If that weren't the case, they would have given up Nazism long ago.  This is not meant as a disparagement in any way, I think that's noble and admirable.  But it does mean the inter-Nazi friction and debates makes forming a community together impossible.

Nazis all agree that white homogeneity is superior to open borders, full-tilt diversity.  That's all they agree on.  Some would be fine with 10% diversity, or 90% diversity if they were of an acceptable type, or lord knows what.

Add in disputes about the roles of women, LGBT, economic systems, education, employment, religion, drug use, you name it, and the idea that these people could all come together into one big happy family is absurd.

There's also the minor issue that Nazism = dictatorship, and everyone wants to be the dictator, and would be unhappy to end up as the subject.

If you want a stable core to emerge, you need to find Nazis who agree on everything, not just on opposition to open borders.  I'm not saying you need millions of people who agree on everything, but you do need a stable breeding population that agrees on everything, and history has taught us that is around 1,000 people.  In order to maintain a modern economy, that number might be much higher.  Since we can expect any Nazi state to be ostracized and isolated from the entire outside world, our economy must offer a competitive standard of living with what we enjoy today while also being entirely self-sufficient.  That's pretty challenging.

So it turns out we need 1,000 rich, married Nazis who agree on everything to take a sizable dip in their current standard of living in order to form a community together and be able to raise their children as Nazis who can then marry their neighbors - other Nazis - and thus perpetuate our new community and eventually our new nation.

Anything short of that will collapse immediately and therefore isn't worth even getting off the ground.

A rich, married Nazi is probably someone who is a Nazi solely inside their own heads.  They'll have kept their heads down all this time, parroted all the correct lines, and been completely conformist in all visible ways by their peers, coworkers, employers, educators, etc.

But it is an absolute must that their families be fully on the bandwagon, so a rich married Nazi husband who never told his secret to his wife or kids is worthless.  They must all be fervent believers because belief is the only thing we will have to begin with, and it is the seed from which the entire fruit will grow.

If there is a single instance of corruption in that seed, if anything is wrong in the initial crystal, that flaw will grow bigger and bigger over time until it completely shatters the edifice.  Exponential growth is our ally, which is why we can start small, with just 1,000 people.  But exponential growth of an invisibly small fault in one of our seeds will result in a giant catastrophic error in the code in the future.

So we need people who were successful at blending in, in order to get their degrees and high paying jobs, but not so successful that they fooled their own families.

Are there really 1,000 people who fit all these criteria?

Apparently not.  Because look around, there isn't a single Nazi commune in the whole world.  Plenty of Mormon and Amish communes, but not a single Nazi commune.

Which means we need to convert enough people to the banner that this project can finally get off the ground.  Somehow what we're currently saying isn't enough to get through to them, and I don't know the magic words which will convert them any faster.

What will convert these people is events, though.  Once Europe has collapsed into an Islamic hellhole, once the USA has become Brazil 2.0, once all whites live under South African levels of crime, even rich, married whites will start looking towards Nazism longingly.

Once all of our predictions have come true and all our warnings proved prophetic, they'll be willing to listen to our cures.

I think Trump being impeached and a democratic election being overturned would be a great way to radicalize current normal conservatives and make them search for stronger stuff.  We'll be waiting for them in that event.

Likewise if Trump is assassinated or removed from office via the 25th amendment.  If Trump is declared insane then the 62 million people who voted for him are likewise labeled as insane.  That's not an insult people will bear easily.

Humorously enough, only by Trump's presidency succeeding will Nazism founder.  I thought Trump's presidency would be amazing, I believed it would totally turn this country around and stave off 3rd world status for the next fifty years.  But seeing as how he can't pass a single item of legislation, despite having the House, Senate, Presidency and Supreme Court, I guess that's out the window.  The budget he negotiated is indistinguishable from Obama's budgets.

There are forces outside of electable control, and they have more power than the House, Senate, Presidency, and Supreme Court combined.  And if these forces decide to take Trump out, then all the prosperity and security Trump was going to give America will also disappear.  Which means our acceleration to certain doom will be right back on track again.

And if we're going to be living in Brazil soon, that means the time for Nazism is soon too.  The whiplash of current events is truly stunning.

For the country and our own individual living circumstances, better is better.  But for Nazism and our chances of establishing a new state which can properly indoctrinate and intermarry Nazis with each other, and thus create a new biological, self-sustaining, perpetual nation, worse is better.  We need things to get bad enough that the rich married Nazis decide to pull up their tents and abandon everything they have, all the success they earned by conforming to the modern world, for the chance at something better:  securing the existence of our people and a future for white children.

Which means no matter what future is ahead of us, there's reason for optimism.  If the country is constantly improving and everyone's content, then I guess there was no need for radical reforms anyway.  If it's falling apart and everyone can see the ruinous consequences of liberalism, then Nazi communes will start sprouting up like mushrooms.

Whether Trump is martyred or succeeds as president, we're in a better position than any previous time in my lifetime.  So long as Trump wasn't elected, all the conservatives would just be striving to win an election and change things through the democratic process.  If the democratic process is rigged, though, they will abandon all such efforts from here on.  And that's when radicalism can offer a new deal.  Until now we've never even tried a patriotic president, so we never knew if he could succeed or not.  If Trump can't do it, though, no one can, which means we can abandon the dream of peaceful coexistence and insist on 100% full bore Nazism.  The people will have nowhere else to go.

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