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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Idol Jihen, Hand Shakers, Schoolgirl Strikers, Eldlive and Koro-sensei Q all Dropped:

Idol Jihen wasn't taking any of its subject material seriously, nothing was rooted in the human condition, which is important even for a comedy.  Since it isn't interested in telling any real stories but just producing fake nonsense, there's no point following it any further.

Hand Shakers has a reluctant hero, which is always annoying.  I also dislike its CG, the 'forced to fight in order to save someone's life so never had a choice in the matter,' the sexuality, the annoying mad scientist, etc.

Schoolgirl Strikers is just a boring setting.  The girls have to fight to save the world, they're the only people with the appropriate power, so they're basically shanghaied into the task.  Then they fight these generic, ugly, uninteresting enemies over and over again.  There's no characterization of heroes or villains like that.

Eldlive is just Hitman Reborn in space.  I never liked Reborn, and I hate the art style, so there's no point watching this any further.

Koro-sensei Q is just a complete rehash of Assassination Classroom.  Since it adds nothing new there's no point watching it again, I've already watched the real series, which is much more serious and better drawn and longer, twice, so I don't see the point of this stupid spinoff.

Now that Tales of Berseria is coming out, the CW superhero shows are resuming, and Da Capo III is released, there's no point wasting time on subpar anime anymore.  There's already too much to do to worry about these nonsensical series anymore.

That brings the winter season's total down to 16 shows.  But one BanG Dream episode is worth any number of these failures.  Quality > Quantity.

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