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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4 Incoming:

The next season of Sailor Moon Crystal has been announced, the only useful Sailor Moon in existence because it actually follows the manga.  This is great news, but it isn't good enough.  Sailor Moon will remain on my wishlist until they guarantee the adaption of the entire series.  There isn't even any proof that the new anime will be properly covering the 4th arc of the manga series, details are so scant.  But after a year long pause where hope seemed to be waning for anything more, we're finally back on track again, which is what's important.  So long as progress is being made it can come at any speed.

There's no telling if Sailor Moon will come out this year or later.  Most of the spring season of 2017 is already scheduled, but the summer and fall slots are still shrouded in mystery.  Let's hope we're lucky and this comes sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, Tales of Berseria has come out in America (yet another good reason to own a PS4).  This when I've barely even started on Da Capo III, haven't finished reading the Dune series, Majikoi S or Osananajimi wa Daitouryou's fandisk.  I'm being drowned in quality entertainment here.  The CW superhero shows have also resumed.  We'll need them now that the football season is nearly over.

Trump says he will start banning Muslim immigration and building the wall today.  About time.  Winning every day, boy does it feel good.  I don't actually care if he ends up amnesty-ing the ones already here who haven't caused any trouble.  I had advocated that compromise long ago.  If we can just keep the flood out, the ones already here can eventually be assimilated and disappear into the general mass.  They're already half-white and often interbreed with whites, making their children 3/4 white, which is good enough for me.  The important thing was to secure our border before the 4 billion Africans were going to be born in 2100.  Trump's wall and other enforcement measures will do that, and thus we will be safe from the world's greatest cataclysm.  Sucks to be Europe, though.  Maybe they should stop voting in communists.

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