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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Video Game Music Grand Melee Mess:

I should have prepared better before attempting such a colossal feat.  There are too many remixes and duplicates with different names to even get started on a fair competition, on both sides.  So what this run-through is turning into is just a cleansing, not a competition.

I'm now concentrating on editing the list of songs to just the necessary ones, with a basic threshold of quality.  My ten star list can be content with just that level of sorting.  Later I can hold a true grand melee and create a 20 star list if I want.  For now I'm just focused on getting things orderly.  I may be able to keep the number of songs below 1485 like planned, but even that's in question.

Perhaps starting the competition before I even finished listening to FF XV 100 times was a little hasty. >.<.

Well, there's no harm done in creating a better music playlist than the one I had before.  In the end, maybe this is the better way to construct a perfect playlist anyway. . .

Meanwhile, I finished reading volume 17 of Baccano.  It was decent, as are most of the 1700's related books.  Huey's a cool character, probably the highlight of the whole franchise.

There are only three translated Baccano novels left.  But my quest to read all translated light novels in my good books hall of fame just jumped up in difficulty, because now I must read Suka Suka's light novels as well.

Luckily, there's a website for that:

Until the anime is over, there's no point reading ahead, but once it's over I'll be sure to find out what happens next, to satisfy my own burning curiosity, much less complete my oath.

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