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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Will Republicans Support This Bill?:

A couple republicans have proposed a new bill which would overhaul the 1965 immigration act, the worst law in American history, and the one most desperately in need of reform.  It would reduce legal immigration by half, eliminating family based 'chain-migration' and the diversity lottery.  This would be the single most important law passed under the Trump administration, if it is passed.  If the immigration is curtailed, then there are fewer Democratic voters in the future, which means Republicans still have a chance to save this country.  If it isn't curtailed, no matter what we do with the Supreme Court or whatever, it will just all be undone again in the future by the Democratic future majority.

Therefore, we will quickly see if electing Trump was worth anything.  Remember, right now, we have a Republican House, Senate, Presidency and Supreme Court.  So long as we annul the filibuster (which is a senate rule and not a part of the constitution, so it should have been annulled long ago), the Republicans have the capacity to pass this bill whenever they want.  We're going to have to annul the filibuster just to get Gorsuch in anyway, so we may as well take advantage of our new circumstances now that we're here.

If Republicans do not support and pass this bill, then we must challenge everyone who didn't vote for it in the primary and replace them with immigration restrictionist candidates who will endorse this bill.  In 2018 we'll have an even more favorable climate for passing this bill because democrats are defending more Senate seats than Republicans.  If it still doesn't pass all the way until 2020 then kiss this country goodbye.  The new democratic voters will strategically fan out to Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, and our last route to the presidency will be choked out once and for all.

Republicans have talked the talk, especially Trump with his economic nationalism.  Here is their chance to walk the walk.  And it's their last chance.  This country is too far gone to play around any longer.  Trump himself said this was the last chance for America to save itself.  If he believes that, he needs to support this bill and get rid of the filibuster.  This is the only way we will possibly survive as a party and as a nation into even the near future.

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