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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Add it All Up:

For purposes of brevity, let's say the average video game franchise produces 5 good games, the average visual novel company produces 5 good visual novels, and the average author produces 10 good books.

Let's also say that each of my top ten ranked tv shows produces an average of 1,000 anime episodes of viewing pleasure.

Let's also say that there's an average of seven manga chapters per volume of manga.

Let's say a good book or good manga volume is worth 3 episodes of anime.

Let's say the average movie is equal in length/worth to five episodes of anime. 

Let's say that a video game/visual novel on average can be played for 40 hours, but is only 1/3 as entertaining at any given moment as an episode of anime.  This would make each game worth around 40 episodes of anime.

In that case, how many utilitarian goodness points, the measure of the products of all my halls of fame put together, has the world produced as of today?  Just how great is this world we live in?

There's 8,736 episodes of great anime as of *right now*, so that's 8,736 points.  (The over 9,000! post will be fun when we reach that benchmark in 2017.)

There's 16,989 chapters of translated great manga as of *right now*, so divide that by 7 for a by-volume count, then convert that into anime episode equivalent points and you get 7,281 points.

50 hall of fame video game franchises each of whom produced 5 games each worth 40 anime episodes = 10,000.

50 visual novel companies each of whom produced 5 visual novels each worth 40 anime episodes = 10,000.

100 authors each of whom wrote 10 books, converted into anime episode equivalency points = 3,000.

241 great movies each of which lasted 5 anime episodes in length/worth = 1,205

10 great tv shows each of which lasted 1,000 anime episodes in length/worth = 10,000.

The sum total of greatness in this world = 50,222

50,222 is our world's artistic battle power.  That's 50,222 reasons to be thankful for being born into this world (and counting!).

Our world is 50,222 anime episodes worth of fun to live in, with anime, manga, western television, visual novels and video games roughly pitching in 1/5 of the world's value each, with the leftover scraps attributable to movies and books.

A balanced diet of utility would therefore include equal portions of interest, respect and playtime in all five categories.  This isn't necessary on a daily basis, but over a lifetime it might be a good guiding light.

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