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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Time to Reorient:

With Trump being elected, racism is now stuck in a holding pattern.  Without any manifest injustices to point towards, racists won't be able to fire up any new recruits for at least the next 4 years.  It's likely Trump will also win reelection, since he'll govern so well.  So there will be no bad news to point towards for the next 8 years.  By the time Trump is done, we'll be tired of winning.  If we aren't oppressed, people tend to prefer peace, so no meaningful change is going to occur for the next eternity.  Trump has stolen our thunder and our allure as the 'only possibility of real change.'  So long as people like Trump can get elected, the racist fringe isn't needed, America will do just fine as is.

When you consider how long it takes to reverse course on such a large monolith as the USA, even after Trump is gone, it will take at least another ten years to undo and tear down all the progress he made while in charge.  That time travels us twenty years into the future before things were as bad as they are now under Obama.  Since Nazis were not strong and popular enough to fight a revolutionary war under Obama, they won't be twenty years from now either.  What does that leave Nazis to do in the meantime?  We have to wait around, kicking our heels, for democrats to destroy the country, which is now looking like something that will happen in our old age, at which point we'll be too old to fight back anyway.

The democrats will have a hard time destroying anything so long as Trump follows my advice and appoints 8 new Supreme Court justices over the next 8 years.  Those are lifetime appointments.  Those judges could outlive us.  And if they uphold the constitution and refuse to allow the democrats' demented schemes be put into law, it won't even matter if the country is majority non-white.  It could be that November 7th was the lowest point America will reach for the rest of our lives, and things will never get as bad (while we're around to see it) as they did before our glorious savior came to power.

If Hillary Clinton had won, already 40% of Texans were ready to secede from the Union, despairing at any chance of a good life under the democrats.  It would only have taken a few scandals, a few more insane wars with Russia and a few more recessions, and that 40% could have gone to 51%.  That's now out the window.  Texas is happy to be part of Trump's America.  Everyone's so happy the stock market has risen by thousands of points.

There is no chance of activism so long as everything goes so swimmingly under Trump.  He's stolen our thunder.  We have no platform to campaign on.  "This country is going to hell and only we can change it," will be false on both counts.

Ultimately, America will fall, but we won't even be around to see it.  It will be up to the young whites living in that hellhole of the far future to do something about it.  I was hoping to participate in something a little more exciting and decisive than simply electing Trump, but it looks like that was our generation's fight.  (And, of course, re-electing him four years from now.)

What can well meaning Nazis do at this point, when everything looks wrapped up into a neat ribbon through the democratic process?  Is it time to get a high-paying job, marry and have kids?  Is it time to emotionally re-invest in an America we'd already discarded and despaired of long ago?  A future that had already lost all hope?

I'm certainly not there yet.  I don't see a future for America or white children born in America today.  They'll be an oppressed minority at birth and live as an oppressed minority until death.  I don't see why I would wish that on anyone.  The amount of compromises you would have to make with the Truth in order to be employed, graduate from college or maintain an amicable relationship with a normal woman are all too severe to be palatable.  If you're rich, and can protect your children from their own minority status by living in a gated community, I guess that's something.  But can you protect them from the media, educational, and church brainwashing?  Can you keep them from becoming the next Derek Black?  I'd rather a child never be born than end up as Derek Black.  I wouldn't dare have one if there's even a remote possibility of that happening.

I don't think political activism will work when everything is running smoothly under Trump, but I also don't see any point in re-integrating with a country that's obviously doomed to failure, because it's built on a foundation of lies.

In the age of Trump, Nazism's goals will have to change to private agendas.  Founding our own Nazi city, founding our own Nazi sea-steading, founding our own Nazi Mars rocket, or Proxima Centauri colony, or Antartic Colony, or virtual reality world, or whatever -- the point being, it must be a place where the women are fully on-board with the Nazi propaganda so you don't have to choose between Truth or reproduction + a good family life.  And that's only going to happen if we isolate ourselves from the outside, judgmental world, that women are all too keen to conform to when given the chance.  In addition, it must be a place where we can raise our own children according to our own values, without anyone poaching them from us anywhere up the chain.  Not during Elementary, not during high school, not during college, and not out in the 'real world' of employment either.  Children must be allowed to be Nazi throughout their entire life development without ever being brainwashed or pressured from abroad.  Only then will investing in marriage and children make any sense.  Only then will earning the money to afford marriage and children make any sense.

