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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

NFL Playoff Picture Heats Up:

With only two weeks of the regular season left to play, you would think the NFL Playoffs were pretty much settled.  Instead, there are still 22 teams vying for a place in the post-season.

New England, Dallas, Oakland and Seattle are already in.  What's with New England?  That's six states.  How are you the home team of six states???

Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Houston, Detroit, Kansas City, the New York Giants, Miami, Green Bay, Baltimore, Tampa Bay, Tennessee, Washington, Denver, Minnesota, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Buffalo, and Carolina are still alive.

Isn't it a little cheap for Carolina to represent two whole states while Green Bay only represents a tiny little hamlet?  Why not just call yourself Team USA and demand the whole country be your fans?

Well, putting these places' naming senses aside, the only portions of the country who don't have anybody left to cheer for are Ohio, Arizona, and Illinois.  And I guess Alaska and Hawai'i, who never have anyone to cheer for.  If you aren't a member of the NFL, do you even count as American anymore?  Questions, questions.

This is going to create a rather intense Christmas weekend as so many teams' fates hang in the balance of every single game.  In fact, for a lot of the remaining teams, every game henceforth is a playoff game.  The playoffs have come a little early this year.  Everyone is so even.  Take Baltimore, Tennessee and Denver -- all 8-6.  They're currently out of the playoffs, and Houston, 8-6, is in.  How nervewracking is that?  Something has to give.

Meanwhile, Northwest Missouri State won the division II college football title.  They now are the most historically dominant team of that division.  Mary Hardin Baylor won the division III college football title for its first time, a nice breath of fresh air.  And Youngstown State, piloted by the former Nebraska coach Bo Pelini in just his 2nd year at the college, is playing James Madison, who upset North Dakota State in the semifinal, who had previously won the last five division I FCS championships.  What an interesting story both those teams represent.

New Mexico beat UTSA, so Mountain West 1-0, Conference USA 0-1.
San Diego State beat Houston, so Mountain West 2-0, American 0-1.
App State beat Toledo, so Sun Belt 1-0, MAC 0-1.
Arkansas State beat UCF, so Sun Belt 2-0, American 0-2.
Southern Mississippi beat Louisiana Lafayette, so Conference USA 1-1, Sun Belt 2-1.
Tulsa beat Central Michigan so American 1-2, MAC 0-2.

The Bowl Challenge Cup continues. . .

Trump was elected President, despite the sabotage and treachery attempts by the democrats.  Paul Krugman even said Trump was planning another 9-11 like false flag attack in order to shore up his popularity.  The Democrats have gone stark raving mad.  Apparently they are no longer capable of accepting Democracy as a system, where it's possible to lose elections, anymore.  They're fine with democracies that rubber stamp the legitimacy of their candidates, but losing?  That's not an option.  The Democratic Party is indistinguishable from Robert Mugabe.  Even though Democrats control the future of the USA if they just sit back and wait a few years, because the future is non-white, and they win the non-white vote 70-30, they're so impatient and power hungry that they might not have the patience to wait that long, and will instead resort to assassinations, terror attacks, coups and revolts, all of which will inevitably lead to civil war, which republicans will definitely win, because all the armed people of this nation are Republicans.  And then the future of the USA will not go the Democrats' way, because Republicans who just won a civil war won't be nearly as forgiving as Republicans who politely buckle under the democratic system.  So bring it on, Democrats.  I'm begging you to play your next hand.  It's the only hope for this country to still be saved.

Muslims are also overreaching in the same vein.  If they just politely waltzed into Germany they could take the whole place over in a few decades, but instead they insist on pulling off terror attacks every Christmas and New Year's Day.  Keep killing the Germans, Belgians and French and who knows, they might start electing Trumps of their own.

Also, it's a very bad idea to do terror attacks against Russia.  Remember Grozny?  That city was leveled by the Russians after the Chechens started getting too cute.  I don't think ISIS will enjoy their future in Syria for long now either.

Every terror attack that's met by a muted, cucky response by Obama and a full throated, aggressive reaction by Trump will make the republicans all the more popular as we head into the next election cycle.  Keep the terrorism coming, Muslims.  If you had just waited you would have owned the world, but you just have to keep pulling these stunts off and waking more and more people up to your viperous true nature by the day.  Keep it coming, until the day comes we smash the head of the snake once and for all.

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