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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Top Movie Rankings 2016 Version:

I've updated my top 50 movies list to take into proper account its true size.  Whenever a franchise or vague statement like 'etc,' is listed, I give the actual number of movies I'm referring to.

Now everyone can divine/surmise/infer that #1, Lord of the Rings, refers to the Peter Jackson original trilogy plus the Peter Jackson Hobbit trilogy, for a grand total of six movies.  Similar sleuthing can figure out what I mean in the other listings as well.

Some are a bit tricky, like 'musicals' for 17 movies, or WWII films for 10 movies.  In cases like this, if I don't specifically list it as the best example of what I'm talking about, feel free to just watch anything that fits the genre, they're probably all about as good as each other anyway.

My Disney movie listing, for instance, names 8 films, but is in fact composed of a list of 25 films.  The remaining 17 films can be anything you want, so long as they're animated Disney films.  I know what I like, but it doesn't really matter, so long as you support Disney, which ones in particular you prefer.  The important thing is that any well rounded movie fan watch at least 25 animated Disney films.

My 50 movie slots can refer to specific films, a group of films that share a lot of similarities with each other, franchises or entire genres.  Just whatever works and feels right to get across the movies I prefer.  Due to this fluid system, I'm actually endorsing 241 movies, not just 50, via this list.  That number will continue to grow so long as franchises or genres keep growing as well.  As of 2016, though, the number is exactly 241.  That's the number of movies, following these guidelines, everyone needs to watch before they die.

There's also a lot of must see TV on this list, whether grouped with the movies they share a franchise with or flying solo.  My TV series list may only be a top 10 list, but the number of hours that encompasses far surpasses all 241 films put together.  TV is scary that way.  Especially football.

Maybe someday I should rewatch all 241 films like I've rewatched all my great ranked anime.  At least, the films I haven't rewatched already, that is.  Netflix to the rescue?  But that's a matter for the far future.  Right now people should concentrate on just watching these 241 films for their first times.  Even I haven't caught them all quite yet.

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