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Friday, February 24, 2017

Movie News:

The company that handles the DC Extended Universe has announced a Nightwing movie.  This is the grownup version of the original Robin who served under Batman, Dick Grayson, after he goes solo as a superhero in his own right.

Nightwing is a famous and beloved character.  In fact, he's the sixth most popular hero in the entire DC canon.  It's kind of crazy that he hasn't had a movie until now.

The problem isn't that there's a new Nightwing film being planned.  The problem is this is the bazillionth film being planned for the DC Universe, with none of them seemingly actually being released.  All talk, no action.  The Flash movie they announced has essentially been abandoned already.  How many more will never see the light of day?

If the DC universe ever did release all of its announced movies, it will have covered virtually every popular character in its corpus.  They need a Booster Gold/Blue Beetle movie, but other than that, they've now got all their bases covered.

20th Century Fox is releasing Logan next week, and it has already received rave reviews as the best X-men movie ever.  Let's assume that's true, and the X-men franchise is now on an upward trajectory of quality with all sorts of new titles coming out -- X-Force, New Mutants, etc.  Wouldn't it be nice for them to actually release the Gambit movie they promised ages ago, though, first?  Am I the only person who hasn't forgotten about the Cajun?

After watching Rogue One, and being assured of so many future Star Wars movies in the pipeline, I decided it was time to admit that Star Wars was the greatest movie franchise of all time.  Sorry, Lord of the Rings.  It's possible that the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies could eventually overtake Star Wars, but so long as both franchises are pumping out movies together it will be difficult for Marvel to catch up.  No one else even has a chance.

I've reached the last boss in Tales of Berseria.  Once the game is finished, I can listen to the soundtrack, and my tales listening project can finally be complete.

Once Tales is done, I can concentrate on Majikoi A, Da Capo III, Really? Really!, Muv-Luv Extra + Unlimited, Chapter House Dune, my Naruto full rewatch, etc, etc.  There's an endless reservoir of important and worthwhile stuff to do.  If only every day lasted 48 hours!

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