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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Left is now a Terror Group:

It's one thing for a masked radical leftist to run up and sucker punch Richard Spencer in the head while he's talking to the press in an interview (typical leftist coward isn't willing to fight anyone who's prepared for it).  It's quite another for the majority of the social reactions on twitter, facebook, youtube and the like to approve of this.  And it's even more amazing when the mainstream media like the New York Times, the Observer and the Independent all chime in saying that this is a good thing and that even more of it should be done.

It is now the official policy of the entire Democratic party to violently attack anyone they disagree with to their political right.  This does not just apply to Nazis, mind you, because they already said Trump was a Nazi and 100% of his voters were deplorables who were racist, sexist, homophobic, islamophobic, xenophobic, you name it, and that these people were irredeemable, but thankfully they were also un-American so what they thought didn't matter.

Well, it turns out what we thought mattered, because we won the election.  We run America now, which makes us about as American as it's possible to be.

It is the Left now which is Unamerican.  They don't hold the House, the Senate, the Supreme Court, the Presidency, or the state governorships or legislatures.  They are nothing.  They are nobody.

And like all disempowered nobodies, they have now turned to terrorism as their modus operandi.  First it was attacking Trump supporters at rallies.  Then it was attacking people at the inauguration, then it was promoting the future attack of anyone who supported Trump in public.  At some point Trump is going to have to label the mainstream media and the entire democratic party, which refused to denounce Anti-fascist Action and all the other violent rioters ever since Trump's campaign began, a terror group, silence all of their speech (just like we have taken down ISIS recruitment videos), and round up all their members as part of a criminal gang under the RICO act.  You do not have to personally be responsible for a crime under the RICO act.  All you have to do is be a member of a criminal organization.  And when the Democratic Party and the mainstream media eggs on the murder of 'Nazis,' which they define as the 60 million people who voted for Trump in America, that's a criminal organization.  That's sedition.  That's treason.  That's civil war.

If the Democratic Party will not disavow the terrorists who act in their name, how are they any different from Dylan Storm Roof or Anders Breivik?  Or ISIS?  If they're endorsing what their terrorist vanguard does, how are they morally superior to the terrorists themselves?  Shouldn't the entire membership of the Democratic Party be arrested for conspiracy to commit treason against the lawfully elected government of the United States of America?

MILO's policies, if anything, are to the left of Trump's.  Even so, violent riots occur whenever he tries to speak in public, and people are routinely gang beaten just for showing up to hear him.  This has nothing to do with Richard Spencer in particular.  Women in San Jose were attacked for attending a Trump rally, the guy who just so happens to be our president.  If, according to liberals, it's okay to attack women for supporting the current President, this is a full on civil insurgency.  This is war.  This is a terrorist revolutionary army no different from the Shining Path.

What's most remarkable is all the 'Nazis' they're so eager to kill just for having different beliefs and saying them in public have offered endless peaceful compromises and bargains to the liberals.  All we ever asked for was a White Israel, a nation state of our own where we could be ourselves, proportionate in size to our population, which would have been minor by any reckoning.  We often offered even better peace terms, like just asking for the right to live in segregated neighborhoods again, teach our own children in private schools geared towards our values, and a cutoff of non-white immigration.  Nothing mattered.  No matter how little we asked for or how peaceful our intentions, we were shrugged off and dismissed as pure evil.  The only time we even discussed the right to be violent was in the context of avoiding our own complete and total genocide by future demographic trends and ratcheted up government totalitarian oppression.  (Well, that's not true about me, I'm all for violently conquering Mozambique regardless of how well off we are being treated in our own homelands, but the people the Left is attacking are far more peaceful than I am.)

Democrats are not facing anything like the total genocide of their people or the complete and total suppression of their way of life.  If anything, their lives will improve dramatically under Trump, and this country will continue to grow ever-more-non-white in absolute and relative terms every year under Trump's rule.  They have absolutely nothing to complain about in real terms.

And yet they are more willing to resort to violence right now than the most extreme of extreme 'Nazis' were under eight years of Obama.  We patiently and politely attempted moral persuasion and peaceful conferences for eight years while we were being genocided by Obama's anti-white policies.  Trump promises to stop the carnage in Chicago and protect gays from further Omar Marteen's and the democrats abandon democracy and immediately resort to terrorism because they don't feel they're getting enough of their way.

And not just a few crazy radicals.  The entire Democratic establishment, including the entire mainstream media and all the elected officials in the Democratic Party, they all endorse outright terrorist domestic violence on anyone who simply disagrees with them.

Republicans are so polite, and will bend over so far backwards, that they'll pretend that this somehow isn't happening.  That Democrats have not openly called for the murder of 60 million of their fellow citizens in the most esteemed organs of their own political party and press.  The only reason why a civil war hasn't started right now is because we are conveniently ignoring what Democrats are shouting right in our faces and at the top of every rooftop.  "What was that, we didn't hear you?  You're for serving Richard Spencer punch?  How nice of you!"

Because if we didn't conveniently mishear what they just said, there would already be a roundup of half the people in this country to be put into gulags for attempted insurrection.  And it would be completely legally justified under current US law.

But not all of us are so insanely polite to the people who want to kill us.  I suggest MILO, Spencer, and anyone else who wants to speak in public go around armed next time, and all of their supporters who wish to hear from them too, and next time anyone so much as approaches them with a mask or a pie or whatever, just shoot them dead then and there.  We have the right to self defense, even if the law ignores these terrorist scum.  It's time we start taking advantage of it.  If they try to shut down our first amendment rights, meet them with our second amendment rights.  It worked in Garland, Texas.  It can work against these antifa scum too.

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