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Sunday, February 5, 2017

What Democrats Believe:

Before the election, Hillary and the liberal press stressed over and over again that we must respect the democratic process.  That losers need to be gracious in defeat and accept the will of the people.  That disagreements were supposed to be resolved by voting, not violence, not even by recounts or challenges.

This all went out the window after Trump won the election.  It turns out not a single Democrat believed any of that crap.  They had just said it in an attempt to pacify and domesticate us, who they thought they were destined to beat.

It turns out their real philosophy of who should hold power is completely different.  They agree with the Chinese, except in a secular sense.  Instead of the mandate of heaven being the rightful source of power, it's the 'moral mandate.'  Morality decrees that x, y, and z is true and must be done.  Those who follow morality have the moral mandate, and they should rule forever and ever as morality's executors.

Since they are moral and we are not, our president isn't 'legitimate.'  Our votes aren't 'legitimate.'  Our elections aren't 'legitimate.'  The only way to become president or get elected legitimately is if you hold the proper, legitimate moral values that give people the mandate of reason and justice to rule.

Which means the Democratic party only uses elections and votes and all this talk of democracy as a palliative, sugar to help the medicine go down, for the benighted people who still don't get that they're evil and only we, the enlightened ones, are good.  It is no different from when Saddam held elections in order to prove his popularity and quash dissent.  Just a dog and pony show, a show trial, meant to cement power into an ever more fixed and unchangeable position.

As you would expect, Democrats are now appealing to mob violence and court orders, neither of which is representative or democratic, in order to get their way.  They have no interest in what 63 million voters just told them they want.  They have the moral mandate, and it must be executed, whether we like it or not.  Violence, revolution, anarchy, civil war, all of it is justified if it's in service of the moral mandate.

And what is this moral mandate they are so sure they're right about, that even losing virtually every election across the board in November doesn't shake their faith?

That they're tolerant and we're intolerant.  They accept everyone and we keep vilifying and dividing people.  That they care about the greatest good for the greatest number, while we just keep puttering along about petty, parochial concerns.

This makes them so infinitely superior to us that democracy was only ever a pretense to shut us up.  If the tool stops working then it's obviously time to resort to other, more effective tools, like just making judicial rulings that trump the results of the entire democratic process.  If we simply redefine the constitution to mean 'liberal values' then democracy will never stand a chance again, because it would take a 2/3 majority to amend the constitution, and America isn't even 2/3 white anymore.  Furthermore, we'll just filibuster every Trump judicial nominee so our accumulated advantage in the courts can't be challenged, and the moral mandate will have smooth sailing for another four years.  Or until someone hurries up and assassinates Trump already and we have done with all this silliness.

I have some sympathy for people who believe democracy is a farce, and there's no reason to go along with the people when they're a bunch of stupid evil losers who can't even run their own lives, much less the country.  I have sympathy for people who believe the ultimate sovereign is reason, and that moral law trumps any Earthly designs.

What I don't have sympathy for is this refusal to accept peaceful partition and secession upon disagreement.  Why can't we just go our separate ways?  If they don't like our law code, why don't they just go form their own?  Why must they impose it on others?  From the beginning, all we ever asked for was the right to secede.  Ever since 1861.  We've wanted to secede for centuries now, and they won't let us go.  So we desperately try to win an election that will impose our will on the entire country, because that's the only ticket to being able to run our own lives the way we want.  Then they say no, sorry, it turns out that we will run your lives no matter what, whether you win or lose the election, and you still can't secede.

The liberals of America are not so despicable that I would feel the need to genocide them out of pure moral revulsion.  They still make good Disney movies, cool rockets, faster computer chips, etc.  I just want to be free of their evil and destructive law code.  Once I'm out of it, they can suffocate in it as long as they want, it's no skin off my back.  Even if I did feel like killing them off eventually, it would come after many more deserving targets were annihilated, and only after racist USA became so overwhelmingly powerful that such programs could be put in place at little to no cost to ourselves.  It's such a remote threat as to be meaningless.  The idea that they must keep us under democratic thumb as a self-defense measure is preposterous.  They are the ones trying to exterminate us, right now in the streets, and overall as a 'celebration of demographic change.'  You don't get to claim self-defense when your numbers are expanding and ours are shrinking into oblivion.

Their moral mandate is a bunch of baloney.  We non-liberals have seen through its lies long ago.  Only the flimsiest of shallow thinking could ever buy into it.  In a world where racial differences are real, where cultural differences are real, tolerating everyone equally is insane.  North Korea and South Korea are different.  Tolerating North Koreans flooding South Korea with immigrants and turning it into North Korea 2.0 is insane.  Africa and Europe are different.  Tolerating the cultural/racial sophistication of Africa replacing the cultural/racial sophistication of Europe is insane.  It's the worst sin one could possibly engage in, in all of fucking history.

The greatest good for the greatest number can never be measured by the hedonistic, bestial satisfaction of sub-humans who are granted our noble title of 'sapient man' simply because they're bipedal.  First prove to me that you're a real human, not a nisemono devoid of morals or reason, before I start weighing you on any utilitarian scales.  You don't get the right, just by being born, to an equal share of the world's grace and blessings.  You have to earn that right.  And most of humanity has not earned it, as we can just see by looking at a single glance.

Our concerns are not petty or parochial, they involve the future of life in the entire universe, and mankind's elevation to Godhood or descent back into the animal kingdom.  I say to you that if the 4 billion blacks of 2100 really do wave out from Africa and consume the world, that's the end.  We will never go off planet.  We will all die from one disaster or another, man-made or natural, it doesn't even matter anymore, because civilization will regress so far that there will never be any hope again.

