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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Reflections on the Election:

2016 is the best year of my life.  This was the greatest moment in history since the fall of the Reich.  Earth's greatest nation, 200+ million white people's lives and futures were saved, and now there's a genuine possibility of this wave of white identity and the right to exist sweeping back across Europe, Australia, and the whole world.  Where America leads, everyone follows.  We're like an all powerful magnet to the scattered white people of the rest of the world's iron filings.

God bless the Christians.  They won this election for us.  The Protestants and the Catholics came out in the biggest force ever, with the widest margins ever for Trump against the literal Satan worshiper Hillary.  Even the Mormons delivered Utah despite the bullshit McMuffin campaign.  The Christians of America were the hidden city of the elves that won this war for us when it already appeared that all hope was lost.  There was no one left to oppose her eternal reign.

Trump's tough but fair rhetoric towards minorities did not cost him votes with minorities.  They could see through the media's lies and understand that he wasn't prejudiced against them, just telling it how it is, for the sake of Making America Great Again by getting all the demographics of America behind rowing the boat towards our collective national prosperity, security and freedom.  He promised an America that would be better for everyone, and he's going to deliver, which makes for a very interesting minority outreach 4 years from now.

The riots of the democrats after all their crap about how Trump must accept the results of democracy when they still thought they were in the lead reveals their utter moral bankrupty.  The hypocrisy and entitlement, the arrogance and childishness of these losers know no bounds.  If only California really did secede, we'd own America forever.  Take Oregon and Washington with you.  I couldn't think of a better result of this election.

The liberal press hasn't backed off at all, continuing to insist that supporting Trump or voting for Trump is a hate crime and should be punished in school via expelling and in jobs via firing.  They are still coming for our throats despite discovering the fact that 60 million people just voted for 'deplorable,' 'irredeemable,' 'un-American' views.  Sneering liberals are still saying everyone has the right to free speech in this country so long as they don't say anything 'intolerant.'  Unfortunately, since liberals define any dissent from their party line in any way as 'intolerant,' their ability to continue prosecuting people for hate speech does, in fact, include every last Trump voter and Trump supporter in the country.  60 million people need to be purged by the powers that be, that apparently can continue to oppress us despite the fact that we now have the House, the Senate, the Presidency and the Supreme Court.  The nightmare continues like the election didn't even happen.  Amazing.  If the electoral process cannot stop this oppression from continuing, there's only one resort left, and now that we own the police and the army, I don't think liberals will like the result very much.

God bless Julian Assange.  Give that man a pardon.

God bless Ann Coulter.  She was Trump's John the Baptist.  She braved all the hornets, the lions' dens, was cast into ovens like Daniel and came out pristine and triumphant on the other side.  What a woman.  She'll go down in history as our Jean de Arc.  Trump should build a statue of her on the memorial lawn.

God bless the alt-right media that gave the people an honest alternative to the wall-to-wall lies and demonization of Trump in the press.  The MSM has lost all credibility and all authority now that Trump has won.  Their ability to act as moral censors of our thoughts and behaviors ended the day we proved to each other we're the majority and we don't have to cower in fear anymore for what we know is just, true and right.  Does anyone even read their trash anymore?  I wouldn't be surprised if the whole damn industry comes toppling down in bankruptcy as the last rats abandon the ship.

God bless Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity for their mainstream appeal to mainstream Republicans, getting them on our side when push came to shove.

God bless reddit for revealing the Satanic roots of the entire Democratic Party.  Their internet sleuthing directly led to the Christian city of the elves emerging in force to save the day.

God bless Donald Trump for doing the impossible against the most vile and determined group of enemies the world has ever known.  Multiple assassination attempts.  (And there will be more).  Ridiculous false charges of rape and sexual assault by completely unfounded, unbelievable liars.  Dozens of stupid lawsuits surrounding his perfectly legitimate businesses clearly filed solely for political gain.  Accusations of cocaine use when he has a clean record of being so clean all his life that he never even drinks.  Using every insulting pejorative and term in the English dictionary towards a man whose sole sin was not 'knowing his place.'  Every single one of his words being twisted and distorted to mean ridiculous things, sometimes the exact opposite of what he said, by a media playing 'gotcha' instead of trying to understand where he is coming from.

