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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Dimension W, Fate/Kaleid Liner 3rei and Www.working's 1st blu-ray volume subtitled:

This would not be such a big deal, except we're talking about series that have been neglected for a good while, who I had mostly given up on ever seeing have a blu-ray release.  Now all of a sudden they're all starting to be released, one after the other, like dominoes.  If a fansub group releases the 1st volume of something, they're likely to end up releasing all the others too.  So this is a very good sign, especially for Dimension W, which still has an untranslated ova missing included in the blu-ray release.

I finished rewatching Love Live! Sunshine in bluray and Sailor Moon Crystal S1 in bluray, so it was nice to receive Sailor Moon Crystal S2 in bluray so quickly.  Now I'm working on that.  I suspect by the time I'm done, Macross Delta will be out in full in bluray as well, which should then become my next target.  Rewatching Utawarerumono S2 will have to be put on hold for now.  Even Kin-iro Mosaic Pretty Days came out in bluray.  Rewatching it now would be a little much, but it's nice to have for rewatching purposes down the road.

The latest volume, volume 13, of Hataraku Maou-sama! was pretty good, though again very little happened.  I finished reading it in just a couple days, so now I can go back to Baccano volume 11 which I had already started on.

As expected, the latest chapter of To Love-ru didn't help resolve the plot in any way.  It would be pretty funny if all these Rito copies paired off with all the different girls in the series, but I doubt such a non-serious solution will really be proffered by the author.  There's only one chapter left of To Love-ru and I suspect it will just be a silly joke chapter as well.  A very frustrating ending.

The spring anime season has only Shingeki no Kyojin to show for itself so far.  Tsugomomo hasn't been translated yet, and none of the other new shows have been appealing.  There's nothing good slated to come out tomorrow either.  Tuesday has Rokudenashi and Sakura Quest, so things should swing in a favorable direction starting then.  Wednesday is the start of Bolt and Sagrada Reset, Thursday has Clockwork Planet, Friday has Berserk 2, and Saturday has Kyoukai no Rinne 3, Re:Creators, and Eromanga Sensei.

Eromanga Sensei is worth all these other shows put together, but it's always nice to have side dishes alongside the main course.

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