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Friday, April 7, 2017

Vivid Strike Blu-ray Released:

With astounding speed, Vivid Strike has been released, fansubbed, in bluray, in full, alongside all the extra manga chapters and three extra ovas that accompany the original season.  This is a must have from any angle.

Even just counting back from Ron's previous releases, this still includes three new episodes in blu-ray (10-12), a new fully translated bonus chapter and a new fully translated bonus ova.  It's like Christmas.

Vivid Strike only aired a few months ago, so I'll refrain from rewatching the show just yet.  But that won't stop me from watching the new ova or reading the new bonus manga.  Then, all in due time, I'll rewatch the whole series including all the bonus ovas and check another great show off as both watched and rewatched.

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