He made five campaign stops all across the country in a single day, multiple days in a row.  A 70 year old man.  Can you imagine the energy and stamina he expended for us, the people, when he could have just sat back and enjoyed his supermodel wife and billions of dollars?  God bless his sense of patriotism and willingness to sacrifice for us, the forgotten.  It's like a legend out of the story books.

The forces of darkness haven't retreated a single inch.  This cannot be the end.  We can't just win and congratulate ourselves, and then go back to normal, compromising everything away.  The demographics still favor the Democrats.  All the fortune 100 billionaires are against us.  All the media is against us.  All the schools and churches and everything is against us.  They will spend these next four years attacking, attacking, attacking us and demanding we surrender to them, despite having won the vote fair and square.  We must not give in.  We must not relax our vigilance, as though anything has been settled.  We must refuse to take the easy path and seek a way to 'get along' so as to cease being insulted and demonized any longer.  We must not listen to them or care what they think of us ever again.  The 60 million real Americans who voted for Trump instead of Satan are a sufficiently large population to rally around and build a future for.  We don't need the rest of America's opinions any more.  To Hell with them along with their Satan worshiping queen.

48% of Americans voted for a misogynistic, islamophobic, anti-semitic, racist xenophobe.  These words no longer have any meaning and they must never deter us from our sacred duty and mission again.  If you phrase your arguments correctly, David Duke's 'hate', which only got 3% of the vote, can be transmogrified into 'common sense,' which wins 48% of the vote.  Very, very interesting.  The number of implicit supporters of white nationalism is ginormous.  If we could somehow take that final step and get them to realize reality explicitly, just imagine the possibilities.

Donald Trump was called literally Hitler a million times during this election, and 48% of Americans couldn't care less.  Will Hitler's reputation be reconsidered next?

Liberals said Trump would open up death camps and pogrom the Jews once elected.  Now that he has been elected, when none of this ridiculous nonsense happens, liberals will be permanently discredited by every sane individual who can think for themselves in the country.  They loosed all their arrows and now they have nothing left to say.  A collection of clowns to be dismissed out of hand for the rest of their lives.

The economy is going to boom.

White men will be able to look people in the eyes again.  We're not going to take it anymore.

I glory in your tears and wails.  You have no idea what you've put us, white men, through for the last fifty years.  No amount of pain will ever make that up.

Hate hoaxers, like that lying Muslim girl, need to be prosecuted with the same penalty as the one they claimed would have been punished with if it had been true.  This is blood libel against our entire race/sex/movement and they need to stop getting way with it with a whistle and a wink.

Trump needs to deliver on his campaign promises.

Never Trumpers need to be kicked out of the Republican Party.  Their shit didn't sell, and our nationalism did.  We won the presidency.  Their brand couldn't.  We're the Republican Party now.  They can go have gay sex with the democrats they love so, traitors are no longer wanted here.

There's so, so, so much more to say, but my mind is too incoherent to stream of consciousness anything more, so this will have to do for now.

We all were in this together and we won.  We all did our part, and we're all part of the reason the whole world's history has turned on its axis.  What a moment.  Congratulations to everyone involved.  Job well done.  This was our St. Crispin's Day.


Jean-Luc Cougar said...

Bless you too Diamed. I'm sure your non-stop prowhite Euro articles red pilled many and gave Trump a few needed votes. I also hope this Trumpism stems any liberalism/globalism that seem to be infiltrating Japan.

What a glorious week! HOORAY!

BTW what blogs do you read on the webz?

Diamed said...

Thank you. You're so right about Japan. We have enormous cultural influence on Japan and South Korea, so when we went Trump we saved those countries down the road too.

Probably the same stuff everyone in the movement reads -->

Steve Sailer
Daily Stormer
Occidental Dissent
Stuff Black People Don't Like
American Renaissance
Fox News

View From the West, back when Lawrence Auster was still alive, was also amazing.