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Monday, February 27, 2017


Speaking of wishing Sakura Yoshino were 'mai waifu,' it's about time I added the voice behind this brilliant character, the defining character and voice behind the entire Da Capo series.

Hitomi is the voice actress who gave Sakura life.  In all the visual novels, but also in the Da Capo III anime (where she reclaims her rightful role from the usurper Tamura Yukari)

Hitomi also played Takamachi Nanoha in Triangle Hearts, before this role too was usurped by Tamura Yukari for the anime.

Hitomi's visual novel credits stretch to the sky, but the only other important contribution she gave to anime was her role as Koyuki Sakakibara in Majikoi, a reprisal of the role she voiced for the VN.  Koyuki plays a pivotal role in this series, she may even be the most emotional lynchpin of the entire franchise, and it's all due to her wonderful voice that it can be pulled off.  (You'll understand once you've played the Agave route)

Even though she has few roles in anime, like Tomoe Tomayasu or Ui Miyazaki, having any role at all, in addition to how great a voice actress she is, is enough to qualify for my great anime voices list.  Hitomi marks my 75th great female seiyuu to join my list and 119th seiyuu overall.  Born in 1967, her voice is still as sweet and youthful as an angel's.  I'm not sure how they do it.  Maybe Japanese women are just built differently.  Here's to hoping she plays Sakura in many Da Capo games to come.

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