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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blacks Aren’t Human

Blacks Aren’t Human
January 29th, 2009

According to Rushton’s “Race, Evolution, and Behavior” fully modern homo sapiens emerged in Africa 200,000 years ago. 100,000 years ago, a small group of Africans had a sudden urge to head north. This small group inhabited the rest of the world, with minimal contact with the rest of the Africans who stayed in Africa. 40,000 years ago, the Caucasoid race broke off from the Mongoloid race.

This means the entire world outside of Africa is largely related, descended from one small tribe of perhaps a few hundred or a thousand. This tribe was obviously already unique, in that it alone had the intrepidity and determination to head north and conquer the world. We, the descendants of this unique tribe, have afterwards been evolving under extremely different, more challenging environments for the last 100,000 years apart from the African race we left behind. 100,000 years under dramatically different environments from a dramatically different founding stock is a long time. Compare it to dogs:

“Dog history has been studied recently using mitochondrial DNA, which suggests that wolves and dogs split into different species around 100,000 years ago;

Another recent study suggests that the entire population of dogs today are descended from three females near China about 15,000 years ago

So, I’m going to stick my neck out and use the 13,000 year BC date as the probable date of domestication.”

This is a convenient parallel. Dogs also come from a bottleneck, they’ve also been genetically separate from wolves for 100,000 years, and they’ve also undergone different environmental pressures than their wolf counterparts. Just as the northern latitudes presented a unique environment for non-blacks to grow up in, dogs were domesticated and evolved towards suiting human needs instead of wolf needs. No one on earth says dogs and wolves are the same species, even though it is possible for dogs to mate with wolves and have fertile offspring. The genetic differences are vast enough, the phenotypic differences in looks, behavior, and personality are great enough, that everyone instinctively recognizes dogs and wolves are different species now.

Why then are blacks considered human? Why are blacks and non-blacks considered part of the same species? We could not look more different, act more different, or have more different personalities than them. There is a vast genetic divergence between blacks and non-blacks dating back 100,000 years. And even though blacks and non-blacks can have fertile offspring, biologically that has never been used as the exclusive standard for whether you belong to the same species or not.

Phenotypic Variations between Blacks and Non-blacks:

Blacks have wide noses, kinky hair, black skin, high waist-to-hip ratios, prognathic jaws, long arms, and soulless, vacant eyes. Everything about them is ugly.

Blacks have the lowest IQ in the world. (ignoring the equally disgusting and black-skinned australian aborigines for convenience’s sake.) The bushmen clock in at around 50 IQ, the average bantu achieves the mentally retarded level of 70 IQ, and the highly cultivated, well fed, well cared for, partially white African-Americans reach 85 IQ. IQ has an enormous impact on lifestyle, achievement, and behavior. IQ correlates to poverty, crime, mortality, and broken homes on one side — and education, wealth, human accomplishment, long life and stable homes on the other. According to “IQ and the Wealth of Nations,” a country must have a minimum average IQ of 90 to run a technological civilization. It is not a far cry to say it is IQ that makes humans better than the animals, and it is IQ that makes some humans better than other humans.

That’s not all though. Blacks are unique in that when we arrived, they had no written language, no wheel, no architectural works, nothing at all that would indicate they live a human existence. Whereas literature and palaces and cities existed in almost every corner of the earth, from the Incas to the Indians to the Persians to the Chinese to Stonehenge to Ankar Wat in Cambodia — nothing existed in Africa. For the past 100,000 years non-blacks have been spreading across the globe, building pyramids and cities, developing new technology, domesticating animals and crops, covering themselves in finely decorated clothing, and living essentially human lives. Blacks, meanwhile, stayed nearly naked, self-mutilating, technology-less, with no domesticated animals, no written language, no wheel, no stone buildings, no metalworking, nothing.

Virtually every other non-black group came up with an admirable or at least interesting religion or philosophy which was recorded and taught to a priesthood. Indians had the Vedas and the Upanishads, Chinese had Confucianism, Daoism, and various sects of Buddhism. Europeans had Virgil, Horace, and Homer to write down their pagan religion, with Plato, Aristotle, and numberless other greats to record their philosophy. Even the Aztecs had a corpus of literature which was, unfortunately, burnt and destroyed by the Spanish invaders. Shintoism was developed in Japan, the epic of Gilgamesh was recorded in ancient Babylonian times, and Egypt authored the Book of the Dead. Only black Africa (and assorted primitives in australasia) hadn’t recorded or created any official religion or philosophy. Blacks still rely on voodoo, witchcraft, black magic, and animism with no particular pantheon of Gods, no priesthood, no anything that could develop them past superstition and barbarism.

Today it is questionable what Blacks could achieve on their own, without the intervention of others giving to them all the things they could never produce or maintain themselves. Though we see blacks walking around in business suits, speaking English, shooting guns, and making use of all sorts of non-black generated goods and services and inventions and ideas and discoveries — none of them originate from the black man. Without the continuous intervention of charity into Black Africa, it’s unknown whether they could even maintain what they have, or if they would simply regress back to mud huts the moment we left. All current black civilization is in fact transplanted non-black civilization. There is not as yet a single black civilization on Earth that has independently developed and maintained its own technological and philosophical way of life. No blacks have won any nobel prizes in the hard sciences, fields medals, or gotten any spot on a list of Human Accomplishment that would represent some major scientific or technological advancement for the world.

Geography can be no excuse, because blacks today live all across the world. Blacks in France, the UK, and the USA are given preferential treatment and access to college educations, and yet they still produce nothing. At the same time, whites who lived in South Africa and Zimbabwe made them into decent, first world nations without a problem. There is nothing about the African continent inimical to modern life, it is simply the fact that it is populated by blacks.

Nor can some strange combination of bad luck and being separate from other civilizations explain black underperformance. After all, blacks have been connected to the outside world since the 1400’s. They have had centuries to modernize and improve themselves in Africa with full access to modern knowledge and technology. In contrast, it took Japan about twenty years to modernize from a feudal samurai culture to a fully modern industrial state which then took on and defeated Russia in 1900. Blacks have had centuries in the USA to do all sorts of human activities, immersed in white culture, knowledge, and technology. Instead all they do is riot, rape, steal, sell drugs, and demand more handouts from the government. Germany recovered from WWII in just ten years, becoming yet again a prosperous, powerful, and leading-edge modern civilization. Africans meanwhile cannot recover from ‘colonization,’ ’slavery,’ or ‘discrimination’ after centuries. Haiti has been an all-black, independent, free state since the Napoleonic wars, 200 years ago. Even so, its lifestyle and standard of living perfectly matches that of darkest Africa. In those 200 years it hasn’t progressed an inch. In fact it has probably regressed since that time. Their neighbors in the dominican republic have immensely better statistics than them in all fields. Instead of a failed state, the dominican republic takes care of its people, has a working government, and doesn’t need charity. The difference? Their population is non-black. All of the old, tired excuses are refuted by geography and history.

The black murder rate is 9 times that of the white/hispanic (combined!) murder rate. It is 36 times as high as the asian murder rate. Blacks are the majority of AIDS cases and all other STDs, their STD rates are completely out of proportion to all other groups. Even homosexuals have a hard time keeping up with the black STD rates. No ordinary healthy human has the sexual habits of the black race. Whereas every other people on earth developed a family structure, blacks still roam around aimlessly screwing everyone they meet and never staying to raise the child. 70% of black children in the USA are illegitimate. In Africa, women largely do all the work and raise the kids while the men commit crime or sit around chewing leaves or smoking something. Domestic violence among blacks is atrocious. Rape is endemic. The human race does not act like this, their morals and habits are completely different.

Good things can be said of virtually every group or civilization on earth. This is unsurprising, given the fact that everyone on earth is descended from the same small tribe that left africa 100,000 years ago. East Asians are such decent, advanced people they are comparable to whites. Unsurprisingly, they only diverged from the White race 40,000 years ago. There is only one group nothing good can be said about, there is only one group completely unrelated to the rest of the human race, and that is the black African. There is enough genetic variation between blacks and non-blacks that any objective scientist, classifying us like they would classify various animal species, would label us different species. On one side humans, on the other blacks. There is enough phenotypic, common sense variation, that again it is an insult to categorize blacks among the human race. They are nothing like us and they never will be, they are worse in every way. Call them orcs, or trolls, devils, or whatever you like–they are not human.

* * *

(P.S.  In response to various opposing views, I wrote a few follow up posts addressing specific issues they didn't seem to understand from the initial post.  Here are the appropriate links to follow-up on this conversation:, ,,,,,


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High 5 said...

You are on a slippery slope casting about your biased judgement toward black Africans. You dear person, must feel fearful and insecure to be so willing to bash the innocent. Black Africans remain mercilessly disadvantaged, yet they have proven to be some of the most resilient, loving and gracious human beings in existence. While you cower away in fear, they prove to be real heroes enduring a daily struggle to survive. They suffer day in and day out in unbelievable poverty and oppression, due largely to corrupt government organizations and to the lack of 'a hand up'. Many are so malnourished their brains and bodies are in constant survival mode - and you want them to develop their IQ? How about you go over to black Africa and spend a year with these folks, experience their conditions first hand, then give us your take? Your prejudice would surely be a shame before you. And though some black Africans may be disproportionately underdeveloped due to constant oppressive conditions, they are still cohabitants with us. Many Americans for example, love and coddle dogs and cats as much as they would an actual human! Why then, should we not love our black African neighbors at least as much? You Diamed, are a sower of the seeds of hate using textbook jabber as a front. I caution you to reconsider. Judgement invites judgement.

Unknown said...

This was quite stupid... The are only 1 percent between every person on this whole planet. Each non-related white is as different as the next black in genetic history. To use physical features and IQ to judge their humanity is causes you to become foolish looking. This piece of work you written is in the same level you spoke of those IQs, low level abomination.

It felt more like a well spoken moron was writing this, and I think you hve not studied anything in genetic history and genetic diversity, You've only studied north african emigration to another continent! You clearly spoke as if Africa is a tiny town! Let me quote! "This means the entire world outside of Africa is largely related, descended from one small tribe of perhaps a few hundred or a thousand. This tribe was obviously already unique, in that it alone had the intrepidity and determination to head north "
You have not mention the east africans migration towards australia,towards east of asia!
Though are some differences in appearance these differences are so small that its not even considered to be a different species.

