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Thursday, December 8, 2016

On that Note:

I finished rewatching Assassination Classroom Season 2.  That's another series rewatched in full I can strike off my list.  We're still waiting on the blu-ray releases of Working! S3, Yuru Yuri S3, Schwarzesmarken and a million other shows before I can say the same of them.  But achieving what you can achieve when it becomes available is the most anyone can do.

Final Fantasy XV has announced that from chapter 13 onwards, they want to revamp the whole game in future downloadable patches, due to perceived mistakes they made in the course of development.  Therefore it's better not to play the game past chapter 12 for the nonce.  Let them iron out the errors and play the best version of the game, rather than spoiling your own experience due to irrational impatience.

Death March is getting an anime.  It's another series that originated as a free web novel series that, with the support of its many loving fans, eventually was able to cross over into commercial success.  Art can actually be made in Japan because there are fans who are able to appreciate it over there.  The same just isn't true in America, or really anywhere else in the world.

Assassination Classroom S2 had a high point when Kayano Kaede tried to take down Korosensei, followed by his origin story.  It never made much sense or was much good after that.  Too many people acted irrationally and there were too many deus ex machinas set up seemingly by the author just to force the plot to go the way he wanted it to, in completely unnatural directions.

The number of times the students got taken hostage was abysmal.  I hate all hostage stories because the only answer to hostage taking is to never give in to any threats, but instead promise mutually assured destruction.  Every time a hero doesn't make that choice I lose all respect for him/her/it.  I'm so sick and tired of watching this same plot development played out in virtually every 'hero vs. villain' story I ever come across.

The best part of Assassination Classroom is the quality and budget they put into its aesthetics, and their willingness to actually animate the whole story from beginning to end.  Even with that unusual aspect assisting the product, the story is so fundamentally weak that it only just barely scoots into my rankings at #171.  If anything that ranking is set to go down soon, not up, after rewatching it.  Even so, all the shows in my rankings are must see tv.  My ability to rapidly marathon the whole second season shows its quality is still among the best.  I've done my part by rewatching the whole show, so now it's up to everyone else to at least try watching it for their first time.  The students and the teacher are surprisingly endearing.

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