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Friday, March 3, 2017

Naruto Cut to Manga/Naruto Kai:

Rewatching Naruto is such a chore because most of it is filler/flashback.  If only some enterprising fans would cut out all the fat and present the anime as a true rendition of the manga, a faithful adaption from start to finish. . .

Oh wait, there's two groups who have done just that!  One of them is called 'Naruto Cut to Manga,' the other group calls it 'Naruto Kai.'

Except, oh wait, Naruto Cut to Manga isn't seeded so it's no longer available anywhere, and Naruto Kai never bothered finishing the series, plus it's in low definition, so it's not an acceptable alternative anyway.

Which means we're right back to where we started, stuck with the original aired Naruto, having to manually skip every filler and flashback scene that appears one by one.  The length of the series could be reduced by hundreds of episodes if only it were edited to follow the manga, but instead we have to watch all this useless bloat because the people who created Naruto Cut to Manga couldn't afford to provide decent bandwidth seeding for the fans who wanted to watch it.  What a wasted opportunity.  This is why fansubs aren't just about subbing things right, you also need major web hosting resources like doki fansubs or bakabt has, or it's all worthless.

I feel like a series so plagued with filler and flashbacks, even in the supposedly canon episodes that are supposed to progress the canon plot, doesn't deserve a 5th place ranking of the top anime of all time.  Dragon Ball received a Kai version (the combination of Dragon Ball Recut and Dragon Ball Kai) that got rid of all the filler and stuck to the manga.  Naruto needs one too.  Its current state is just pitiable and totally unacceptable.  There needs to be a punishment for the punishment they give the viewers via not sticking to the source and constantly, needlessly, drawing things out.

Meanwhile, No Game No Life's movie is coming out this year (in Japan) and is about when the machine people took out a god long ago.  That's a good book to be adapting.  Even so, by skipping the stuff about the Sirens and Vampires, they've really made a mess of the anime.  I don't see how they can make a season 2 as things stand.  So the movie is just a drop in the desert, and then we'll be back to the same useless situation as before, with most of the story unadapted.

Meanwhile, To Love ru is getting a new OAV, which will adapt a couple bonus manga chapters coming out after the main story's ending.  But this is actually bad news, because this is in lieu of what we could have wished for, a new season that covers all the missing portions of the manga.  Which means the To Love ru anime will now officially not have a beginning (because the first season was all filler) or an ending (because the last chapters of the manga will never be adapted).

It's not just Naruto that struggles with getting a proper anime adaption.  That's pretty much true of all series.  That's one reason why being categorized as 'flawless,' even when you're already in my top anime rankings, is so rare.

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