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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Novel Updates:

A nice website that's more comprehensive than baka tsuki for english light novel translations is novel updates.

From there we can discover all sorts of interesting things, like the 19th volume of Monogatari Series is translated, even though the 18th volume isn't, so there's no use in reading it.  Likewise, books 7 and 8 of Gate are translated, but book 6 isn't so it's all useless.

But there is a bright light in all this carnage.  Hyouka volume 6 is just straight out translated, at baka tsuki of all places, so that one I should've known about already.

In addition, the remainder of Amagi Brilliant Park volume 3 is translated, after nanodesu dropped it while I was reading it halfway, so that's nice.

Lastly, Eromanga Sensei volume 5 has been translated, which is really the jewel of the pack.  Now we don't have to wait for a dubious 2nd or 3rd season of the anime to come along, we can just get to reading our favorite series immediately.

So now it isn't just Baccano I have to read.  It's these three volumes as well, and however many more novel updates discovers from here on.  I was so close to finishing up my reading list too. >.<.

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