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Monday, February 6, 2017

Best Superbowl Ever:

25 point comeback.  250% more than any previous super bowl comeback.  And the comeback only began near the end of the 3rd quarter.  First overtime in Super Bowl history.  Brady wins an unprecedented 5th time, more than any other NFL player, becoming the greatest NFL player of all time.  Circus catches on both sides, great quarterback play on both sides, no refereeing controversies.  You just can't ask for more.  This was the best game of football in history.

Football will probably be retired as a sport before this game will ever be eclipsed.

And on top of it all, the Patriots, who are friends of Trump, won.  And Trump's prediction of how much the Patriots would win by was only two points off -- and that only because the game ended without the Patriots being allowed to go for the 2 point extra try that would have perfectly matched his prediction.

Are you tired of winning yet?  I'm not!

This super bowl game happened in 2017, but it was part of the 2016 sports season.  The same season that saw the Cubs win for the first time in 108 years, LeBron stage a furious comeback from 3-1 games down against the goliath Warriors to 4-3 games in the end, Villanova take out North Carolina with a buzzer beater 3, Clemson do a last minute drive to take out evergreen champion Alabama, 38% of Americans medal at the Rio Olympics, etc, etc.

If even one of these events had occurred over the entire sports calendar, we'd be talking of 2016 fondly.  They all happened in the course of one season.  If you're a sports fan, this entire year has been heaven on earth.  If you aren't a sports fan, you have no idea what you just missed.  Its like will never be seen again.

It's almost to the point where we can just all quit watching sports now, because this year has already let us see it all.  What could possibly serve as a follow up to this?

But where's the fun in that? :).  Instead, I think I'll start looking forward to March Madness, which can't be long now.  That's a much better plan.

Until March Madness, I'm still drowning in other projects.  I've nearly finished listening to Tales of Zestiria's soundtrack 100 times, less than a tenth of the way to go.  I've started up on the final Dune book, Chapter House Dune.  I finished Sera's route and am now in Ricca's route in Da Capo III.  I love how much time and effort they put into describing the fictional sport of gnirluc in Sera's route.  As a sports fan, the whole route had me on the edge of my seat.  Tales of Berseria has me searching for herbs to cure my pirate crew of scurvy.  For my Naruto rewatch, Naruto is about to engage with Pain now that the country's previous best chances, Jiraiya and Kakashi, have both lost to him.

Put it all together and I think I'll survive until the first tipoff.

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