This is not a remote threat or fantasy gibberish.  This is the esteemed opinion of the likely population trends by the UN, a liberal body, which is as pro-black as can possibly be.  In fact, every UN estimate so far has underestimated Africa's future population, so 4 billion doesn't even describe how bad it will actually be by the time the real statistics come in.  Furthermore, people are alive today who will be able to verify every single word I say.  I'm not like Jesus saying the rapture is coming and then everyone has to wait around 2,000 years to disprove him.  I'm saying that right now, people alive today, are going to watch the end of the world if we acquiesce to the liberal's 'moral mandate.'

There couldn't be any higher stakes.  I'm not a bitter clinger to some stupid issue that doesn't matter anymore.  I'm rejecting the liberal vision precisely because what they're worried about is petty and parochial compared to me.

And the reason we divide and vilify people isn't because we're sadists or tear others down in order to feel good about our own position in the pecking order.  Do you think anyone would become an unpopular white supremacist for their own personal jollies?  Do you have any clue how much we suffer for the sake of our beliefs?  No sane person, who was self-interested, would ever belong to our movement.  There is nothing in it for us.  We lose our friends, our family, any chance at reproduction, our jobs, our degrees, and we're attacked physically in the street.  We are denigrated and demeaned by every public figure and every media organ in our lives, from childhood on.  In school, in church, in every commercial, at all times.  You think we're doing this for fun?

We are doing this because it is impossible to call black white, up down, right wrong, or true false.  We are doing this because we'd rather die than step on your stupid fumie.  We are doing this because we are the only true version of humans, people who put reason above 'getting along to go along.'  Who put virtue above 'success.'  We are doing this because we operate by levers and principles that you can't even begin to imagine or envision, so low your snout is to the ground.

If we don't divide and vilify people, truth is lost, and without truth, there's no point in anything even existing.  Life may as well all be dead, because it's just as devoid of purpose either way.  If we don't stand up for standards, and criticize people when they fall short of them, then there are no standards, which means there's no point to anything.  The only alternative to dividing and vilifying people is nihilism.  I still value things in this world.  Those who demean them through their words or actions are subjects of my anger, hatred, and derision.  I will fight them with all my heart and all my soul and all my being.  I reject them.  If I do not reject them, then I must instead reject my standards, my self, my God.  I would rather die.  And not just on a metaphysical plane.  If I don't speak out against them and stand up against them physically, then not only my own life, but everything I hold dear will be permanently destroyed.  We are talking about Armageddon here.  If we abandon the right to discriminate, then the lowest common denominator will replace mankind.  And that lowest common denominator has already proven itself unworthy of existence.  Africa is a shithole.  Africa is a hellhole.  I refuse to live in a world that is just one giant sea of Africa.

Compared to the horrors Africa, Islam, etc, plan on inflicting on the world, the idea that "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all," is a joke.  Who is petty and parochial now?  You want me to care about your precious feelings while I should just ignore the end of the world?  I don't think so.  Your moral mandate is shit.  So yes, I can sympathize with the idea that democracy should not be the final arbiter of who has power in this world.  But I can't sympathize with these people claiming a level of enlightenment so far above me that I should just obey them unquestionably whether we like it or not.

And most of all, I can't accept their refusal to each go our own ways.  It's never enough for them to flood their own countries with vermin.  They must always pursue us and flood our countries with them too.  This genocidal totalitarianism is the real problem.  No one would give a damn if all liberals would just hurry up and commit suicide already.  But why the eye-rolling, crazed, fanatical need to drag us down with them?  What's it to them?  Seriously, why can't they give us freaking 100 square miles to live out our own lives, whereas they can destroy the remaining ten jillion square miles of the Earth to their heart's content?  Why this desperate need to squelch all possibility of escape?

Democracy was meant to be an appeal to the wisdom of the crowds in the case of an insoluble disagreement.  If people can't convince each other of their wisdom, we're supposed to admit that both sides are intelligent and have thought this over for a long time, so we should just go with a peaceful, temporary solution that is generally more trustworthy, see how things play out for a while, and then resume the argument four years later with the addition of all the new facts that have accrued since our previous debate.

This makes sense.  This is a really good system.  It has kept the peace for centuries, in a world that used to go to war every five years.  The wisdom of the crowd has been generally wise, and has guided us much better than the monarchs of the past.  And we have had countless proofs of the people changing their minds over time with the addition of new facts.  For instance, when New Zealand became too socialist and its economy suffered, the people changed their voting patterns, and now New Zealand is one of the most libertarian countries on Earth, and way more prosperous.  They didn't get there at first, but with the addition of more lived experience, of data proving socialism wrong, they changed for the better.  This system curbs bad programs and installs new ones, cleanses corruption and puts in new, trustworthy leaders, time and time again.  It's been a beautiful system, the best the world has ever seen.

But if you can't trust your own people anymore, if you hate and despise the majority of your own fellow citizens, then trusting to the wisdom of the crowd and slow adaptions via the gradual accumulation of data is out of the picture.  Since you don't trust our judgment anymore, there's no way this country can get along for even another second.

In your infinite wisdom and enlightenment, it's time for Calexit, New England exit, and all the rest.  Take your marbles and go home.  You are no longer part of the democratic compact.  Your words and actions have disqualified you from this wonderful system that has successfully guided the Republic for 250 years.  Go live under the dictatorship of enlightened judges, or whatever it is you want to do.  Your behavior after this election is no longer befitting of an American.

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