"Blacks have wide noses, kinky hair, black skin, high waist-to-hip ratios, prognathic jaws, long arms, and soulless, vacant eyes. Everything about them is ugly."

That prove something... You are a idiot...

The first picture I find of the keywords east asian on google, tell me only blacks have that nose?

No wait... I will not get pictures... I shouldn't try hard to counter your post since it was totally based on your opinion and ignorance and laziness to actually prove and back up your title.

Look at this page then all your points of infertility will die.

"And even though blacks and non-blacks can have fertile offspring, biologically that has never been used as the exclusive standard for whether you belong to the same species or not."

Meaning of Species "A fundamental category of taxonomic classification, ranking below a genus or subgenus and consisting of related organisms capable of interbreeding. "

Look at this page then all your points of infertility will die.

Here is something to totally destroy your post, I am sorry I like defeating.

Maybe if you studied harder you could had not been so utterly destroyed...

shawn said...

High 5.. Many people from all walks of life have in fact attempted to educate as well as better most all of Africa. As you will notice, it is a task that will never be accomplished. Atleast not in our life time. If you look at Black Americans, that too seems to be ridden with failure. You look at test scores, crime, STD's, I mean every negative statistic there is, black people are leading in astounding numbers. They make up only 12% of the population yet nearly 50% of the welfare, 90% of the prison population, one out of every four teenage girls in America have, or have had an STD, 50% of them are black females. Black people as a whole have failed for centurys. It is just the way it is. I mean name one place on the planet through out all of history that blacks have actually been successful in building? No, they did not build nor sustain all of Ancient Egypt haha. Know your history.. it was never invaded by eastern Africa haha.

Unknown said...

Excellent article..

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Realist said...

Brilliant...simply brilliant! All politically correct sympathizers who are dumbing down the human race, wantonly discriminating against whites every day in schools, on the job and everywhere in American society, think it's okay to oppress the whites, asians and everyone else to placate the blacks. These sympathizers are simply afraid that the violent, more primitive-thinking blacks will get violent, and to keep the peace, they coddle the negroes and give in to their every demand. Spineless cowards, ignorant jackasses!

EPIC_TRUTH said...

I won't insult the rest of the humans by calling them "black Africans" when I can simply refer to them as "niggers". What niggers fail to understand is that they aren't the only race that has been enslaved, poverty, starvation, suffered under the hands of harsh regimes, and oppression. The Asians have for a long time and in many cases suffered far worse under far longer hardships yet they are able to rebuild their own societies and in fact improve them as well. We can't name a nigger nation that can state the same can we?

Niggers like "High 5" and "Gershom" can't grasp or understand the concept grasping an idea and using it to come to a logical conclusion. I would advise to ignore such comments from the brain dead liberal nigger-loving idiots and their nigger-babbling idiot niggers as well, it's always an exercise of them digressing on their victimization or quoting false science from politically correct sources based on polar extremes instead of the logical conclusions drawn upon by the giants of Nobel science awards like Shockley or Watson. To these idiots none of the other races seemed to have suffered like the so woeful niggers.

"High 5" claims they lived under "unbelievable poverty, oppression, and lack of a hand up" well tell that to the descendants of feudal peasants of Europe and Asia, they didn't get a "hand up" either. How about the niggers though? Look at all the government programs that has pumped money and the failure that resulted from it, both foreign and domestic. I wish we could divide such money equally for each race so the niggers would be able to see how much more of a failed species they are compared to us.

Gershom's post is the classical I'll point out extreme examples instead of commonsense repeatable lab science. They have to claim such extremes and pseudo sciences to prove their point hoping that the glue will hold up their house of cards. The evidence is elementary, where we see niggers we see failure in all things we consider a society, we have seen many examples of where the niggers were handed a society on a silver plate and in each example we see examples of regression. The bottom line is that none of them can point out an example of a successful nigger society and worse for them it's not intelligence or IQ that distinguishes men from animals, it's civilizations, language, and the culture that comes from it.

Where most races have a "Midas touch" of creating a society and having a culture develop from it, then seeing it improve over time the niggers are the classic example of the "toilet touch" where you wish the bowel movement they made could simply be flushed. Try as much as they can claiming that because some of them can look like us, speak a language, breed with some of our idiots, etc you will notice one common theme none of them will ever state, they will never state that they want to move away from us and that they'll prosper, because deep down they know they'll fail, in fact they sue and have laws changed to keep us from segregating ourselves from them, this alone shows whatever evidence they claim to be our equals is false. If our racism is so evil, ignorant, or stupid they have the option to move away from us and prove us wrong. They'll never consider this option, they need their safety blanket or actually a more accurate term, the parasite needs it's host to survive.

I can also sum all this up in a simple and concise logic through out history where you see more groups of Whites gather, they build, and society happens. Where you see more groups of Orientals gather they build, and society happens. When you see more groups of niggers gather they destroy what's there, and chaos happens. No other group can this be said about, more people the merrier, more niggers more problems.

Realist said...

Very well put, Epic. By the way, I'm MWC of NM fame, and I especially like the point you made, "deep down they know they'll fail, in fact they sue and have laws changed to keep us from segregating ourselves from them."

These parasites definitely need us to keep them going. Even at the cellular level, some cells destroy tissue and some build it up. Niggers are those organisms that destroy.

Diamed said...

I'm just curious, but why are people suddenly commenting now and not before? Was this article linked by someone somewhere?

And what does MWC of NM stand for? O.o.

In any event, thanks for the praise.

Realist said...

Milton Winifred Campbell of New Mexico. No, not that I know of.

metalguy said...

I linked this article at

Everyone has given it alot of praise and I encourage you to come check out our site and especially our forums.

Keep up the good work!

Realist said...

Thanks, Jarrod, I'm not a racist, but I sure am tired of the way these black negro animals treat the white race, not to mention their chimpanzeeian approach to other races, such as asians and mexicans.

It's nice to know that somebody has created a website where people can voice their concerns about these black, organized, vicious, violent, stupid, selfish, idiotic creatures. I think I might very well go check out that website. The problem is that when the white race is silenced the way we are, where we are not allowed to have a voice, it will take strong people who are willing to go out on a limb to put up websites like that, which will give us hope in a world that thinks it's okay to stomp the white race down and force "white guilt" down our throats.

We never have owned slaves, and these black ingrates have never been slaves, so they need to shut the hell up and quit riding that pity pony. Their failures are their own fault, and I'll gladly kick the crutch out from under them.

If that monkey can steal the election, what do all the other monkeys have for an excuse for their failure? They must be stupid as hell, that's all I can say.

jamesriske said...

Great article and it's about time the truth about these odd monkey like creatures came to light. Visit this website for more facts about 'blacks' at

Unknown said...

different from whites.
Blacks are people that just never get it.
They are not equipped to live in American society at the sdame level as all other citizens.
They are consumed with hatered and resentment. They know that they are inferior and act ion eternal frustration.

Stephen Morgan said...

When It comes down to it.. the world would be a better place if everyone read to enlighten themselves as to how negative of an impact the Nigger race has on society. For you trolls, don't bother to call me a Racist. It no longer sticks.

Kabuk1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kabuk1 said...

It's undeniably true that blacks aren't human. Every single thing you wrote is 100%, indisputably true. Anyone who still thinks blacks are "disadvantaged", or "oppressed" is an IDIOT. Yeah, maybe all the ones out in Africa are disadvantaged but whats the excuse for blacks here in America? The only ones "oppressing" them are THEMSELVES with their behavior. White people kiss their asses, give them every advantage, feed them, house them, push them to the front of the line for education(apefirmative action), and yet they STILL fail! Something isn't right when you can literally OPEN THE DOOR for someone & they still manage to trip over the threshold & @#$% it all up.

All the idiot liberals need to open their damn eyes & stop defending these violent creatures. We all need to stop being complacent to these beasts & get them the hell out of our societies. Peaceful niggers that contribute to society can stay, but the rest should be sent back to africa where they can rape, rob & murder each other to their hearts content.

Blacks arrived here against their will in chains, and they can LEAVE here the same way as far as I'm concerned.

Diamed said...

lol. Your last line is a real zinger. I fully endorse said plan, but it seems a little too unpopular to implement.

EPIC_TRUTH said...

It doesn't matter if it's not too popular or will be liked, the niggers hate us anyway but won't move away from us. I wouldn't mind doing them this last favor and give them a reason to hate me but at the same time remove the excuses because now they won't be "persecuted" or "oppressed" by us "racists". We offer two very simply solutions to the nigger problem, either segregation or deportation of them or us, we all know that which ever option was chosen the group with no niggers would be the most prosperous group. Africa is full of niggers, it's lands are abundant in natural resources, and have one of the most steady and favorable temperature ranges for farming yet the niggers are primitive, poor, and starving which simply proves everything said above by the racially aware.

haywood said...

The previous post was spot on! NIggers never will amount to anything!

Kay C. said...

I am AMAZED that "blogger" let's your story/article/blog stay up, as most of the world is wallowing in the touchy-feely goodness of political correctness & as I have seen so many painfully true stories/articles/blogs get taken down due to their being "racist" while many "blacks" can post all sorts of truly dreadful & threatening things on all blog accounts without any repercussions aside from the replies (which unless they mirror the nominal "kill whitey" & "whitey owes us ebberytings" of the blog. I commend your having a factual commentary on the savages & am glad to see that not everyone is kowtowing to those who seek to destroy the very threads that hold civilization together. I have seen too many similar commentaries, that were nowhere's near as "inflammatory" as yours being taken down & the writer getting their ISP address banned from using any of the accounts. Thanks for not bowing to the mental illness & neutering of society that is rampant in our liberally inundated world.

Kel Thuz said...

Modern homo sapiens sapiens DID NOT EMERGE in Africa, as Richard Fuerle, author of "Erectus Walks Amongst Us" ( ) painstakingly has proven beyond any doubt. Modern hss emerged in Asia, while African hominids emerged from an African common ancestor, and only had some gene influx from Eurasians when the Ice Ages brought some tribes into the warm climate of Africa.
The bipedal humanoids of Africa can only be classfied as homo africanus, not sapiens sapiens in the modern sense.

Anonymous said...

