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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Working! Season 3 out in blu-ray subtitled:

Working! Season 3, after a year and a half, has finally come out subtitled in bluray, thanks to the good folks over at bluraydesuyo.

Now's the chance to rewatch this series in its finest form, or watch it for the first time if you've somehow neglected it until now.

I beat the last boss of Tales of Berseria, but of course that just opened up a new dungeon that will take even more time to conquer.  Is there any end to this game???

One thing that amazes me about Berseria is the voice acting.  Virtually every character is voiced by a huge star:

Velvet Crowe:  Rina Satou (ie, the railgun)
Ceres:  Satomi Arai (ie, kuroko, the railgun's partner)
Eleanor Hume:  Ami Koshimizu (ie Horo from spice and wolf)
Magilou:  Satomi Sato (ie Wendy from Fairy Tail)
Teresa Linares:  Yui Horie (ie Cure Magical from Pretty Cure)
Shigure Rangetsu:  Kazuya Nakai (ie Zoro from One Piece)
Innominat:  Rie Kugimiya (ie Happy from Fairy Tail)
Zaveid:  Kenjiro Tsuda (ie Inui from Prince of Tennis)

Of the fifteen characters with major voice roles in the game, 8 of them are covered by superstars.  What a treat!  They clearly went all out for this game.  It's not just the superb seiyuu they got together, they also made sure the game was really fun by having so much content, and they simplified the controls so people could play it more smoothly than Zestiria.  The graphics were slightly better than before, but it's still not a PS4 level game.  Maybe next entry?

After Xillia and Graces, this is the third best Tales game of all time.  If they keep up this pace the franchise will surpass Final Fantasy's.  Berseria is infinitely more fun than FF XV.

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