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Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Minori's latest masterpiece, Trinoline, concerns an android that contains the same memories as your dead imouto given to you as a gift, specifically and literally following the three laws of robotics.  The questions that arise about how to ethically interact with this character are phenomenal.  Minori has proven its worth with ef, and the artwork for this game is amazing, so there's really no way this could go wrong.

This is just one more visual novel Japan will get to enjoy but we never will.  Add it to the ever growing list.  But at least we can admire the opening from afar.

Meanwhile, I thought Trump gave a good speech at his joint address of congress.  His ideas for reforming health care were brilliant, including reducing malpractice lawsuits and streamlining the FDA.  His ideas for educational reform, giving vouchers to home schooling, were ideal.  Now you can make a living educating your own kids in your own values, instead of immersing them in liberal dreck.  He stayed strong on illegal immigration and furthermore endorsed Cotton's legal immigration restriction overhaul.

There was really very little to criticize and a lot to love in this speech.  But we all know that none of his suggestions will ever actually make it through congress or the courts, because liberals have all the real power in this country, no matter who we elect.  It's nice fantasizing about how we can make this country great again, but it will never happen without Trump seizing power in a dictatorial coup.

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