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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Da Capo III Really Complete:

I finished reading even the side stories now.  100% scenario completion.  100% cg completion.  100% movie completion.  100% completion.  Ah, but it's a good feeling.  I have completely and utterly smashed this game.  I have gotten every drop of blood from this stone.  I am the Da Capo master.

The first and last side stories are really good, the 2nd through 4th aren't, but oh well.  It was so nice seeing Yume again, and like usual Sakura was perfect.  I feel like the 1st side story really should have just been part of the main game, but whatever, maybe they thought the story would start too slowly if they did that.

All in all, Da Capo III was $38 well spent.  I have no regrets.  This was much better than Majikoi S, Hoshizora no Memoria or Koichoco.  The last time I read a VN this good was Rewrite.

My only wish is that Mangagamer would translate older Da Capo games as well.  D.C.P.C., D.C.P.C. II, Fall in love, with you, after seasons, Platinum Partner, on and on, there's just endless extra content and it's all as good as the original.  If only Da Capo were fully translated it would be the greatest work of art of all time.  It has more words than the encyclopedia Britannica by now.  How can it not be the best?

Instead we'll have to wait for google translate to become truly fluent in Japanese to English translations, and who knows when that will happen, given that hardware progress in computing power has been slowing down these days.

Having read all the translated Da Capo, (even Suika no less!), my only choice now is to go back to Majikoi A-2. Then comes Really? Really! and the Grisaia short stories.  Then my 'VN top ten list that I've actually read' will finally be complete.

I've also finished rewatching Sailor Moon Crystal S2.  It was okay.

SAO currently has 20 million copies in print, making it the 2nd most popular light novel series and the 85th highest selling book franchise in the world.  Eventually SAO will overtake Guin saga and become the greatest work of literature in Japanese history, and there's nothing all the haters can do to stop it.  It's so nice when popular opinion is actually correct.

I'm halfway through listening to FFXV's good songs 100 times.  Then the battle of the century commences -- the ultimate music list of Tales and Final Fantasy music which must conquer each other in order to survive.  (Watch it be all FF in the end.  >.<)

March Madness is over as well.  No sports at all until the fall.  Well, more time for finishing all these visual novels. . .

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