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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Google Translate Still isn't Good Enough:

I tried the 'new and improved' Google Translate for Japanese to English translations.  It couldn't figure out Da Capo Plus Communication, it couldn't translate 'so you want to become a novelist?' web novels, and it couldn't even translate my own previous post.  There are still too many errors to make any sense of what is trying to be said, much less losing all the flavor and eloquence of the well written phrases into machine garble-eese.

There might be some use to the program, in that it turns kanji into romanji, which I assume is more accurate because it's still the exact same language.  If human translators worked from there to translate the romanji into fluid sounding English, the process of translation might be sped up a great deal.

But the day you can just open up raw visual novels or light novels from Japan and enjoy is still endlessly far away.  The fansub community is just as necessary as ever.  If this is a 'revolutionary advancement' in translation, then I guess what we need is three or four more of them before the translation is actually accurate to the point of readability.  I got all excited over nothing.  This product was totally overhyped.  It might be useful in strict, chore-like environments where you just need a rough translation to overall grasp the jist of something, but it's no where near entertainment-yielding levels.

I'm not very happy with Tatsumi and Leone living in Akame ga Kill!  I thought the author had more balls and that, for once, a story was going to be written in a realistic fashion where killing and dying were both a normal part of war.  Oh well, at least Akame vs. Esdeath was indeed an awesome fight.  I'm not sure how Tatsumi as a dragon is going to be able to date comatose Mine very well though.  I see a lot of barriers on the path to their happy future together.

The latest chapter of Hayate no Gotoku, in contrast, was amazing.  Note to Bleach -- this is how you wrap up a story.

I wish companies would stop announcing movies five or ten years in advance of when they're actually released, and instead just work harder at finishing the movies directly in front of them.  The D.C. comics expanded universe announcing a new Gotham City Sirens movie, Suicide Squad 2 and a Deadshot spinoff movie, when they still haven't gotten Flash or Aquaman even remotely ready, is the epitome of hubris.  Can you say biting off more than you can chew?

I have a new proposal -- for Marvel or D.C., whenever a franchise movie airs, announce at the end of that movie the name of the next sequel in the franchise.  Don't announce any other movie, so like the Sith, at any given time, there will only be two movies, the master that is actually playing in theatres, and the apprentice that is currently being worked on.  Everything else should just be shrouded in silence.

The Wheel of Time tv series was announced seven months ago, and then nothing.  Radio silence.  We still have no idea if this is actually going to happen, and if so, who is going to do it, how faithful it will be to the books, how many books it will cover, or anything.  You would think they would provide details on bombshell announcements like this, or if they don't have any yet, not say anything at all.  Making people feverish in anticipation for things that don't even happen, or happen a decade hence, is just sadism.  Can't these industry figures practice a little discipline and spare us the whipsaws?

This google translate 'revolutionary breakthrough' is just like the wheel of time announcement -- all hat and no cattle.  I keep getting excited over nothing, and like Charlie Brown, I just keep kicking at Lucy's football thinking somehow this time it will be different.  Even my belief that Akame ga Kill! would break the mold of all previous storytelling and allow the main characters to die was completely naive and easily foreseeable to be too good to be true, but I fell for it hook, line, and sinker.  *Sigh*

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