OK, first of all bravo! I am not an European and I agree with the writer very much. Did you try to see how "some individuals" tried to counteract your argument by posting pictures and so called race and genetics link? The mongoloid person does have a flat nose, but it's not as flat as an African's nose. But what about other facial features? And in terms of race and genetics, try to read how the experiment was actually conducted, I mean the very scientific process. Species is not clearly defined in biology. You can indeed mate two organisms from two different species and have a healthy offspring.

Now, first of all, from a so called non-white perspective, majority of all races do not want anything to do with blacks. Go to a third world country and ask them if they would prefer to have babies with blacks in return for money. Just go do it. You will know what I mean. You mentioned history and the very crucial fact that blacks never ever really did produce anything intellectual. Some say that they produced music. But so do birds. They produce superb music. Technically black music, blues basically, can be sung and played on a "guitar" which the blacks never invented. Ultimately, RAP is what they are producing now, "social commentary" about whitey is keeping them down and occasionally about "&()*)" and ";384ing" and "%^$&" and "%$@#ing". That's right, people from all over the world come here and make a decent living and the whitey is OK with it. It's the blacks that they actually spend their time trying to subjugate. Today, I had the same experience while checking out of a farmer's market as I do almost every time if the cashier is black. I will not describe it but this is why I am actually ranting here. One can't get their frustrations out anywhere and thanks for providing a outlet. But please do know that majority of the world, including third world nations see the blacks as they are "quite not human".

EPIC_TRUTH said...

I want to add something to this blog and hopefully it's still here in the years to come in the future. "We are the world" was used as a rally cry song theme to find the Ethiopian niggers of Africa guilting many people to donate to such a worthless cause. The results, the niggers of Ethiopia little doubled over their population and still are asking for handouts. "We are the world" is making a comeback for Haitian niggers, well if history is a guide we should know what the results will be in the future unless another disaster mercifully happens and wipes out all those niggers. I want to point out all that money will be wasted and the proof will the future for us to see.

I want to also mention the Dominican Republic which shares the island with niggers is still green, google the satellite images to see for yourself. If anyone wants to have a little time capsule of fun google Haitian pictures, save/archive them, and open them up in about 20 years. I bet the scene will be similar and the main difference will be the improve resolution of the shithole that is a nigger island nation.

tman said...

LOL You idiots are both hilarious and pathetic with your dumbed down sense of logic, science, and history in a feeble attempt to make yourselves feel good about your hate-filled selves. Neither you nor anyone else in your trailer park families has ever accomplished anything of value in your sad pathetic lives with no hopes of ever doing so. Consequently, you live in these fantasy worlds living off of a fictitious reality created in the head of another fool whom you so desperately desire to believe in. “Maybe theirs hope for me to become something in life since I come from a superior race of people.” This lie will get you no where in life. But hey, whatever works for you. Keep hope alive.
Too lazy to engage in any real study and scholarship so you create such foolishness, which would only appeal to other idiots on the same or even lower level of intelligence. By even buying in to such pathetic attempts at scholarship, which would not cut the mustard at any institution of higher learning, you disprove the very premise you so desperately attempt to prove.
News flash: No one in the real world of intellect, science, history and intelligent thought expresses agreement with any of this low level, weak, unsubstantiated by any credible sources, and so obviously heavily flawed, so-called research. This should give you intellectually inferior, lazy minded, idiots a clue.
Your fear and true sense of inferiority only fosters your hatred and rantings of deeply rooted ignorance. It’s just funny how many of your women flock to both Black men and even women for that fulfillment which you are unable to provide. This, no doubt, is an even deeper reason for your fear and hatred. You stand alone, and your numbers are decreasing year by year. Fortunately, people with your level of ignorance is also decreasing. Another major reason for your fear.
Bow down cowards to your new Black President.

EPIC_TRUTH said...

"tman" is an obvious idiot who has never heard of great Nobel prize winners such as William Shockey (co-inventor of the transistor) or James Watson (co-founder of the double helix dna molecule structure). You're uneducated remarks referring to history and science is dispelled, in fact there are plenty more where this came it's simply political correctness that keeps people silent about it. I can post sites from many government branches, the very same government that employs more niggers than any other entity (those who have no skills work for the government, the rest of us are in the private sector). How do you feel that it takes the extortion of ending people's careers to silence them and that there is no rebuttal for your side of the argument?

You shouldn't laugh too much or too loud about Whites dying off, who do you think pays all the taxes to feed, clothe, and house all those pathetic welfare niggers which are the norm of your nigger population in America? How about all those donations to Africa or Haiti? You know these niggers would starve out, proof of this is in Africa, how many years have we given money to their broke asses? How about the "victims" of Katrina, how much longer do you think those worthless niggers are going to milk that for? The only your kind exists is the false portrayal by the media that you're not animals because your kind damn sure live like them.

PS: I'm a dual degreed engineer (mechanical/"aeronautical" when I did it but now it's renamed "aerospace").

realist said...

tman, you said, "Maybe theirs hope for me..."

I think that what you were trying to say was, "Maybe there's hope for me..."

There is a difference between "theirs" and "there's."

When America gives you a free education, you should appreciate it and embrace it. When you think of that free education as your white slave masters brainwashing you, that is what we call thinking like a typical rebellious jackass orangutan, and you come off looking stupid.

No offense.

Maybe you should consider remedial English classes. You're not talking to street hustlers here, you're talking to white men, so step up to an intelligent level so we can understand your ebonics. When you were in the 7th grade, you should have been doing more than smoking weed, drinking Ripple and 40s, stealing, playing basketball and learning how to rap.

Mike said...

It was a good read, and it seems as though we are using science to deny logic these days. Statistics are generally misleading, so using them in a thesis is flawed to begin with. Yet, most niggers will claim that this has no educational or scientific value because there is no "proof." However, most intelligent people realize, knowledge is gained from experience and understanding, not from numbers and statistics.

As an example, when your child begins acting deviant, do you start reading statistics that were aggregated from thoughrough investigative reports to determine that your son/daughter is acting irrationally or deviously? No, it's quite obvious by judging from their behavior that there is a problem. Fixing said problem would also be impossible using "science" as they would become dependant on medication, and psychotherapy.

As my well-educated family would put it: "The proof's in the pudding."

EPIC_TRUTH said...

Knowledge is gained from both experience and research, some of it is recorded as statistics so that knowledge can be passed on to others. We're not using science to discredit logic, media is using propaganda in the form of political correctness. Most intelligent people are able to make the corollary connection between IQ and the nigger's dearth of technological, scientific, societal, governmental, and educational advancements through out history. As per the blogger's post, it requires a minimum average IQ of 90 to maintain a technological society, if an average group lacks an IQ of that level then they fail to have a technological society of any type. By using intelligence you can deduce based on statistics if a group has less than 90 IQ they can't maintain a technological society, this is why a pack of dogs, pride of lions, and groidal of niggers fail to have such when first encountered because they all fall beneath this threshold.

With numbers and statistics we can use that to prevent the child from being delinquent or deviant in the first place, simply by looking at the demographics of niggers in an area will greatly impact a child's behavior because less niggers there are the better your child will become, if their associates are from two parent homes, their school has a lower teacher to student ratio, and using flash cards for math and spelling at an early age will help their comprehension.

Now what happens when the damage is already done and the kid is a deviant? Well numbers and statistics will be most helpful because you will be able to research a clinic or treatment center and look into their success rate. You can even have your child do a few written tests and based on the score it may even help diagnose them by comparing their results to compiled statistics from previous patients. You can also run blood work on the child and see if the kid has a chemical imbalance based on the comparative statistics of others of similar build, weight, and age. Only intelligent people can properly use statistics and acquire knowledge from it, this is why niggers can't, they can't grasp such basic concepts as repeatable experimental methodology, proportions, and most of all how it's applied since it's always dismissed as "racist" with no supporting information for their rebuttal.

EPIC_TRUTH said...

Only wisdom is gained through experience, not intelligence. You can go outdoor and pick cotton all day and the experience wouldn't make you more intelligent cotton picker, an intelligent person would understand that there may be a more easier way to do this process and will attempt to use an industrial methodology to overcome it. Based on numbers and statistics in other fields machinery seems to be far more efficient, from this they will attempt create a mechanical way to solve the problem. After introducing the machine into the environment the person will use logic to organize and then use their intelligence to measure production by using numbers compiled into statistics as a basis for determining if a nigger can beat a cotton gin. The intelligent person would come to a quick conclusion the nigger is worthless and discard in the heap of antique farm equipment and continue to use the cotton gin until someone improves it.

Proof of the nigger is definitely in the pudding, simply because they never domesticated animals on their own therefore didn't have some version of it in the past. As mentioned in the guy's blog article niggers never ever developed anything of great scientific, cultural, technological, societal, or philosophical achievement before being discovered and traded as a slave (Most likely some niggers sold other niggers because they were full after dining on it's dead relatives. Of course those niggers were unlucky because they couldn't buy rims since they never invented the wheel to put them on). Simply trying to find something ancient about niggers not written in a language by another race is only done by archeology due to the niggers failing to create a written language or a median to record it on. Proof may not be in the pudding but more like the bullshit that the media falsely spews.

Unknown said...

why do people even care that there is a difference? i know many african americans who are as smart as any other person and cares for this country as much as any other person. If they were white and lived the same way they would be considered smart and normal. Answer this question, do you really think that calling them the n word and saying they are dumb is going to make a difference? and do you really think that being white means you have the right to ruin the lives of other people just because their skin is darker? I have friends who are black that are very nice and enjoyable to be around. Please, someone answer those questions honestly and tell me how demeaning someone else makes your life better. blacks have brains, and its not fair to blame them and make there life missereable for something they couldnt control. They had just as much control over being born black than you did white, so please answer the questions!

Diamed said...

Stuart, I think you're getting the wrong picture here. Whites are not this all powerful group making blacks miserable out of spite. Instead, what we're watching is blacks making WHITES miserable through rape, murder, riots, affirmative action, urban decay that requires white flight, bullying in schools, charges of racism that no one can socially survive, constant handouts and wealth transfers to people who don't deserve it, and artificially inflated status that makes whites in comparison look bad.

Whites do not have the duty to live around parasites or predators who daily lower their quality of life or even their chance to be alive. South Africa is a good example of whites and blacks getting along in a rainbow nation. How did it work for them? Should pity and compassion sentence another nation of whites to the fate of Zimbabwe? Or perhaps Haiti, when the revolt slaughtered all the women and children when blacks gained power there?

