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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Zero no Tsukaima Volume 20 Translated:

The final novel Noboru Yamaguchi wrote before his too-early passing, volume 20, Holy Land From Ancient Times, has finally been translated.  Six years after it came out in Japan, it finally reaches our American shores, all thanks to the fan community at Baka Tsuki.

The Zero no Tsukaima novels are much better than the anime, so they're an absolute must read.  I'll of course be turning my attention to this series over the slow grind of Really? Really!, which will just have to be delayed yet again.  The best part about light novels is I can continue listening to my video game music while I read.  Currently I'm paying all my attention to my 5 star vgm list, which is virtually indistinguishable in quality from the 6 star. 

My 6 star, 5 star and 4 star lists are all 1.4 days long.  The first real chink in the armor comes with the 3 star list, which only lasts for 23 hours.  The 2 star list recovers a bit with 1.1 days of music, and the 1 star reservoir clocks out with just 2 hours of music spread across a mere 135 songs.

If I go for a while without finding any more remixes, I may be able to dispense with any need for the 1 star list at all.  I could just cut all the underperformers who remain there and have five nice stable lists of 700 songs.  But I would first have to be assured there isn't a single good song left in the list before I took such drastic measures.

The NBA finals start today.  I hope Lebron James wins again and proves my statement correct that he's the best that ever lived.  If James can take down the overpowered Warriors who now also have Durant on their team, then that's a feat Jordan never had to match, and never could have matched even if he had wanted to.

The first half year sales are in for manga and light novels.  Sword Art Online is at the top of light novels yet again this year, which I'd like to rub in the face of all the mindless, retarded, and completely without foundation haters of the series.  Sword Art Online is virtually perfect, so it's good to see Japan at least has proper respect for the franchise.  One Piece still leads on the manga side and I guess that's okay, One Piece is pretty good too.

There don't seem to be any up and coming good manga to replace all the classics we've lost this year.  More and more, new great anime is based off of light novels or just wholly original.  All I ask is that Japan produces one more great manga so I can finish off my manga hall of fame, currently with 99 entries, and desperately in need of a 100th.  But all year I've searched for a decent new manga in vain.  Perhaps I should give Arachnid a try?

Record of Grancrest War is receiving an anime, but my enthusiasm is curbed by the knowledge that the maker of Lodoss War has never been able to match his original glory.  It's like comparing Ender's Shadow to Ender's Game.

This spring season of anime has been unique in that I didn't drop a single show.  All six fledgling series -- Granblue Fantasy, Sakura Quest, Hinako Note, Re:creators, Clockwork Planet and Rokudenashi all managed to make my runners-up list of good anime series that can be (and will be) watched in full.

The spring season also had two spectacularly great series in Eromanga Sensei and Suka Suka, so I have zero complaints with this season or even the whole year anymore.  The year could end today and 2017 would have already done its part for anime greatness.  But that's not the case, instead we just go tearing in to the ever further acceleration of the summer season, with the ending of the Monogatari Series, Tenshi no 3p, Gamers, Hell Girl Season 4, New Game Season 2, Netsuzou Trap, Fate/Apocrypha, etc, etc.

The summer season is just one month away, I can't wait to get this show on the road.

Wonder Woman is purportedly the best D.C. Universe movie by far, which is good to hear.  They said the same thing about Logan with X-men and they were completely right about that.  If Wonder Woman is even half as good as Logan we're in for a treat.

I wrote 31 posts in April and 37 posts in May, and still had this much to write about on the first of June.  But I can't help it when this many interesting and important and fun things are all happening at once.

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