Enterprising Nazis in the age of Trump should be looking to become billionaires or invent new technologies that will aid the Nazi cause.  Billionaires could set up separate, private living zones for just Nazis in the world of today, and new technologies could allow us to spread to previously uninhabited, and thus naturally isolated places in the world of tomorrow.  I have no interest or talent in either pursuit so I'll leave that to other, younger, more suitable folks.  But that's the way forward for our cause now.

What we want is the right to be ourselves.  Derek Black showed us this was impossible in the America of today.  We need a safe space where it will be possible to have children in the future.  'We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children' is not just a physical statement.  Like, we need to make sure we aren't genocided by crazy blacks like the owners of Haiti were.  It's a spiritual statement.  It means, we must secure a living space where we can raise our children to really be our children, valuing the things we value and believing the things we believe.  Otherwise, even if they're white, they may as well just be body snatchers for all we care.  No one wants to 'secure a future for white traitors.'

Until this safe space is provided, everyone is going to have to go into a holding pattern.  A state of suspended animation.  A zen-like detachment from the world.  Because no 'collapse' is coming we can politically insert ourselves into.  Trump just ruled that out.  And staying a cog in the system of America will just churn out more Derek Blacks at best.  If you want to be denounced in the New York Times by your sons and daughters and watch them turn gay or marry negroes, fine, whatever, work hard and marry and have kids.  But this country is fundamentally irredeemable, so for people who aren't very excited about watching the moral degeneracy and decay steal everything they worked for all their life, the only solution is to do absolutely nothing until a new living space is provided for us to truly begin our lives upon.  The John Galtian strike cannot end here.  It must go on and on and on and on, because the initial conditions of our strike still haven't been met.  We cannot tell the Truth in this country, we cannot enforce a system where lovers are able to get together in the first place or are kept together instead of instantly split apart afterwards, almost all of our hard work is taken from us in the form of taxes/regulations, and we cannot gain the positions and promotions we actually merit due to quotas and affirmative action.

Our greatest work of art, our own children, is taken from us and smashed into pure degeneracy before our very eyes.  Encouraged to be sluts, gay, transgender, druggees, miscegenators, moral filth and abominations of every kind, and punished if they stand up against it.  In Europe with straight out jail time, and in America with ostracism and unemployment.

There is no way to create true beauty in this system, the people who should appreciate it are taught to turn their backs upon it, like pearls before swine.  And the people who can understand and appreciate beauty if raised properly, are deliberately raised to despise it and disown it instead.

Japan can produce masterpiece after masterpiece of great art because the Japanese people, at least some of them, are commercially receptive to it.  The fans of Sword Art Online, when it was still just a web blog done for free by a guy who loved to write, kept the story alive until it reached commercial awareness and became the best selling light novel series of the modern era.  In America and the West, if you try to create any beautiful or true or loving art like SAO, kids are taught from birth not to read it because it's full of taboos, and publishers will never publish it because the entire industry is controlled by liberals, who are only interested in books that promote the liberal narrative.

If there was ever a time to go John Galt on America, this is it.  We cannot lead a good life in this country.  It's simply impossible.  If we try our hardest, the only result is demon children like Derek Black denouncing us on the front page of the most powerful newspaper on Earth.  Better, then, not to try at all.

Divorce yourself from all worldly gain and ambition, focus solely on cultivating a happy inner life via the consumption of good art, and just let the time flow towards old age and death.  Nothing is going to change for a very, very long time.  We're currently under siege.  If we give up our values and surrender, we can rejoin the world.  But joining such decaying, degenerate filth is nothing to rejoice over.  So the answer is to simply sit, wait out the siege, and have more patience than the besieging society's inherent lifespan.  Eventually America won't have power over us, because we'll be able to retreat to new, private havens they can't follow.  We will break their sieges.  But only after we outlast them.  It will take a huge amount of peace of mind, of not minding watching the time pass, of not worrying about the future, to outlast their assault on our values, our sanity, our souls.

A century long John Galt strike, we could be on strike our whole lives, but so long as we hold on to our dream there is still potential of it coming to fruition.  Only when you give up is hope really lost.  The dream can be passed on from one generation of self-taught Nazis to the next, via helpful websites that show them the way, so long as the internet and freedom of speech exist, the torch can keep burning.  We don't need to have biological descendants so long as someone somewhere takes up after us via inherited will.  They could be androids for all I care.

Nazism or bust is still the correct message, but the means to achieving it, due to Trump's election, have changed completely.  Instead of secession and full civilizational collapse leading to people putting trust in new leadership, we're going to have to go it alone, as pioneers, just like our ancestors did to escape persecution and live out their beliefs when they first came to the howling wilderness of America.  Fitting..

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