Once you've rephrased the question from -- "Why randomly make blacks miserable when they do nothing to us?" To "Why should whites lay down and die just because we don't dare be called racist?" you can reach alternate conclusions.

But as far as your question goes, obviously no one should be made miserable on the basis of their skin color. Nor is anyone's motive sadistic, or just using blacks as a mirror in order to improve their own ego. That would be like mocking ants in order to improve how we feel about being human. Since anyone with half a brain is superior to blacks, what good would it do to brag about it?

As far as individual blacks who behave decently and have good genes, etc, there's no need to discriminate against them. They're so few as to be an immaterial portion of the question. If you want to grant them citizenship or hug them every day I don't particularly care. But so long as all blacks are described as having the same potential or worth as these rarities at the right edge of the bell curve, it will prolong the misunderstanding that is destroying our society. Not everyone is equal. There is superior and inferior. Without acknowledging that, we can never move forward. The world can only go in two different directions, up or down. Egalitarianism makes it impossible to improve humanity, instead, it actually subsidizes dysgenics and props up birth rates and laws that are unsustainable if left alone.

Hierarchy, on the other hand, allows the people with the highest merit to also have the greatest power. If those with merit are able to make the decisions, the children being born, and the laws being made, would all push humanity in an upward path. Since trillions of people will be born in the future, the actions we take now must be for the sake of those who are to come, not ourselves. If we leave them a planet shrouded in black violence and stupidity, as opposed to white art and science, how should they view us? As people who had to do it out of compassion? Who is acting out of compassion for these descendants who must inherit the fruit of our actions?

Basically, decisions matter. We can't just do the heart warming and furry one without looking at the consequences that might arise from such fuzzy thinking. It might make you feel good to consider blacks as hug-worthy. But those with greater visions can't help but feel awful when looking at this terrible misconception that grips the world. I have to do my part to stop it while we still can.

Unknown said...

Awesome... great post

Dont let Van Jones read this.

Blacks love do to GANG RAPE!

Anonymous said...

I am embarassed to have to comment on this very ignorant article but here it goes. I believe the African Americans in the U.S. in particular are doing so poorly because they were started off so badly and were discriminated oppresively well into the 70's. So for maybe 30years or so the African American community has reluctantly begun to trust and come around to American customs and intrepidly tread where they were previously exocommunicated from in total isolation in fear until the fear subsides and the numbers grow. They may have been discrimanantly jailed based on color and exposed to vulgar examples which only leads to a similar livelihood with no other possible prospects once they are released. However for 30 years of freedom they are doing brilliantly and there have actually been inventors that are African American perhaps they are not as pompous or as arrogant as you...nonetheless I mostly wanted to point out that Whites are genetically 1 to 4% Neanderthal and Blacks are pure w/0% Neanderthal in them! Blacks are considered modern humans with use of tools pre-dating those of previous tools discovered. Go check it out!

Now as for me I am white looking but of hispanic origin. I don't actually know what I am and nor do I care...but I have family members in the U.S. Senate working and we are 1st descendants of immigrants...illegal at that when their working visas expired...imagine that! What do you have to show for your stupidity? What is your reason for your ignorance? I am an Honors Computer Science graduate and gifted in the Arts with studies in medicine as well. My son is and has been a Gifted learner with Honors since he started school with gifts in music playing 3 instruments well in any form of music...we are a gift to the U.S. Its those of you who have been here and are still ignorant and a waste to the current state of the U.S. Stop hating on others, judging others, and begin to make a real difference to society and mankind instead of hateful inciteful neanderthal comments. Remember most white traits such as light skin, light hair, light eye color are mutations of the original gene...In my family we have light skin, dark skin, silky straight hair ranging from blonde to black, curly hair, and wooly hair. I love my heritage and I would say I am a bit of everything and its always a joy to see what a suprise the next generation brings..instead of the same ol, same ol, interbred mutations. Keep trying to enlighten yourself, try one of the religions you mentioned such as Buddhism towards enlightenment and you will see and be aware.

Anonymous said...

Here is some more protein for your anemic brain...

I forgot to post previously...I wanted to make a last personal reference. My child was a result of a young immature marriage to a more immature white guy...eventually after much dismay at his lack of maturity I decided to leave him and fulfill my dreams and achievements on my own as a very young single mom with full responsibility for a child. He on the other hand drank, did drugs, tried to become a rocker of some sort unsuccessfully and to this day cannot make more than ten dollars an hour sporadically even though his family taught him the trade of construction and his mom was a math teacher...go figure! So IQ has alot to do with your thoughts and how you manifest them...if you grow up thinking you are better and indestructible but never foster intelligence it just won't happen...He is now unamarried to another young girl this time half his age and more naive..with a little girl on the way and can hardly afford diapers. I just hope for the sake of the child he changes. I hope you change to for the sake of the U.S. the World, and mankind.

i is jus' a po' boy said...

Excuse me. I'm neither black, American or African. I come from Europe.

What's an "African" American?

Isn't an African born in Africa, and an American born in America?

Or do some people in America call themselves African so that other people feel sorry for them - you know, Africa being poor, or ruined since the white man left (as in Kenya)?

Surely, a person is one or the other, not both?

Realist said...

Niggers ruin everything, and I mean every fucking thing.

If whites don't like it, they're called redneck, racist, nazis and shit like that, just to manipulate them into coddling the niggerfolk.

I'm not a weak suck-ass who will bend to the nigger's will. Niggers can't use name-calling, reverse psychology or intimidation tactics to make me shut my mouth while they run over the white race like a bulldozer.

Niggers ruin everything and should be treated as animals. Monkeys running amok would do the same things that niggers do, and we don't let them run amok, do we? Why do we let niggers run around untethered?

These democrat, rose-colored-glasses ass suckwads have never defended their little sister, much less had to fight for anything, but they sure will suck a nigger dick to make niggers not kick their fucking asses. Pussies.

Anonymous said...

I think its great that many people would stand up for niggers based on their anecdotal experiences with them. This is a completely foolish way to live however.

I don't make any judgements against you for not having familiarized yourselves with the facts and the statistics offered concering niggers from the departement of justice; and any host of statistics about crime, I.Q.'s, venereal disease, and other conditions in which niggers consistantly show up as performing the most poorly (highest, lowest, worst rates).

But consider this: nigger males statistically have a 30% chance of ending up incarcerated for crimes they committed in at least one time in their lives. This means that one in three niggers is a liar, rapist, murderer, or thief and has been caught for it.

Now consider the lowly but loveable dog. What is the chance that any random dog on the street will attack you and inflict harm. Would you say 30%? I'd argue that its much less likely than that. And considering that, we have leash laws that require that they be restrained in some way. Common sense tells us there is a danger and as human beings we develop laws to protect property and ourselves from harm.

But we are asked to take each nigger on a "case by case" basis. To throw up our arms and embrace an entire population of beings each of which fully contains a 30% chance of doing harm to us or our property.

If there were an area of town heavily populated with wild rabid dogs, would you move into that area? Even if you did, you would put up a fence to keep them out right?

I postulate that those human beings here that make an assumption about the nature of niggers based on "this nice one that I met", or "this one that I work with is O.K." are foolhearty. I beg to ask the question how many of you have lived in a nigger neighborhood? How long would you remain in your own neighborhood if it became 30% black? 50% black? 90% black? The worst types of people are those that see the facts in front of them, yet refuse to acknowledge what they say.

How come nobody wants to move IN to a nigger neighborhood? Don't hand me the cultural differences crap either. The reason people don't rush into nigger neigborhoods is because there are higher rates of murder, theft, rape, and venereal disease. There is typically trash strewn about. There is loud music and debauchery all night long. THIS IS A FACT, not some fantastical anecdotal tale about the "one nigger that works in my office". For those of you who defend the humanity of niggers, please don't insult my 136 IQ. Some things you don't need to quote statistics about. Don't show me a picture of green apple, then try to convince me its heliotrope. In other words, I see with my OWN eyes. I have lived in a nigger neighborhood. I have witnessed the decline of human neighborhoods due to nigger invasion. I have the statistics and the eye-witness anecdotes.

Here's a fact you best pay attention to. Niggers don't think, act,or reason like humanity. This is not some cultural difference that can be influenced out of them over generations. This is the result of physical differences in the way our minds are hard-wired after thousands of years of separation. The reason they were subjugated first by the Arabs, and later by Europeans was because each culture thought of niggers as animals. Beasts of burden. No different than a horse or an elephant.

Niggers can get upset all they want, and you sympathizers can get all weepy about it. But an orangutan, chimpanzee, and gorilla all have noses, eyes, and mouths. They look a little bit like humans and alot like niggers. But I certainly wouldn't call a chimp or gorilla a human being, or a nigger for that matter.

Anonymous said...

I think its great that many people would stand up for niggers based on their anecdotal experiences with them. This is a completely foolish way to live however.

I don't make any judgements against you for not having familiarized yourselves with the facts and the statistics offered concering niggers from the departement of justice; and any host of statistics about crime, I.Q.'s, venereal disease, and other conditions in which niggers consistantly show up as performing the most poorly (highest, lowest, worst rates).

But consider this: nigger males statistically have a 30% chance of ending up incarcerated for crimes they committed in at least one time in their lives. This means that one in three niggers is a liar, rapist, murderer, or thief and has been caught for it.

Now consider the lowly but loveable dog. What is the chance that any random dog on the street will attack you and inflict harm. Would you say 30%? I'd argue that its much less likely than that. And considering that, we have leash laws that require that they be restrained in some way. Common sense tells us there is a danger and as human beings we develop laws to protect property and ourselves from harm.

But we are asked to take each nigger on a "case by case" basis. To throw up our arms and embrace an entire population of beings each of which fully contains a 30% chance of doing harm to us or our property.

If there were an area of town heavily populated with wild rabid dogs, would you move into that area? Even if you did, you would put up a fence to keep them out right?

I postulate that those human beings here that make an assumption about the nature of niggers based on "this nice one that I met", or "this one that I work with is O.K." are foolhearty. I beg to ask the question how many of you have lived in a nigger neighborhood? How long would you remain in your own neighborhood if it became 30% black? 50% black? 90% black? The worst types of people are those that see the facts in front of them, yet refuse to acknowledge what they say.

