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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Even More Cuts:

I've found nine more instrumental versions of vocal songs, three from Xenogears, three from Chrono Cross, three from FF 11, one from Lunar and one from Lunar 2.  So of course they all had to go.  My new video game music song total is 3635.

I updated my ultimate video game music guidebook to reflect all the changes, so it can still be consulted for the details, like which game's music is better than the other.

Every time I cut one of these remixes, I'm giving myself space to add in a truly original new good song in their stead.  Which means my playlists are continuously improving each time I go through this process.  The ideal would be 700 completely different melodies in a single playlist, all of about equal worth, and my 6 star playlist has pretty much reached that ideal.  The others suffer under the weight of multiple different instrumental takes on the same melody, like all the different chocobo songs, but at least none of them have a strictly inferior instrumental remix of a vocal piece anymore.

My 6 star playlist has largely floated above all these cuts, completely unaffected.  The carnage has all been located in the 5 star and below.  But improving the 5 star, 4 star, 3 star and so on is still a worthy project because I plan to listen to all of them, not just the 6 star on repeat.  3635 good songs > 700 great songs, so I want to make full use of all my playlists and make them all the best they can be.

Hunter x Hunter's manga is returning from hiatus June 26th.  It's always nice to see more of this manga, but no doubt it will be on hiatus again a few chapters later.

If Trump really does pull out of the Paris Climate Accord, that's another huge win for his voters (including me.)  I would like to see a transition to clean energy eventually, but the world will not be destroyed if the temperature increases a couple degrees.  In fact, America, Canada, Russia, and other white nations would all benefit from the extra heat.  As wind and solar technologies improve, as well as electric cars, fossil fuels will naturally become irrelevant because renewables are just plain cheaper.  Since everyone keeps predicting this switchover point is coming, why not just wait for it to happen?  Driving the economy into a ditch in order to get to a clean energy economy a few years sooner makes no sense.

The USA just so happens to be one of the greatest fossil fuel superpowers in the world.  We should take advantage of this asset to the fullest, and use it to enrich our people, who could really use the help.  (Since the 1970's, wages haven't improved for the vast majority of Americans.)

The Paris Climate Accord instead wanted us to curtail our own economic activity, raise the price of energy, hurting the poor of America most of all (because energy is an inelastic good that we all must have to live and therefore we'll pay at any price, cutting into our other basic needs), and worst of all represented a complete give-away of hundreds of billions of dollars to the shitty nations of Africa as some sort of apology tax for having hurt their environment over the last few centuries.

That's just repugnant.  To take taxpayer money out of of America and just dump it on Africa for free because we feel sorry for them and guilty in some convoluted fashion for inventing the automobile.

No, we're not sorry for being a modern country with a high standard of living thanks to the industrial revolution.  And no, we have nothing to feel guilty about vis a vis Africa.  We have already given Africa all the fruits of modern civilization for free -- all our technology, the green revolution, modern medicine, famine relief, peacekeepers, free AIDS drugs, free polio and ebola vaccines, trillions of dollars in aid and investment.  No, if anything, Africa owes us a debt they can never repay.  The idea that we need to apologize and pay restitution to Africa for anything we've done is absurd.

So even if global warming is a priority that must be stopped, there's still no reason to be a part of this awful Paris Climate Accord.  This was not about global warming at all, it was just another scheme to rip off white people and give all their money away to the quadrillion blacks in Africa in exchange for nothing.

I'm not tired of winning yet, but Trump is delivering on his promise to keep winning, which is a pretty satisfying feeling after eight years of Obama.

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