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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Utawarerumono S2 Blu-ray Subtitled:

It's been years since Utawarerumono S2 aired.  I had given up all hope of a blu-ray release, and just went ahead and rewatched the tv version, so little movement had occurred.  But now, suddenly, like Athena sprouting full grown from the head of Zeus, S2 has a subtitled, 1080p, blu-ray release of proper file size.  Emerging from the new site, which is supposed to be less together than the old site, and yet here we have it producing gems the old site never did.

Talk about a blessing from the blue.  This is like plowing up a diamond on your field and retiring a millionaire.

And unlike Fresh Precure's blu-ray, this is actually seeded, and unlike with Fresh Precure, isn't going to be taken down midway through.  Utawarerumono S2 is ours for the taking.

Since I already just recently rewatched Uta 2, I won't be able to make use of this blu-ray for a long time.  But someday I'll rewatch the whole series from start to finish, and the blu-ray will come in handy then.  Besides, a collector's spirit desires things just to have them, regardless of their functionality.

Meanwhile, I listened to all my music on my 1 star video game music list.  I deleted the songs I felt weren't worth hearing again, promoted songs I felt had been given a raw deal, and left the rest alone, but vindicated.

The vindicated songs were ones I heard and said, "hey, this isn't bad, if this is the 1 star level then maybe 1 star isn't so bad.  I could see cycling through this playlist alongside the other five."

It took reducing the playlist down to 213 songs to reach that level of faith in it, but the survivors will now not be unfairly impugned by the company they used to keep.

The 1 star list is no longer a cellar where songs go to die, it's a legitimate playlist full of good video game music like all the others, which I intend to make full use of over the years.

My new total of vgm songs is 3,713.  But now they're all good songs.  Things are looking up for all the listening to come.  I still have Mill on the Floss and Silas Marner to read so there will be plenty of opportunities to listen to my music too.

I'll always be on the watchout for songs that should really belong in a different tier, but I think this marks the end of all major changes.  I've been completing things tier by tier, finalizing the 6 star playlist first, then the 5 star, and so on.  Now I've reached even the 1 star and finalized it.  There's nothing left to improve.  And on the seventh day God rested.

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