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Monday, May 22, 2017

Index NT volume 18 Complete:

I finished the newest Index New Testament novel.  Aleister Crowley is killed, except, *spoiler!*, a billion more Crowleys take his place.  It appears it's very difficult to actually kill off Crowley cuz he reproduces like bunny rabbits.

Crowley wanted to use magic to destroy all magic in the world, then finally destroy himself and be done with it, because he felt magic was unjust.  Touma shattered that illusion like he does everything else with his right hand.

Now a new villain has emerged in Crowley's stead, Lola Stuart.  And another ten novel epic surely begins in order to take her down.

It's not bad writing, it was actually a fun novel, it just feels like the story is on a treadmill and every time the plot progresses forward, it just takes two steps back again and repeats.  Can we ever have a novel wherein meaningful change actually occurs?

With Index out of the way, Really? Really! remains the sole and only object on all my halls of fame which I haven't actually finished yet.  I'm making progress, slowly but surely.  Hopefully nothing else is translated in the meantime and I can actually reach my finish line before the goal posts start moving again.

Meanwhile, I continued to refine my video game music playlists.  I got rid of a bunch of remixed versions of the same tunes, and just some overall bad songs not worth keeping around.  This got me to 178 songs in my 1 star playlist.  So it goes: 700, 700, 700, 700, 700, 178 = 3678, and not a single one of them a repeat.

Now, there are a lot of versions of FF's prelude, chocobo, etc, but all of these songs have significant enough differences between each other that they do not count as remixes.  It's the remixes that have no such excuse that got the ax this time.

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