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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Yuuki Yuuna ova 1 Released:

Apparently we won't have to wait until fall to watch the Washio Sumi arc.  It will be released at the rate of a trickle across the entire year instead.  Now's the chance to dive back into the truly stellar show known as Yuuki Yuuna six months earlier than expected.

Meanwhile, I finished volume 11 of Baccano and am now on volume 12.  If I can just finish through volume 20 it would mean I've read every translated light novel in my good books rankings, which would create a higher level of veracity and sincerity to the rankings than as things currently stand, with me cajoling people to read series I haven't even read in full myself.  Of course, that will be a bit of a melancholy moment, because then I'll have nobody left to read for the rest of my life, but I guess I had to reach the finish line sooner or later.

Final Fantasy XV is too hard.  In one sense, it's too hard to win fights.  Only throwing endless potions = gil at every encounter ever lets you win.  I guess that alone would be okay, but then the real problems surface.  It's too hard to get from point A to point B.  The quest descriptions aren't clear enough to know what on Earth you're trying to do.  The story is too long.  Magic is too difficult to use.  The load screens take way too long.  The day/night stuff is maddening because it's never the right time of day to do what you want to do.  The fish are too hard to catch.  The dungeons are full of mazes and puzzles which are sometimes insurmountable and whole optional bosses have to just be skipped.  Everything is too hard and takes an unreasonable amount of time to do.  It's almost bizarre how intent the developers of this game were to delay and inconvenience their own fans.  Just clicking x on objects that tell you to click x on them most of the time fails, resulting in you fruitlessly jumping up and down instead.  Even clicking on things is too hard.

The graphics are great, but if it comes at the expense of these atrocious load times I'd rather they were worse.  The music is nice, which is impressive given it's not by Uematsu, but it's still not Uematsu so it doesn't really feel like Final Fantasy anymore.  The four guys in a party together toppling an evil empire plot is fine, certainly better than 12 or 13's plot was.  But this was a lot of money for a game that's ultimately weaker than the original Final Fantasy I.

Trump shooting up a single airbase in Syria with some cruise missiles is no big deal.  Clinton did much the same whenever he wanted to pretend to respond to something in the middle east while actually achieving and changing nothing.  In fact, Obama recently attacked Yemen with some cruise missiles.  This kind of bluster is par for the course, and I'm sure both Assad and Putin will just shrug it off and roll their eyes as they continue to go about their business as usual.

Now, if Trump started a ground war in Syria, or did a year long bombing campaign of all Syrian government infrastructure and military assets, yes, that would be something worth talking about.  But if he just wants to play around with a few toys, meh, whatever.  The only good muslim is a dead muslim anyway, so it's not like I care.

More importantly, the Republican senate has abolished the filibuster for appointees, so now Gorsuch will finally be confirmed to the Supreme Court and give Republicans back the majority of this nigh all powerful governing body.  Once we have Gorsuch in, we can appeal that awful Hawaii judge's ruling on the executive order to the Supreme Court and Gorsuch can overrule it.  Trump putting in conservative supreme court justices more than makes up for any mayhem he may cause in the middle east.  He could go to war with the whole region for all I care, so long as the anti-immigration policies like his executive order against refugees continue to be put in place.  Illegal immigration into the USA is already down 70% just with Trump's tough talk.  Imagine what the wall will do once it's actually built.

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