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Friday, April 21, 2017

New Game out in Blu-ray:

Another series, another blu-ray fansub.  This time by [tjardo].  Since half of New Game was already released in blu-ray, tjardo gave us the gift of the other half all at once.  There's no particular need to rewatch New Game yet, it hasn't even been a year since it aired, but it's nice to have waiting in reserve, and most importantly now is the time it's most likely to be well seeded.

Meanwhile, I finished Hyouka volume 6, currently the last volume of Hyouka.  It was pretty good, though I can never solve the mysteries until Oreki explains the answer to me, leaving me always feeling stupid.

With that, all the extra translated novels I found via the novel updates website have already been cleared.  Now I'm back to Baccano.  At least the newest Xanth book (Ghost Writer in the Sky) is out, though, so I have one more book-that-is-not-baccano left to look forward to.

The Baccano novels have been so uninspiring that I no longer even wish for an additional anime season of it.  It's just a bunch of crazy people going around doing crazy things for crazy reasons.  There are a lot better shows that could be made instead.

P.S.  Yuuki Yuuna's 2nd ova has been released as well.

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