How come nobody wants to move IN to a nigger neighborhood? Don't hand me the cultural differences crap either. The reason people don't rush into nigger neigborhoods is because there are higher rates of murder, theft, rape, and venereal disease. There is typically trash strewn about. There is loud music and debauchery all night long. THIS IS A FACT, not some fantastical anecdotal tale about the "one nigger that works in my office". For those of you who defend the humanity of niggers, please don't insult my 136 IQ. Some things you don't need to quote statistics about. Don't show me a picture of green apple, then try to convince me its heliotrope. In other words, I see with my OWN eyes. I have lived in a nigger neighborhood. I have witnessed the decline of human neighborhoods due to nigger invasion. I have the statistics and the eye-witness anecdotes.

Anonymous said...

Here's a fact you best pay attention to. Niggers don't think, act,or reason like humanity. This is not some cultural difference that can be influenced out of them over generations. This is the result of physical differences in the way our minds are hard-wired after thousands of years of separation. The reason they were subjugated first by the Arabs, and later by Europeans was because each culture thought of niggers as animals. Beasts of burden. No different than a horse or an elephant.

Niggers can get upset all they want, and you sympathizers can get all weepy about it. But an orangutan, chimpanzee, and gorilla all have noses, eyes, and mouths. They look a little bit like humans and alot like niggers. But I certainly wouldn't call a chimp or gorilla a human being, or a nigger for that matter.

Integration has failed everywhere it's been tried in free societies. Countries in Europe like Finnland, Holland, and Scandinavia, who never subjugated blacks, are now emigrating them from Africa. Everywhere the African niggers go, they bring higher crime, higher STD rates, and the perpetual cries of "RACISM". Does a history of black slavery in Finnland cause them to cry "RACISM"? I'd say no since Finnland never participated in the slave trade. Yet the cries continue.

These countries would be wise to do what most races try to do in America, separate themselves far away from them, deport them back to Africa, or create an apartheid style of society. It only makes logical sense.

I could spend 6 trillion dollars over 30 years to make Gorillas equal to humans. I could set them up in free houses, and dress them up in suits, and sue to get them jobs in mainstream businesses all across this country. I could give them college degrees...I could invent college degrees in Gorilla History and give them jobs at major universities teaching gorillacentric thinking. I could hold rallies and give them the right to vote.

But lets be honest with ourselves. If one runs for president, is the gorilla going to vote for the human? Is the gorilla going to accept that Shakespeare was a genius? Is a gorilla going to learn how to farm, or become an architect? Is a gorilla. Is a gorilla going to serve in the armed forces or love his country with pride?

No, I think a gorilla might fling poo at a human and pine to back in its homeland. Then again, being fed, sheltered, and tolerated by humans, it might just move in next door to you.

Anonymous said...

70: magic number is seventy

google: IQ of 70

google: IQ of african nations

google: james d. watson, Nobel winner.

google: william shockley

IQ of 70 in Africa. This is a true-number.

Ben said...

Much of the truth is not considered politically "correct" in this day and age. The fact remains that negros are a lower race of mankind. As a result,they shouldn't be allowed to roam free in white civilization. They've contributed little to nothing to this world's betterment. They're naturally a more barbaric and violent race. Most have I.Q.s that rarely exceed 70. They're very ape-like. It's time to be free of the Juden and accept the truth for what it is and rid our societies of these sub-human undesirables once and for all. Massive sterilization of negros and other sub races is a necessity for mankind's continue existence.

Anonymous said...

I have a BSc in genetics and am currently working in a medical laboratory, and every time this guy refers pseudo-scientific bullshit he is talking complete shit.

2 random examples:
1) "phenotypic common sense variation" - literally means nothing, its just words haphazardly thrown together, he might as well have said Natural selectionizing transmogrifier, because they are both unintelligent ramblings

2) "even though blacks and non-blacks can have fertile offspring, biologically that has never been used as the exclusive standard for whether you belong to the same species or not." - Can I just say this is exactly how species are defined, anything that can interbreed successful to produce fertile, viable young is part of a species, different tribes or races may exist within a species, i.e. caucasians and africans.

In closing, this guy should put his money where his mouth is and show us some great cultural or technological feats that he has accomplished himself to show us how great his race is.

What a cocksucker

Diamed said...

Phenotypic variation means the differences people can see with their own eyes. It applies both to the difference in looks and the difference in behavior/personality/lifestyle/culture/living conditions blacks have from everyone else. It isn't pseudo-science to use big words, or meaningless to say that common sense can discern massive phenotypic variations between blacks and 'everyone else.'

You should study some more biology because there are dozens of species which can crossbreed but are still considered different species. Here's just one example I quickly found from a quick google search, something you might have thought to do before accusing me of stupidity/lies:

"• European toads of the genus Bombina have been the subject of such studies.
• The fire-bellied toad lives in eastern Europe, whereas the closely related yellow-bellied toad lives in western and southern Europe.
• The ranges of the two species meet in a narrow zone that stretches 4,800 km, from eastern Germany to the Black Sea.
• Although hybrids of the two species have been determined to be half as fit as purebred individuals, this narrow hybrid zone has persisted for hundreds of years because there has been no opportunity for reinforcement to occur. (See Figure 24.13.)

Like I said, species have never been exclusively defined as populations that could no longer produce viable offspring. Other considerations are taken into account when it comes to closely related but clearly different populations.

If you want to learn about white accomplishment, read Human Accomplishment by Charles Murray. It turns out whites are responsible for around 90% of the great art and science in the world. Just to throw out a few names for brainstorming, I'll cite Michelangelo, Shakespeare, Galileo, Newton, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Titian, Rembrandt, Watt, Aristotle, Plutarch, Gauss, Goethe -- well, hopefully you get the idea. We could have no prouder, or more spectacular, a cultural legacy. Meanwhile, Africa hasn't contributed ONE SINGLE THING to scientific or artistic accomplishment. The difference between the two races is like night and day.

As for my cultural contribution to the world, who's commenting on whose blog? I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

wow. just wow. you accualy consider a friggin BLOG to be a "cultural contribution to the world"?

Anonymous said...

I lost 15 minutes of my life reading this. It's okay, rambling always changes the world.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is: this is so true!
I believe blacks and whites should not be considered the same species. As a matter of fact, we should be separated. Perhaps all blacks should be given a continent all to them selves and not be allowed to leave. Then we would see how much better the white part of the world would be, and how crappy and bad the black continent would be! Blacks do nothing but act like mere animals!

I'm afraid to put my name in fear I'll be killed by a black.

Good job on this article!!

Anonymous said...

Great article. All true. Even livingstone himself admitted they are most definately not part of the human race (think it was livingstone). I beg to differ though, many South Africans have achieved great things. Like the first successful heart transplant to name but one. Naturally it's only the WHITE human South Africans who achieve this feats though, so please just be careful when you speak and state BLACK africans, because the white populations are unfortunately african in a sense as well. I am very glad to see the world standing up and admitting what we all know in our hearts, yet I wonder why some still doubt it. If you can't ever make up your minds on whether or not blacks are human, just visit my country for a year (South Africa) and you will very quickly see how primitive and animal like these creatures are. You all have no idea how we suffer, how we get forced to support them in every way. For example we are still being murdered each day on our farms (yet the world does nothing), we are still being raped and hijacked - our houses get robbed and the police (98% black since white people don't get jobs in South Africa)do nothing. We pay mad prices just to have water and electricity and the blacks get theirs free. We pay for everything and they get everything free in fact. Our tax brackets are mad high (of the highest in the world) and then we still pay VAT on all goods and we have to fill in tax returns once a year and get taxed again. All to support the raping, murderous, dirty, spiteful and totally idiotic blacks. Its a living hell, so please world, help us to get the message out and help us to rid ourselves of this plague.

Anonymous said...

"No one on earth says dogs and wolves are the same species, even though it is possible for dogs to mate with wolves and have fertile offspring. The genetic differences are vast enough, the phenotypic differences in looks, behavior, and personality are great enough, that everyone instinctively recognizes dogs and wolves are different species now."

ROFL... epic fail. Dog is a member of the same species as the wolf. The species is "Canis lupus", or just Wolf. Anyone on earth with an education says this.

P.Dark said...

Everything you said is based on speculation about a certain section of the black population... If you look within different communities around the world, many of which include whites and so-called "non-blacks" you can find the same poverty and uneducated youth you talk about.

But thats not my main point. You talk about Blacks as if they all have "one" universal personality.. Thats like saying all whites are as ignorant as you (which they aren't) and all think the same way. If that was true, there would be no blacks in the states, would there? But the reality?? People who actually MATTER in this country, and make TRUE DECISIONS on where this country will go (not just write blogs to stir up attention) chose a half-black, half-white man as President.

Well, if your frog theory was true and when two animals of a different species mate a hybrid, quote "determined to be half as fit as purebred individuals" is created.. Well how did a species hybrid half as fit, attend and ace USA's best ivy league law program and become elected President?

The holes in your theory are too numerous to name. Which is why your theory will be nothing but a blog, not followed by anyone of importance-cast into obscurity along with snuff videos and beastiality. The bottom line-no one cares.. Please find a new occupation, you only make your own race look bad with this uneducated psycho babble..

Wanna prove me wrong? Show me the Ph.D among you who specializes in genetics and genetic evolution. Let him go on record saying blacks are another species. Watch said Doctor lose his license. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

dang, as a major in biology and NON liberal chinese canadian, i think you're onto something! this fucking migration 100,000 years ago is pretty important. while i wouldn't say blacks aren't HUMAN, the people who emigrated out of africa certainly represent a trait of awesomeness. it's like all the adventurous and kind of people who want to change the world and make it into their own image migrated out of africa and the people who are happy just living shitty lives without progression just stayed in africa.
but personally, i think that the low IQ of blacks with ancestors who were slaves stems from selective breeding. that also accounts for their significantly greater physique. they didn't undergo the generic breeding pressures that lead to higher IQ's such as guys who are successful (prolly cuz they're smarter) breeding with daughters of successful people.

anyway, IQ isn't very fair. the only way to really determine a RACE's IQ is to take babies of a said race and raise them in a middle class, white family. that way, it'll take away the variables such as culture and diet and education. those results are inhumane and nobody would carry them out.

but anyway, while i think it's fascinating that modern humans and blacks have apparently 400,000 years of separation, i would still think of them as proto humans. like the first humans. the purest race haha

blacks are like the wolf. wild and free. while the rest are pacified DOGS! hahaha jk <3

Julian Abagond said...

