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Sunday, January 22, 2017

New Category: Flawless

My anime rankings would be thrown into too much turmoil if I actually rated every show without a demerit as above every show with a demerit.  It also doesn't feel like the rankings would be accurate anymore.  Mediocre shows that just played it safe would somehow be leapfrogging over epic classics that moved people's hearts and inspired generations.  There's something I don't understand about why good shows are good but know in my heart to be true.  In that case, I'm going to just trust my heart and let shows full of good scenes still be ahead of shows who simply lack bad ones.  But I don't think singling out flawless shows for their uniquely flawless nature is a bad idea, either.  So what I'll do is add another symbol in my top anime rankings, ^, which indicates the show is flawless.  For people who prefer that, they can rank the shows in order of which flawless ones are ranked above the other flawless ones, and just ignore every show with a flaw in it.

I think a show should be given a special acknowledgement if it never lets you down, even if that's not enough to improve their official ranking.  Via this compromise, I can show my disapproval towards flawed #1 shows and my approval of flawless shows even if they aren't #1.

The difference between a flawed show and a flawed person is the author didn't mean to make a glaring mistake in his characterization or plot, it was just a mistake due to not thinking things through well enough or not having enough time to write the story correctly and just having to meet your deadline with something, anything, no matter how bad.  A real person intentionally sins, knowing exactly why what they just did was wrong, and doesn't even care.  Even the best pro receivers drop easy football passes, but no one thinks that makes them a bad person.  The same should be true of authors who 'drop the ball' by creating a ridiculous situation, or finding that only gravity-defying logic can get their heroes out of the pinches they've accidentally stuck them in.  So long as it doesn't happen all the time, just like a pro receiver, a story should be able to keep its elite status due to the catches it does make.

For curiosity's sake, though, here would be the rankings of shows in terms of flawlessness.  If you want to watch a flawless anime because you just can't stand stupid errors by the authors/producers, here's what you should be aiming for (just so you know, any incomplete show is obviously flawed and thus cannot make this list):

1.    Clannad
2.    Code Geass
3.    Cross Game
4.    Kanon
5.    Bakuman
6.    Inuyasha
7.    Shinsekai Yori
8.    Ef
9.    Katanagatari
10.  The Idolm@ster
11.  Hanasaku Iroha
12.  Kobato
13.  Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
14.  Toradora!
15.  Shirobako
16.  Basilisk
17.  Sora no Woto
18.  Scrapped Princess
19.  Hibike! Euphonium
20.  Rocket Girls
21.  Vividred Operation
22.  Anohana
23.  Kiki's Delivery Service
24.  Ro-Kyu-Bu!
25.  Summer Wars
26.  Tari Tari
27.  Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
28.  Valvrave the Liberator
29.  Spirited Away
30.  Grave of the Fireflies
31.  Amagami SS
32.  Zettai Bouei Leviathan
33.  Gosick
34.  Yu Yu Hakusho
35.  Kuromukuro
36.  Planetarian
37.  Tears to Tiara
38.  Fatal Fury

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