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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Bill O'Reilly Out:

O'Reilly was one of my favorite news guys, I always followed his talking points memo which is available free online.  But he clearly has a problem with women and, no matter how good he is at his job, part of the job is maintaining professionalism around women.

Let this be a lesson to all men.  Never interact with women in any way, shape or form.  All it does is get you sued for millions of dollars and cost you your job.  If you have to talk to a woman, treat her like a robot, like amazon echo or google home or Siri or something, and keep it strictly business related.  Never even look her in the eye.  Anything you say or do can be used against you in the court of law.

There is simply no benefit worth the cost of interacting with women.  It's exhausting, it's dangerous, and it's depressing.  If she doesn't accuse you of rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, physical abuse or verbal abuse, she'll still betray you, cheat on you and dump you in the end.  There's always something she can do to ruin your life, and she is 99% guaranteed to do it.  It's just not worth it.  There's other ways to have female companionship -- visual novels, that are absolutely risk free, and the girls are way better than anyone you'll meet in real life anyway.  2-D waifus will never sue you, never put you in jail, never get fat, never betray you, never dump you, are always willing to have sex with you whenever you want, don't have any mental problems, don't cost any money, don't monopolize your time, and don't demand child support.  They don't even require you be faithful to them.

Bill O'reilly is divorced and now he's fired.  His reputation is no longer 'most famous man in news,' and has now been reduced to 'embarrassing old man lecher who may have used his position of authority to intimidate women into having sex with him, which is essentially rape.'  Women have taken everything from him.  I don't think he even has child custody anymore.  If famous, powerful, rich men can't survive encounters with women, there's no hope any of the rest of us can.

In an age where the majority of adults, over 50%, have HPV, an STD, the idea of having sex with a woman is just repugnant.  It's like sticking your dick into a cockroach den or a garbage dump.  What sane person would risk sex with women anymore?  HPV is just one STD out of a hundred, if they don't have HPV they probably have something else, because they're all sluts now.  If you don't have sex with a virgin, you're risking torture for the rest of your life and/or a premature death.  If you do have sex with a virgin, you'll have to be on the run from the cops because that's 'statutory rape.'  Even though in the olden days 14 year olds were regularly getting married, having sex, and bearing children, now it's a crime until the impossibly old age of 18, at which point virtually no woman is still a virgin, so she's already used goods and totally worthless both physically and emotionally.  An absolute, designed, malicious Catch-22, just one more way to snag men if they ever dare to try to interact with women.

In this same age, the majority of people have taken marijuana.  Add in all the other possible drugs and you're looking at around 3/4 of people right out of the gate who have already denied the sanctity of their sapience, turned their back on a human existence, and have actively embraced artificial chemical rushes over their duty and purpose to think.  All of these people must also be discarded ahead of time, and since you can't even start dating a girl until age 18, you can't save her from this sort of lifestyle by getting to her early and demanding higher standards than society at large expects.  By the time she's 18, she's not only a diseased slut, she's also drunk, high, and probably fat to boot.  You can't do anything to intervene in her life because that's a crime, so you have to wait patiently until they're undatable for objective reasons instead of ridiculous, stupid laws that were put in place simply to pervert the natural course of life that had reigned for 1,000's of years until now.

You know who doesn't have any STD's?  2-D waifus.  You know who doesn't use drugs?  2-D waifus.  You know who are still virgins before they meet you?  2-D waifus.  The old standards of decorous behavior still reigns so long as you restrict yourself to visual novels.  You can have a real romance, that's actually rewarding and fulfilling, so long as you stay in the virtual world.

What real life girl could possibly compete with a 2-D waifu?  Is there even one in the whole world who could live up to Himeno's little finger?

Visual novel franchises often take years to read -- just look at Majikoi.  That means you have a longer ongoing relationship, with meaningful new conversations and events, with 2-D waifus than virtually any relationship you might have with a girl in the real world.  The claim that eventually the visual novel ends and so you have to move on or get stuck in an infinite time loop of replaying already memorized events doesn't really apply when the average length of a relationship is a couple months.

But real women can have real children?  Heck, Nagisa had Ushio, so 2-D waifus can bear you children too.  But setting that aside, who cares if they have your kids, they just divorce you and take them away again shortly thereafter.  Or they poison the kids against you and turn them into just yet more ideological enemies.  Plus, what's the use in having a kid, when the statistics are they'll just become another HPV infected, marijuana smoking, overweight slut just like everyone else?  Are you going to fork over a million bucks for a game of russian roulette?  Seriously?

Speaking of romances with 2-D girls, I finished volume 5 of Eromanga Sensei.  Sagiri confessed to Masamune, but she managed to divert it back into 'as a little sister' by the end of the book, so, sigh, the story must go on.

I also finished volume 3 of Amagi Brilliant Park.  All that's left now is Hyouka volume 6, and then I'm back to a bare-bones diet of Baccano.  Come on translators, work faster!

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