Wolves and dogs belong to the same species. They are both Canis lupus.

Diamed said...

I admit many scientists now class dogs and wolves as the same species, but the larger point holds:

If we consult this handy wikipedia entry, we find that there's an entire class of fertile hybrids that are born from the mating of two different species. Here's one example from the link:

"Recently DNA analysis of a bear shot by a hunter in the North West Territories confirmed the existence of naturally-occurring and fertile grizzly–polar bear hybrids.[15]"

Another example:

"A similar case in mammals is hybrid White-Tail/Mule Deer. The hybrids don't inherit either parent's escape strategy. White-tail Deer dash while Mule Deer bound. The hybrids are easier prey than the parent species."

More examples of fertile, cross-species hybrids:

"In birds, healthy Galapagos Finch hybrids are relatively common, but their beaks are intermediate in shape and less efficient feeding tools than the specialised beaks of the parental species so they lose out in the competition for food. Following a major storm in 1983, the local habitat changed so that new types of plants began to flourish, and in this changed habitat, the hybrids had an advantage over the birds with specialised beaks - demonstrating the role of hybridization in exploiting new ecological niches. If the change in environmental conditions is permanent or is radical enough that the parental species cannot survive, the hybrids become the dominant form. Otherwise, the parental species will re-establish themselves when the environmental change is reversed, and hybrids will remain in the minority.

Natural hybrids may occur when a species is introduced into a new habitat. In Britain, there is hybridisation of native European Red Deer and introduced Chinese Sika Deer. Conservationists want to protect the Red Deer, but the environment favors the Sika Deer genes. There is a similar situation with White-headed Ducks and Ruddy Ducks."

If you don't like my example of dogs and wolves, substitute some other two species known to produce fertile offspring but are still classified as separate species. It makes no difference, so long as there is even one example my point holds that the potential for fertile offspring is not the sole determiner of whether a cross-breeding capable population is the same species or not.

Anonymous said...

If you're going to use studies to support this utter nonsense, could you use ones that actually pertain to humans? I'd appreciate that. And just because someone uses studies, it actually doesn't mean they're accurate. No one knows exactly where people came from, so please just stick with cold hard facts that you discover yourselves. IQ tests don't matter, either. They're like BMIs: they tell you information about yourself, but they fail to put the different aspects about the way you are. Just as BMIs don't take muscle mass into account, IQ tests don't take in the fact that some people might not have the same amount of education as others, and so might not be as book-smart. Smarts don't talk about the whole of a culture, either. Some people here are saying that because some white people invented things, this automatically makes all the whites in the world better than everyone else. So because Konrad Zuse invented the world's first program-controlled computer, this automatically makes all the white people who use program-controlled computers better than the blacks that do? That's the same with all inventions: just becuase someone invented something that modern people use now, it doesn't mean that people of the same race as that historical person are automatically better than other races. If that were true, America and Europe would be at the bottom of the social web. Most modern inventions aren't even that much of a necessity, anyway: people were doing just fine without them.
Crime doesn't mean that black people are all violent on the inside, either. 30% means 3 in 10, not 1 in 3. That's 33%! And remember the Jim Crow era? Southern blacks were being killed right and left by whites, but no one's talking about that. And you can't dismiss it as an extreme case because racism wasn't just encouraged, it was expected, and so cases like these happened all throughout American history.
Rape statistics that accurate, either. Most people that are raped don't even report it! And I do know this from anonymous polls that have been done, not far-fetched studies of Steve Sailer-like racist "scientists". So because everyone talking about "niggers" and "chimpanzees" here has most likely never experienced racism, I advise you to get to know some black people like me who do, by the way, get stopped by and/or knew people who were shot and killed by the police for no reason; get arrested for the same crimes that whites get warnings for; have to take certain tests that whites don't have to in order to get jobs; "sound white" on the phone and are told that they shouldn't talk to or give buisiness to "certain people" by whites; are steered away from suburbs that they can afford to places on the "wrong side of the tracks" by real estate agents; have relatives or friends who went missing but aren't able to get the help of the police because their relative/friend is an adult, while the police put up posters of a missing white person; and are told to shut up and stop complaining by people who can't possibly understand what they're going through, and maybe you finally will understand. And you know what? I don't even care if this comment is deleted. It will only prove me right: the people who are, once again, talking about "niggers" can't deal with bald-faced proof of their racism.

Anonymous said...

I agree that nigger are not human from all the scientific and statistical evidence I have read that nigger are a sub human species and the reason why they act so violent against everything I 1 they are animals and 2 the nigger lovers keep demanding that they act human which frustrates niggers because the can not act human so they act out with violence I have also noticed that the liberal will never argue a point they will call you names like white trash or uneducated and yes even a racist but they only call me a racist because I am white the best thing would to segregate the black animal from the human people for the safety of both

Diamed said...

I started rejecting all comments that amounted to liberals calling me names because I was sick of just that tactic. It's always the same: "sad," "loser," "racist," "idiot," "hilarious," "insane," there's really no variation from one liberal PC drone to another.

I also reject all comments that start with, "I'm a genius," or "I'm highly educated," or, "I have a big e-dick," and then end with "therefore you are wrong," because B does not follow from A. Anyone who says "you suck," or "I'm great" is not arguing the content, but just logical fallacies.

Even so, using a term with high connotative baggage only gives liberals an opening to mock or dismiss your arguments, and is not necessary to make your point. I'd suggest at least dropping the use of the n-word while arguing.

Anonymous said...'re proving people right by refusing to post their commments and/or listen to what they say? Okay, that makes sense.

Diamed said...

Actually it does make sense. There's no point listening to people who can only make logical fallacies, whether appeals to authority or ad hominems. If people make genuine, logical, evidence-based arguments, they are free to make their case. If they don't, too bad.

Anonymous said...

Then, Diamed, why do you believe that blacks aren't human? It can't be that we all act differently; that would mean that all whites act the same, all Asians act the same, all Hispanic people act the same, etc. It can't be that you think they're too ugly to be human; try telling someone who thinks they're ugly that, and see what happens. The same thing applies with people who think they're stupid. No written language means that they're not human? What about spoken language? What about folktales that were passed down orally from generation to generation? What about the many, many books now written about African folktales? Even if they didn't have any technology, that doesn't matter: what's right for some cultures isn't necessarily right in others. Newer doesn't mean better, either: if it did, then our society wouldn't be doomed to fail. Self-mutilating? What do you call plastic surgery? And yes, Africans did have their own deities: you hear/read about them in the folktales. And even if blacks do practice voodoo, animism, and all those other things, to whom is it barbaric? White Christians? Christianity may seem stupid to those who practice voodoo or animism. To them, it may be Christainity that's barbaric. Like I said before: did all the modern inventions originate from you? No. So how can you take credit for an invention that someone that you didn't even know created? Does that make you better than blacks are, just because they were? Then I guess that means that the Chinese, Indians, Greeks, and Egyptians are better than both of us, because they invented most of the things that man has been living on for centuries. Yes, the Africans must have been so pleased when the whites came to take away their brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and children; give them diseases that they couldn't counter; force them to live in ways totally unfamiliar to them; ostracize them from their own country and take over, killing anyone who tried to resist; and eventually create a genocide so much like the Jim Crow era, in South Africa, no less, only even more intense and sad. There are plenty of modern cities in African countries like: Egypt, Ghana, Morocco, Tunisia, and Rwanda (which, by the way, was also able to get through a genocide). If you're going to say that black culture is mostly white culture, then please, tell me one place in the world that whites haven't been. Seriously; tell me! You say blacks had plenty of time to acclimate themselves to white culture? Well, let's see: They first came as indentured servants, which then progressed into slavery. And please don't insult me by trying to say that blacks in the North weren't discriminated against and could get whatever job they wanted to, because we both know that isn't true. Anyway, after slavery came Reconstruction, in which huge leaps were made, and everything was progressing. But then regression came in the form of the Jim Crow Era. After that was over, blacks and whites were still segregated culturally(de facto). And now, some black people can't get jobs, because white employers won't hire them. Yes, there are black dropouts, but there are white ones, as well. I guess white dropouts aren't human anymore. Sorry. According to your arguement, I guess this means the white murderers, rapists, and the ones that have STDs aren't human, either. Oh, well. I'm not going to say anything about your statistics except, of course, that I flat-out don't believe them. Unless (and here's the tired, old excuse) you can at least give me a website or some sort of proof. If you're not going to do anything than laugh at me, then, to me, that just proves my point.

So, Diamed, what's the real reason you think that blacks aren't human? One, of course, that you can say is completely unbiased and free of any cultural influences.

Diamed said...

Okay, let's try to break down your points into digestible pieces:

Just because no single factor is enough to make a group completely alien, the combination of all these factors can. The whole is more than the sum of the parts. The fact that blacks are at the bottom of all scales is more telling than that they are at the bottom of one scale or another.

Whites, and specifically modern European whites, have the lion's share of all inventions and artwork, not 'Greeks, Chinese, Egyptians, and Indians.' Read Human Accomplishment by Charles Murray, he carefully explains everything with all the statistics, charts, and graphs.

You can check out this Wikipedia entry for a start. Lots of European names on these ranking systems, not many Indians, Chinese, or Egyptians are there?

How whites mistreated blacks in the past is irrelevant to the question of why blacks suck. Everyone mistreated everyone in the past. Arabs had white and black slaves. Whites enslaved each other. China only recently stopped murdering tens of millions of its own citizens. Everyone else got over their mistreatment. Only blacks think it can be used as a perpetual excuse for their failure at everything.

Africa north of the Sahara is inhabited by Caucasians, not blacks, so citing Eygpt, Morocco and Tunisia is irrelevant. There are no modern, decent cities in Africa populated by blacks. The history of black failure is not just in the USA, where endless excuses can be made, but in the free, all-black country of Haiti, who had their own fate in their hands entirely and could have made of it whatever they wished. The same of all the free black countries of Africa, all of their problems were decisively caused by themselves and themselves alone.

