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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Electoral Ramifications:

I was in a nostalgic mood yesterday, going back over all the posts I've written this year.  Many, many, many of them campaigned against Hillary and for Trump, all the way through the primaries and up to the last few days before the general election.  That effort paid off and now we have a president who, if not for voter fraud, would have the majority of the voting American public behind him, and at the very least has a clear mandate in the majority of states of the Republic behind him.

Massive numbers of illegal aliens and felons, who are not allowed to vote, voted anyway this election, with democratic officials looking the other way and whistling as they watched this travesty against democracy unfold.  Computers flipped Trump votes over to Hillary and these voting machines were caught doing so all across the nation -- no voting machines ever flipped a Hillary vote to Trump.  Like usual, ballot stuffers would just fill out stacks of absentee ballots all for Hillary and stuff them in the box at leisure.  The idea that anyone should care what the popular vote total is in an environment like this is insane.  Allow Republicans to properly police ballot fraud by passing strict voter ID laws and other checks and double checks to make sure every vote was by a legal voter and was properly counted, and sure we can switch to a popular vote.  Until then, the electoral college is our only defense against massive voter fraud in amoral Democratic states like California and Illinois.

There are also millions of absentee ballots, 2/3 of which normally go Republican, which aren't counted by the government and are simply discarded in trash bins without ever being tabulated, on the basis of 'what does it matter anymore the election wasn't close enough in our state to bother with these votes.'  But of course, if the popular vote matters, every one of those absentee ballots could have gone towards strengthening Trump's popular vote standings.  If the press is going to keep harping on a popular vote total when millions of ballots aren't even counted, 2/3 of which would have gone Trump's way, then the state governments are completely derelict in their duty in not countering this dangerous fraudulent propaganda by actually making sure every vote counts.

While we're at it, if the popular vote is so important, why do we allow third party candidates to distort the result?  Every election should have an instant runoff, where voters give their 1st preference as president, then if they can't win their 2nd preference, and so on.  If that were done, most of the Gary Johnson and all of the McMullin voters would have swung Trump's way, hell, I bet even a lot of the Green Party voters would've preferred Trump over Hillary.  Certainly Jill Stein herself did.  Once all the useless third party candidates are properly rerouted into a yes/no binary choice, Trump would have emerged with a massive majority over Hillary.

Millions of Republicans didn't even vote in California because they knew their vote wouldn't count due to the electoral college system.  Turning around and saying that a vote conducted under the electoral college system should now be the formal result under a new popular vote system is absurd.  If their votes had mattered all those Republicans would have voted this election and Trump would have easily won the popular vote too, but they knew it didn't matter and so they didn't bother.  You can't just switch the scoring system after the fact.

Getting rid of the electoral college without addressing any of these other anti-democratic issues is just a free giveaway of total power to the Democratic Party.  That's not going to happen.  We're in charge now, and we like elections that have at least a tiny bit of a chance at fairness prevailing every now and then.

Likewise, the absurd stance of democrats rioting around the country shows what vipers they really are.  A full 51% of non-white Hillary supporters think, somehow, the election result was illegitimate and demand Hillary be put in power anyway.  Some 44% of women Hillary voters feel the same, showing how hysterical and irrational women at root are, completely undeserving of the franchise.  The only sane Hillary supporters are the men, of whom only 18% think the vote should be invalidated and a communist coup be installed instead.  After 4 years of Trump making America Great Again, you have to believe what few white men who still cling to this treasonous and seditious party will have entirely abandoned ship.  Trump will have an easy time of it in 2020, judging by the stupidity and doubling down that Democrats have displayed so far.

Frantically going around screaming about imaginary Trumpian oppression, while they in the real world gang up and beat down isolated whites for being Trump supporters in real hate crimes that are documented and video taped all across America, isn't going to play very well to Middle America.

After a year of ridiculous lies about Trump's extremism, all the nice white ladies and beta men who swallowed the lies will realize, over the course of the next four years, just how far deceived they were about the man they were told was the next Hitler.  These people will be angry about being lied to by the MSM, and in 2020 will make that anger clear by switching their votes over to Trump next time around.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the backlash won't already become evident in 2018, where we might gain an unprecedented number of Senate seats and become even immune to the filibuster for the next blissful two years before Trump coasts to a landslide re-election bid.

The Supreme Court currently looks like this:

One vacancy ready for Trump to fill.  That will make the court go 5-4.

Next up, Anthony Kennedy is 80.  He's a swing voter who all too often sides with the Democrats despite having been appointed by Reagan.  The traitor can't possibly stay on any longer now that Trump is president.  That keeps us at 5-4, but a more reliable 5-4.

Clarence Thomas is 68.  I advise him to retire and get replaced before the end of Trump's first term, at which point he'd be 72.  Still 5-4, but a younger 5-4.

Ginsburg is 84.  She can't possibly stay on any longer.  Besides, she promised she would move to New Zealand if Trump is elected so she needs to start packing her bags.  That gets us to 6-3.

Breyer is 78.  Well past his expiration date.  He can't possibly last much longer with his wits still about him.  That gets us to 7-2.

Roberts is 62.  He's had health troubles, though, and he completely betrayed us on the Obamacare ruling, so he needs to resign in disgrace.  Put a real conservative on the court next time.  That gets us to a more hardline 7-2.

Sontomayor is 62, but she is fat and doesn't take care of her health, so odds are she won't make it to 66 anyway.  Replace her with a non Jabba the Hutt, and that gets us to 8-1.

