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Thursday, May 25, 2017


All the arrowverse seasons are finally over.  Supergirl continued its Hillary sloganeering to the very end, so I'm happy to be rid of this series.  Flash had a stupid, contrived resolution to the Savitar problem followed by a stupid, contrived dramatic new problem, so I'm happy to be rid of this show too.

Arrow had a perfect ending, with everything coming full circle and the flashbacks finally getting back to episode one.  However, with the island being blown up and the fate of our heroes all unknown, I'll have to at least watch the first episode of season six to find out what happened to them.  I can always drop the show after that, but this cliffhanger is a little too much.

Legends of Tomorrow had a pretty good second season, so I'm willing to give the third season a shot.  No harm in watching a little more.

So that's where we are now:  Supergirl done, Flash done, Arrow almost done, Legends of Tomorrow maybe watchable.

In any event, there won't be any more superhero tv for half a year now, whether I'd like to watch it or not.

Meanwhile, a new animated project has been announced for Non Non Biyori.  I doubt it's a third season, but every little bit counts, so I'm happy to see more of this great show.

My estimate was a little off.  Fairy Tail will end a couple months from now, rather than a couple months from when I said it was going to end in a couple months.  But I was still really close.

Sean Hannity is at risk of losing his job at Fox News for daring to mention the truth about the Seth Rich case, which just goes to show how worthless mainstream news sites are.  The actual news sites that are willing to tell people what's really going on in the world are all internet based, and no amount of censorship can deter them from getting out the real news.  You can't stop the signal, no matter how many popular Fox news hosts you fire.  Every time you fire Hannity, O'Reilly, Ailes and the rest, that just drives more and more people to the alt-right because they're hungry for truth and they aren't getting it anywhere else anymore.

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