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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Updates:

Rogue One was a surprisingly great movie.  Okay, the blind guy was pretty hokey, and the droid jokes felt a little out of place in such a serious setting, but still, we're talking about a really, really good movie.  Especially the very beginning and the very end, where people actually die.  Things don't go entirely the Rebels' way.  Nobody has any superpowers, they have to rely on courage alone to get things done, and that entails sacrifices.

Everything visually looked astounding and most of the music came straight from the original trilogy.

It's a shame Carrie Fischer had to die before this new trilogy finished up, but oh well.  This is what happens when you intersperse such huge delays between films in a series.  Carrie will always be remembered as Princess Leia, even thousands of years from now, so she's more immortal than any of us.

If you haven't seen Rogue One yet, go see it.  This is pretty much as good as movies get.

In other vitally important news, the second Kizumonogatari movie has come out subbed in blu-ray.  So now's the chance to dive back into Monogatari's world, right before the end of year gong rings.

Also, on January 20th, 2017, Da Capo III's Mangagamer translation will finally be released.  They ceased and desisted a fan translation years ago, so I'm not thankful in the least that they have now finally done it themselves.  But this game is going to be the highlight of 2017 and is an absolute must read, no matter who gets credit for it.

We've now reached the heart of bowl season.  Christmas may be over, but the fun is only accelerating from here onwards.

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