Kagan is 56.  I think we'll have to accept that Kagan will outlast the Trump train.  But she'll exist solely to get dumped on and bullied for the next thirty years, so I don't think she'll enjoy it much.  Having her to beat up on will actually make the whole experience all the more lively and enjoyable.  8-1, bitches.  And all 8 of them in the mold of Scalia.  No more wishy-washy wusses.  A real Supreme Court that really follows the Constitution, for the first time in a century.

Every appointee should be in their 30's, so we keep the Supreme Court for the next fifty years.  Make the 21st Century Safe Again.

Tons of democrats on social media, prominent people like Joss Whedon, have called for a treasonous violent uprising or Trump's assassination.  These remarks are crimes and they should be prosecuted and thrown in jail.  Obviously Obama won't do it, so Trump needs to authorize it once the new FBI/Justice Department officials are appointed.  Democracy is not a one-way street where it's fine so long as a Democrat wins, but if Republicans win it's time to resort to extra-constitutional methods.  Democrats have become so entitled and so arrogant they actually think they own this country and elections are just for show, just like under the USSR.  Some time in jail might let them reflect on how wrong they are on this matter.  Our Republic is very much alive, and elections still have consequences.

Even the day before the election, Ryan was backstabbing Trump and saying he wasn't the leader of the Republican party.  Well guess what, Ryan?  He was.  He won.  He's the leader not just of the Republican party, but of the entire country now.  And you have no place at his side, you traitorous weasel.  Ryan should not be, cannot be allowed to remain Speaker of the House.

None of the people who promised to leave America if Trump were elected have left.  They should be forcibly deported.  I'm tired of liars getting away with all of their empty epithets.

Only 3% of deep red state Southerners voted for David Duke in Louisiana.  Democrats are going ballistic over how white supremacists are taking over the white house.  White supremacists have no pull or sway in the Trump white house, hell, Trump's son said David Duke deserves a bullet in the head.  Trump would've won the presidency even without the support of a single racist Nazi.  306 electoral college votes is an absolute landslide.  The absurd charge now is that no party Nazis prefer should be allowed to take office.  But under that formula, if two parties ran in America, and one promised to kill all Nazis, and the other promised to torture all Nazis to death, then if the Nazis endorsed being just genocided, that would disqualify the party for Nazi genocide because clearly they're pro-Nazi.  There's not even an attempt at rationality in these discussions.

60 million Americans did not vote for the Fourth Reich.  Stop smearing everyone with your tired lies.  No one's listening anymore.  Actually, they probably are listening to all these outrageous false charges, and burning ever brighter with anger after every one of them.  The people who voted for Trump want a color-blind world where individuals are judged individually on their own merit.  They're the least racist people on Earth, compared to the liberals who think race/sex/sexuality/whatever should be the most important factor in every decision in life.

Breitbart is going to have more viewers than CNN/MSNBC/CBS and all the other liars.  I used to worry about liberal control of the media, but I honestly don't care anymore.  They've totally discredited themselves with this Trump = Hitler crap, and no one believes what they say anymore anyway.  We've all found more trustworthy sources of information and all they're doing is shouting back and forth at each other in their echo chambers.  Hillary supporters can lick each other all day every day about how superior they are and how inferior Trump supporters are in their special snowflake circles, but it won't persuade a single moderate to flip their vote in 2018 or 2020, so it doesn't do us the least bit of harm.  We're the majority and we'll stay the majority, no matter how often the minority preaches to its own choir.

I wish Trump and the rest of the Republican government never even held any press conferences with all the established channels and papers.  Just completely freeze them out.  Only talk to Breitbart and Fox News and leave all the liars to go moan and whine in a corner with nothing to say or do for the next four years.  There's no point talking to people who openly said their only goal in life was to take you down, not journalistic integrity or objectivity, but pure 100% partisanship.  Why grace them with the aura of reputability by even talking to them any longer?

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Even though Trump won, so the problem is temporarily suspended, liberal totalitarianism is bound to win out eventually due to America's ongoing demographic change.  We need to see these vipers for who they are, totally unconcerned with our point of view and totally unwilling to debate us honestly on the issues.  Before they have the power to enslave us forever, we need to break away while we still have the chance.  Secession now, secession tomorrow, secession forever.

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These permaposts are so well argued and so thorough in their depth and breadth, that I'm honestly at a loss for why I should continue.  If people would just read all of these posts, they would possess the full truth of this world and be fully equipped to fight against it.  If all these posts were assembled and bound together, like the Quran, anything that opposed it would be false and thus pointless, and anything that agreed with it would be superfluous (since this book will have said it better than any possible rival could) and thus pointless.  There's really no point to anything having been written in the world now that these permaposts are available.  They're the final say on all things.  The alpha and omega of Nazism in an easily readable and carefully categorized series of bullet points that even a child should be able to understand.  ^_^.

Rather than just following what I've written lately, I encourage everyone to go back and peruse these essays instead.  They're my highest quality posts over seven years of effort, and nothing I say moving forward is going to surpass them.


Jean-Luc Cougar said...

Thanks for summarizing. I will go back and read your older work. You've had a strong year =)

BTW what is the origin of Diamed? What does it mean?

Diamed said...

Another name for Diomedes, the Greek hero who even defied and defeated the Gods when they got in the way of his righteous fury.

Jean-Luc Cougar said...

I love how your 'Blacks aren't Human' post is still gettin' comments!