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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

No Pity for Manchester:

Ayn Rand's greatest literary masterpiece was the chapter where she showed that everyone on a train that drove into a tunnel, crashed headfirst into another train going the other way in the tunnel, and blew up and killed everyone, everyone on that train had contributed in one manner or another to the deteriorating conditions of America that allowed accidents like that to happen.

They had all driven down standards, criticized excellence, impeded merit, undercut productivity, and sabotaged wellness in one way or another.  And blowing up on that train because America was no longer healthy enough to perform basic tasks anymore was their karma.  Who do you think made America so dysfunctional trains can't even run on time anymore?

It was the people.  The people who sat by, did nothing, and parasitically conformed to the world-destroying narrative because they weren't courageous enough to name the lie and pick up the battle standard of truth which could have saved them and their country.

I delight in the deaths at Manchester, just like I delighted in the fictional deaths of the people on Ayn Rand's train.  These are the exact same people who demonize Nazis, celebrate diversity, and call for tolerance and #refugeeswelcome, #I'llridewithyou, #Notallmuslims, blah blah blah.  It's a shame I can't collect all these scum into one place and blow them all up.

I doubt there was a single person at this prurient concert with correct views on life or a virtuous lifestyle.  After being blown up by the Muslims they so love, they're now burning in hell where they belong, for bringing this filth into our white countries and creating the intolerable conditions that will only get worse every generation from here on, until we live like Christians in Egypt or Iraq, hunted down one by one until our total extermination from the planet.

Deaths from terrorism are righteous justice from an angry God who has watched all of his greatest works abandoned and destroyed by the very people he most blessed.  We have turned our back on God, and now God is raining down the lightning bolts of karma, of "what did you think was going to happen?", of natural law, of reality, of inevitability, of Truth onto the ripped apart flesh of sinners.

And until the West elects a politician who promises the complete and total removal of all Muslims from their country and a complete ban on any interaction with Muslims from there on, I hope the terrorism continues, bigger and bigger, killing millions, nuking whole cities and destroying every single famous landmark.  Whatever it takes to wake people up, to get through to them that #refugeeswelcome is the most retarded way to run a country to ever exist in human history.  Until they repent, they deserve the punishments of a just and vengeful God.  Let his wrath burn them all to a crisp in holy nuclear fire.

There is simply no excuse, no excuse, any longer, for not understanding that Muslims are a threat and need to be removed from civilized society.  If you don't get that yet, I hope you and everyone you know dies a horrible, painful death and everything you ever cared about is eradicated forever.  I hope you and your entire line dies out forever and history never again speaks your name.

There is no point talking to these diseased filth anymore.  Even my dog could understand why Muslims are bad after this many examples.  These people are sub-sentient and subhuman and they all just need to die in nail bombings one after the next forever.

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