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Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Only Way to Win this Game is Not to Play:

Everything you could possibly do in America is a waste of time, they've made life totally pointless.  There is no purpose to modern existence, because there is no connection between being good and living well.  Whether you're good or bad, your wife can divorce you, you can be fired from your job/never hired in the first place, your children can go rotten and betray you, and so on.  No amount of wealth can protect you.  Divorce and losing custody of your children is just as likely among the likes of Elon Musk, Bill O'Reilly, and Brad Pitt as it is among the Joe Blows of the world.  Only a fool wastes his whole life building up things that can be torn down in an instant, that the law forbids him from protecting or securing.  Only a fool gambles his happiness on 50/50 shots like marriage, kids turning out well, or becoming a big shot entrepreneur.

If you fight in the army you're only empowering evil.  The same for any other public job.  Most private jobs don't actually serve any vital needs in America, so you feel like an empty husk working at them, or if they do serve a vital need they're low status and low pay.  (Like being a plumber.)  There's a billion people who are ready and willing to replace you, so it doesn't even matter if you happen to be the one doing the low-skilled job.  The low pay is proof of how easily replaceable a human part you are.  It's more charitable to leave the job up to someone who wants to do it more than to do it yourself.  If there's more job applicants than jobs anyway, what's the point in you in particular working at it?

There are a few meaningful and difficult jobs worth doing, like artist or scientist.  If you can't hack it in those fields there's no point working at all.  Both artists and scientists require massive amounts of capital to realize their dreams, so a country of x wealth will only ever be able to support y jobs of this sort.  There are ten times as many people qualified to be great artists and scientists as ever get to be ones, because the money to fund all their grandiose projects just isn't there.  Even here you end up playing musical chairs, where your victory just means someone else's loss, so what's the point in getting fired up about it?

The world is already so overpopulated that there's a dozen people for every job made available by capital.  Most people are stuck doing make-work, when they can get any work at all.  But that isn't stopping the endless population growth that is going to soar us from 7 billion to 11 billion by the end of the century.

In the news today, we learned that 50% of Americans born in the 1980's will end up making less than their parents did.  This despite enormous productivity gains from computers and the internet.  Even with all of that we can't do as well.  This is because of overpopulation.  As labor grows more plentiful compared to capital, wages fall and unemployment rises.  Like, say, our record low 64% labor force participation rate.

Also in the news yesterday, American life expectancies fell for the first time in 20 years, this despite numerous medical breakthroughs that should be making life longer.  People look around them, see there's no point to their existence, and one way or another rub themselves out.  This is what you'd expect from an overpopulated system.  And yet the millions of additional immigrants a year keep streaming in irregardless.

When you can't have a family life because of no-fault divorce and women by default getting custody of the children (much less the government getting to educate your children to be the exact opposite of what you wanted them to be), you can't have a useful job because of overpopulation, and you can't serve your country because your country is evil, what's a man to do?

Check out.  Zen meditation.  Go on strike.  Stop playing the rigged game.  Don't provide the sanction of the victim by pretending it's just and continuing to work within its rules.  That's what they depend on to keep the whole system going.  If all men refused to have sex with women until the marriage laws were changed, we could regain our right to a family life.  Until then, nothing will change.  If all men refused to work until immigration was halted and reversed back to the pre-1965 population and their native descendants, the government would have to fold for lack of any further tax revenue.  If all men refused to work for the police or the army, the government would no longer be able to tyrannize the people domestically or abroad, imposing all the laws that have ruined this country ever since 1960.  If all white males refused to attend public schools, they would have to abandon the school system that does nothing but teach white males how evil they are.

Only a complete sucker would continue to support a system that is, by its own declaration, anti-white-straight-male.  They desire nothing short of our extinction, they keep dreaming of the day we're all gone, and we just play along with it, providing the sanction of the victim, all the way to their endgame.  It's ludicrous.  Revolting.  Suckers like us deserve everything that's happened to us.  We did all of this.  We gave blacks their equality.  Women the right to vote.  We overthrew the marriage laws.  We let gays prance around and corrupt our children.  We gave all our money away to endless taxes -- it didn't used to be this way.  America didn't even have an income tax until 1916.  We even volunteer to enforce the agenda of our own destruction, like Jewish Sonderkommandos during the Holocaust.  Just so long as we keep getting fed, who cares about anyone else?  If white males withdrew from the military and formed their own militia instead, we could win the ensuing civil war so easily it would make your head spin.

America is currently a farce where the only people supporting the country anymore are the declared enemies of the state.  Everyone else is a freak and a loser, parasitically sucking our blood as we produce everything and keep everything together, and yet we just sit there and take their abuse and their insults and their lashes and keep on keeping on.  Like that stupid horse in Animal Farm that kept thinking things would turn out all right if he just worked harder.  Or Atlas, who bore the weight of the heavens and never bothered to just shrug.  What is in it for white males to continue keeping America afloat?  Her families, her economy, her military, does any of it serve them anymore?  Everything we make stronger is just used against us to enslave us and torture us yet more.

At this point, unless you are married to an absolutely trustworthy woman, I think any white man who is continuing to earnestly go about their lives like it is still 1950 is an abject coward and a fool.  You're not only a complete sap, who is simply lending aid and comfort to the enemy, but by now you must have realized that everything you do is only helping support a system that is corrupt, rotten, degenerate, unjust and criminal to the core.  Which means you've compromised your own soul in order to 'make good' in the modern world.  Which means you aren't any different from them.

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