Black Americans have the highest standard of living compared to other blacks in the world. If black failure is due to white oppression, why are the free majority black countries worse than the oppressed minority blacks of America? All evidence directly contradicts this theory.

Like usual, liberals can't draw distinctions based on the RATE of a group's failure. Stop looking at individuals and start looking at averages. There are villains and heroes among all groups, but the RATE is different. If 99% of one group is evil and 1% is good, and another group is 99% good and 1% evil, they aren't equal or equivalent because 'there is good and bad in both of them.' That is absolutely absurd. Only the blind can't tell the difference between the two parties.

Diamed said...

If you want evidence for African rape rates, STD rates, poverty rates, etc, it's all easily available:

Here's a table straight from the US Department of Justice that shows in the latest year of crime statistic gathering, blacks, who are 13% of the population, had more murderers than whites, who are lumped together in government tables as both whites and hispanics, and thus 80% of the population. The data is 5,943 to 5,334, multiply by the population ratio and you get a black homicide rate 6 times that of the white/hispanic population. This isn't just true of America. Blacks in South Africa have one of the highest murder rates on Earth:

They rank 2nd, another black country, Jamaica, ranks 3rd.

As for rape rates:

South Africa comes in first.

Here's the Center for Disease Control, another American Government site, talking about African STD rates:

They have 9 times the Chlamydia, 20 times the Gonorrhea, and 8 times the Syphilis as whites.

As for black IQ, here's a handy wikipedia link:

It shows a map of the world colored in by IQ, Africa has 65-70 IQ, the lowest in the world, except for the Caribbean islands inhabited by blacks, who magically have the exact same blood red color a hemisphere away.

So if A has been established, ie, blacks underperform in all categories, and B has been established, ie, that all groups have suffered but only blacks suck, the only remaining explanation is that blacks are genetically different from the rest of mankind. So different, in fact, that they may as well be called another species.

It's no surprise Darwin called them the 'missing link' between man and ape:

" Darwin wrote:

At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace, the savage races throughout the world. At the same time the anthropomorphous apes ... will no doubt be exterminated. The break between man and his nearest allies will then be wider, for it will intervene between man in a more civilized state, as we may hope, even than the Caucasian, and some ape as low as a baboon, instead of as now between the Negro or Australian and the gorilla (Darwin 1887:156). "

Anonymous said...

Feel free to ignore the second comment. I thought my first one had been deleted, and so I posted that one. But I'd like you to read the websites I brought up.

Anyway: your last post was totally irrelevant. Saying someone sucks is completely different from saying they're not human. So I'm asking again: why don't you believe that black people are human?

Diamed said...

Since you ask again, I'll answer again: I would classify blacks as hominids, like the neanderthals, homo erectus, and homo habilus, because they do not share the same capabilities and qualities we expect from humans, on average as a group. They fall below that threshold.

Obviously this is a value judgment, like all categorizations. Categories are mental inventions and have no physical existence. The purpose of categories is for humans to make statistical noise into meaningful, analyzable data. We use non-existent categories to break down complex continuums into discrete separate entities so that we can more clearly see the facts in front of us, and create a meaningful narrative/conclusion out of the random assortment of isolated facts that we have.

If you classify blacks as hominids instead of humans, your eyes will quickly clear up concerning other myths, like racial equality, that the misleading category/connotation of 'human' created.

Because a reclassification of blacks helps dispel myths and helps reveal the truth, and since the very purpose of creating 'orders' and 'species' and 'phylums' is to help humans analyze data and reach the truth, reclassifying blacks is more closely following the spirit of our biological classification system than leaving them be.

Anonymous said...

As I was studying aspects of the circulatory system, thoughts of blacks and their usurper came to mind.

The whites are like the aorta, carrying a huge load of blood. Blacks are like a capillary, carrying a very small portion of the load. What is the load? Working at a real job, thinking, creating, starting companies, paying bills, paying taxes, fathering their illegitimate offspring etc.

The way these black leeches of society and their usurper tend to think is this: they want the capillary to get as much blood as the aorta carries.

Unfortunately, that makes no sense. It's not going to do anything but kill the whole organism. Blacks and their usurper don't care though. They don't mind if the whole country is bled out and everything dies. Blacks are too stupid to plan, to invest, to secure a better future for everyone. All they do is grab, take, steal, rape, rob, murder and pull a race card. If anyone disagrees, check the FBI crime stats and CDC disease stats by race.

-The Realist

Anonymous said...

That's still not what I'm trying to get at. You're talking about our culture's expectations for humans, ones that may be different in other cultures. My question is: how are blacks BIOLOGICALLY different from other people?

Anonymous said...

By the way, what exactly are the welfare and rape statistics that you want me to see? Where did you get your information from? I'm still wondering, because the blacks I see and know personally--unlike the ones you describe--are the middle-class ones.

Diamed said...

Based on the 2006 TOTAL population of each respective race in the United States, it is:
5.27% white* (5.27% of the white population is on welfare)

27.78% black* (27.78% of the black population is on welfare)

11.47% Hispanic* ** (11.47% of the Hispanic population is on welfare)

a new report released this week by Washington University in St. Louis researchers found that 90 percent of black children will be clients of the national Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP/Food Stamps) at least once by the time they turn 20.

Today, only 35 percent of black children are born inside marriage, and the illegitimacy rate hovers around 70 percent.
The statistics are everywhere and they're all damning.

Diamed said...

Now for the biological question:

Blacks are the least related, biologically, race compared to all the other races. Blacks stayed in Africa, while the rest of humanity all owes itself to a small founding population that left Africa 50,000 years ago. When two groups separate and don't mate for 50,000 years, creating all sorts of genetic differences to the point that they look and act nothing like each other, that seems like a good time to call them different species.

Species barriers between animals have been declared for far less dramatic reasons.

Anonymous said...

But you agree that there are white people who look and act nothing alike? And you agree that blacks aren't 99% bad and only 1% good? That's what you may get from the media, but that most certainly isn't true in everyday life. Would you agree that even though blacks and whites may not look similar phenotypically (on the outside), their bodies (underneath the skin) are virtually the same?

Anonymous said...

Here are the crime and STD rates I was talking about. Enjoy learning about the black race and its contributions to society!

Consider that blacks comprise 12% of the population. Then look at this.

Now go to the Centers for Disease Control. Look at the bar across the bottom that says Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis.

Go here and look at STDs by location.


- The Realist

Anonymous said...

Biologically speaking, blacks have funky shaped heads; greasy skin, unless you wash it with soap, then it turns ashy; they smell bad; they have an apelike gait; their hands are long so they can swing from vines; their hair is like a Brillo pad, which is highly abrasive and good for scrubbing wood stoves and iron skillets; their tibia and fibula enter the talus at a point more forward on the foot; their butts are larger, which is perhaps their only evolutionary advancement to enable them to sit on their rear ends all day; their nostrils are much more spreadbore and voluminous; their lips are much fatter; they tend to harbor many diseases; their larynx is geared toward screeching, howling and arguing; their brains are smaller; their skulls and other bones are thicker; their skin is thicker; their brains are smaller and less equipped for civilized living.

Looks like a different species to me.

-The Realist

Diamed said...

There are white individuals who act differently, but blacks vary as a group. You can't seem to wrap your head around this concept. Since I am discussing group dynamics it doesn't matter how individuals act.

I would guess around 30% of blacks are decent and 70% are bad. They are a net negative.

Everything about blacks is different, not just their surface attributes. Body fat levels vary between the races (whites have more), skeleton masses vary (blacks have more), skull shape varies, brain size varies, arm length varies, disease resistance varies, lactose tolerance varies, sex drive varies, developmental speeds vary (blacks grow up faster both physically and mentally), etc. We have nothing in common.,_Evolution,_and_Behavior

Go look at the chart at this link to see all the differences between blacks, whites, and asians. You'll note that blacks have the worst trait in all fields.

Joe G said...

Well said. Any honest person would agree that black neighborhoods are too dangerous for non-blacks to raise a family. There is no black city on earth that any white person would want to raise a family. Even American blacks, for all their bitching and complaining about being discriminated against, would never consider moving to a black run country. They know to do so would mean returning to a sub-human lifestyle. Whites treat blacks like pets, and provide them with a lifestyle they could never achieve on their own. Whites would be far better off getting through the day without ever seeing a black. Life without whites would be a disaster for blacks.

Anonymous said...

I like that. Whites treat blacks like pets. So very true, and like many who own pets, many whites tend to place humanlike qualities on these apelike pets.

Let's look at a few similarities between niggers and pets.

Whites carry a plastic bag around and pick up the feces left behind by blacks, in the form of supporting all their illegitimate offspring, collateral damage as they do a continuous stream of crimes from cradle to grave, paying for police, prisons, hospitals, rehabilitation, rebuilding lives torn apart by blacks, not to mention property damage. Blacks destroy their homes and neighborhoods. They don't maintain their homes, many of which are provided free by the white taxpayers. They spray paint walls and we must come behind them and sandblast or paint over such uglification (sounds like a word Jesse Jackson made up, doesn't it?) of America.

Like pets, when they get violent, we have to kick the hell out of them, put them on a leash and leave them locked up in a safe place or we might find ourselves liable. Unfortunately, blacks require one expensive leash, and locking them up costs a fortune.

Like pets, they won't create their own food supply.

They won't work without an inordinate amount of effort on the white man's part to make them work.

They will hump anything if you don't reprimand them.

Like pets, they don't bathe unless forced.

When disease takes over a pet, like a black, they don't do anything about it but continue on with their life while the disease festers. They spread the disease without a second thought.

Like pets, blacks go where the free food and creature comforts are provided. If you quit feeding a cat, it will go elsewhere and find somebody with a bleeding heart who will feed them.

The problems begin when you let your pet roam as it wishes and give it human rights and expectations. When people demand that these animals are totally equal to humans, even skewing the laws to give them extra rights above and beyond those of whites, and when their IQ, crime rates and STD rates are basically taboo to talk about, it becomes the planet of the apes, where lower life forms dominate the higher ones.

This does not work in nature.

- The Realist

Anonymous said...

Okay, then. Since we're quoting Wikipedia:

@ Realist: Really? How can you say such horrible things without a second thought, without considering for at least a moment that they might not be true, and then turn around and herald to the world that blacks are animals?

