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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Love Live! Sunshine! Gets 2nd Season:

Love Live! Sunshine! gets a 2nd season starting this fall.  This would seem like a no-brainer, since it's one of the highest selling series in all of anime.  But you just never know with anime studios, nothing they do makes sense (where's Index season 3?)

It's a relief to have this second season be officially announced.  Love Live Sunshine ended in a really random and bad place, without any of the plot threads resolved.  This next season will give the show a chance to finish things in the right way.  As a result, I predict Love Live will be a much better franchise overall once things finish up.  It will also be flawless by the end.  A top 20 show?  Well, we'll just have to wait until fall to find that out.

I really like Sunshine, so it wouldn't surprise me if a third group of girls create yet another Love Live spinoff after this one finishes up.  The writers are so good, I'm sure they'll manage something fun and unique next time around too.  Don't be surprised if 2017 is not the end of this franchise, but just the beginning.

Sunshine season 2 was on my top 100 wishlist of things I wished to see animated in the future, so with that wish granted, it's time to slot back in an animated adaption of the remainder of the Da Capo III game.  They left off just adapting the prelude, so it would be nice if they could continue until the finish this time.

I'm amazed at the tenacity of Tales of Berseria.  Just when I thought the game was over, it provided another slew of side quests to explore.  Jude and Milla appear for a cameo, Eleanor fights the demon that destroyed her village, Moana gets sick, we kill Zhaveid's wife, we kill Silva, we kill Rokurou's mom, there's just always more things to do, skits to view, dialogues to click, special moves to acquire, special items to forge, etc, etc.

120 hours of gameplay so far, and the final boss still not downed.  The game is so long it justifies the entire purchase of the PS4, much less its own purchase.  Listening to the soundtrack 100 times, my next objective, will take even longer, so this is the gift that just keeps on giving.

I'm halfway through Chapterhouse Dune.  If I read just one page a day I'll finish by the end of the year.  Fight-o!

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