Hypocrisy is abundant.

Anonymous said...

Very well said Diamed, n'ggers aren't human, and in fact they are a cancer upon the earth, and our [White] human civilization.

I would encourage everyone to read this :

"What is it like to teach black students' [scroll down a bit after going to the link]

Anonymous said...

Ha, the non-human niggers actually believe that they built the Great Egyptian Civilization:

That's how I found out about this blog.

Look what they did to Rhodesia [now Zimbabwe], they killed off their food source [i.e. White farmers] and are now literally eating cow-dung to stave off hunger:

These are all the characteristics of a non-human, sub-human species.

The world would be vastly improved without the nigger race alone, not to mention the other parasites, such as the Jews.

Unknown said...

Here is a conversation between me and another man.

"And what do you think about the difference between Black IQ,White IQ, and Asian IQ?"

I'll reserve my opinion for now. It's a difficult subject and as one would imagine, the Whites and Jews dominating the print world have written most of it. There is no such thing as unbiased literature so we have to rely on science and anthropological studies done.

I'm sharing a link with you, but REMEMBER to take everything with a pinch of salt.

This one is a blog by an anti-Black White supremacist, I guess, so don't take things to heart. Just read through and see the links and verify the points:-

Also the counter-comments on that blog page lead to some good discussion.

Thanks for the PM.And i'm 13, but this blog made me laugh.Every single argument he poses i can counter.First he said blacks had no civilization, yet we did.Most of it destroyed but there are still fragments left of African civilization.Such as Black Egypt (1700 B.C and before.In 1700 B.C Arabs invaded Egypt),Ancient Mali,Ancient Benin,Ancient Ghana etc...They all had written languages,metal working, and advance medicine (not on a level such as surgery but it was to the point where if you were injured you wouldn't die.Europeans copied this from West African's and copied Plumbing from moors and Advance Architecture from Arab Egypt, which in turn got it's information from Black Egypt.).He also says we aren't human because of minor body difference's such as extremely curly hair,long legs,long arms,wide flat nose's etc...When African's are the only people that are actually 100% human.Scientist have proven that other people are 1-4 % Neanderthal,Homo Erectus etc...And the differences are so minor it's not even worth mentioning.He then rambles on about how blacks don't improve and live in slums with decent foundation.When African-American's are still mentally poisoned from slavery (Alot of blacks don't like their skin tone,hair texture,and features.), and African's have it so bad that he shouldn't even use this debate.Then he talks about bias statistics.These statistics are ridiculous and only a fool would believe them.i talked to a man about these statistics that everyone uses to argue with.He had sex with at least 30 women and all of them were black.These statistics say that 50% of black women have herpes, when they haven't even tested every single black women.If that were true he would have warts all over his tongue and penis.As for the African American countries that haven't prospered (such as Dominica and Haiti).I'm starting to think there's just something wrong with African's in America.Because when other African's get the chances that we have they don't whine and stop trying.They go work as hard as they can.And Dominican's from the Dominican Republic are no different from African-Americans.They are just part Spanish instead of English.Also he didn't refer to Jamaica (which might fall because of them letting Chinese immigrate there and take their jobs.).All he's doing is racial bashing.I can't stand this man.People like him make me sick.

Anonymous said...

I'm from South Africa...

Since I left in '97 and went back recently I was totally shocked at how backwards the country has gone. Almost every home / sub division now have 6 to 9 feet walls with bob wiring and electrical fencing. Here in North America people would refer to that as jails. People have totally jailed themselves just to try and stay safe.

Some shocking statistics:
* 30,000 murders per year, which is over a 1000% worst than the US.
* over 500,000 assaults per year
* In total there is over 2,000,000 crimes per year.

The worst crimes of all are against the farmers who work very hard to feed the country. Just look on youtube for south african farm murders. You'll be shocked and sickened at the raw unnecessary brutality of the murders. And there is no limits to these savages, young babies are burned, old people's heads are cracked like eggs, husbands legs are cut and then forced to watch their wife's get raped, it will make your stomach turn.

My own father was shot 6 times point blank just to rob him of $200. If you speak to any south african they will all tell you the horrible stories, and everybody knows at least one person or more persons which has been been killed or have been effected personally in a serious crime.

So much for the "rainbow" nation experiment. Yes the worldcup occurred with relative few problems but the government spent an insane amount of money on security which just pushed the country deeper into debt and will not revive tourism much.

So here is perfect example of where a perfectly well running country was "given" to blacks and they are slowly but surely destroying it.

Because of all the crime in SA I was in effect "forced" out of my "home" country so I'm all for deporting blacks back to Africa where they can do and live like they want. If they want to murder and rape each other let them do it over there and have a blast at it. Just leave the rest of the world alone which is trying to make the world a better place to live in.

How about this policy, In stead of sending blacks to jail, just give them a one way ticket back to africa, it will solve so many problems.

Unknown said...

Maybe black people are genetically stupid, but that's not really relevant. Laissez-faire, laissez-passer and things will find their own level.

However, there is one mistake in breeding you make. Dogs are selectively bred. Selective human breeding is much faster and more concentrated than natural evolutionary distinctions are, because regression to the mean is ruled out by conscious selection of offspring.

Anonymous said...

What was said in this article is true. Ancient civilizations across the globe have footprints, remnants of their work. Stone buildings, writings, philosophers - ever heard of an ancient african philosopher? Me neither.

But to add to that - by writing off all criticism as simply "racism/bigotry" will only hurt blacks more - because there will be no drive for improvement. If all criticism is bad - you have accepted yourselves for how you are. That sounds nice on a hallmark card - but in the real world - you always need to seek self improvement. Off-the-charts crime rates among blacks cannot be ignored or dismissed as "well it's cuz we was discriminated against".

If you're black - and you're angry - you should be. You should be raising your kids to pull up their pants, learn the difference between "is and are", between "cent and cents" - and tell them that it's unacceptable to blame others for their failures. Tell them that they can do anything they want - but they must work for it.

Black or not - human, canine, feline - we all have one thing in common - we're build to last - and built to adjust and adapt. Every person, every animal has that versatility. And as long as you have a conscious mind that is capable of saying "I am" - you can choose to use that versatility to your advantage.

Or, you can cry racism and get nowhere. The truth is - respect must be earned - not forced by political means. That's not true respect.

Anonymous said...

i think this blog gets so much activity bc alot of white people are googling nigger facts -like crime rates,low test scores and other ways they are destroying society,and we are looking for other white people who feel the way we do. stupid and retarded isnt even a big enough description of what these things are. i remember in the 80's hearing them yelling "we dont die we multiply" and thats exactly what theyve done. theyve overcrowded/destroyed almost every city in almost every state in the USA. i travel alot so i see it first hand, but more people need to look around! theyre not only 12% of the american population anymore, we cant just try to walk oevr them laying on sidewalks, or ignore them when get loud and stupid. im a white female but ill be damned if i ever let any of those things touch me or talk shit. i mind my own businesss but when i have had to stand up and talk back to these things they have ALWAYS made it physical. 3 big black men assaulted my small 100 pound female friend as we walked by a group of them as they loitered on the sidewalk, she swung at him and missed and he punched her in the face. i jumped on one of them and 2 of them took off running. i called the police and there were like 8 cop cars there and they wouldnt do anything to the remaining nigger and he was standing there yelling insults,threats and nigger jabber the whole time right in front of the cops.the whole time the cops were laughing and making jokes with each other.LAPD=worthless.
another time i stopped in a store and some ugly nigger female bumped into me and i said 'watch it' and she started talking shit and pulled a knife on me and said she would get me when i walked out to my car.i called the police, they came, found the knife in her purse and still refused to do shit. and these werent all black cops! if humans continue to just let these things be as vile as theyve always been...this country will be the next afica/nigger infested hole in the wall. im 37 and just in MY lifetime i have seen neighborhoods and entire CITIES go to hell bc of nigger invasion-memphis,detroit,houston,dallas and all other cities EVERYWHERE have nigger neighborhoods that humans knows not to drive into. so humans move into the outskirts of the city/state...white flight. whites have been flighting too long, now our entire country is actively being destroyed by those things. all humans know they dont offer anything to society or even try to better themselves.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making it all clear for me!
I'm Asian and I back up this philosophy... Wait.. It's not a philosophy... It's the TRUTH. I'm 15 and I go to a very diverse school in Houston. And all I see that makes the school get a bad reputation of having terrible students, fights, violence, bullying, steriotypicial cliques, and a bad image for a beautiful school, are the Blacks... It's all clear to me now.

Thanks again and I really agree 100% about these niggerfacts...

I checked out and the jokes were funny :)

Pat O said...

I love the parallel of wolves and dogs, what a novel view of the evolutionary truth of humanity, well said!

It's astounding that after just 100 years of brainwashing, we've been tricked into seeing them as human. Not only that, some of us are breeding with them. That is the most disturbing part.

We have advanced so much, it would be a shame to see mankind fall back into the wild, nothing more than a glorified ape. The only mercy being no history to record us.

Un-niggerfied said...

If you REPLACED every nigger in the world with an asian or hispanic person, and then gave black skin to those asians and hispanics, the world would be a completely different and better place. It would be heaven, whereas this is hell.

Anonymous said...

It is now proven that every race on the planet except for africans have some Neanderthal DNA.

Neanderthals lived in the middle east and Europe and Cro-magnons lived in sub Saharan Africa

What is the meeting point of these two regions? EGYPT and BABYLON. the earliest civilisations popped up at the time and place we interbred with Neanderthals.

Neanderthals disapeared 40 thousand years ago. Civilisation kicked off around 30 thousand years ago. Coincidence? We sat around on this planet for over 140 thousand years and achieved nothing. The Neanderthals interbreed with us and the pyramids get built at the point where these two races merged. Coincidence?

Neanderthals have a large brain, but a small frontal lobe. What happens when you get a mix? and you end up with a creature with a large Cro-magnam frontal lobe and also the larger elongated brain at the back like a Neanderthal?


Anonymous said...

As a retired Police Officer, I agree. I know the truth hurts. Alot of socialist, liberals and truth denires do not like the truth. They hate the truth. However the negroes will never reach a normal pace in Human life until their small brains are recognized by humans, so that they can be taught normal behavior and simple abstract thinking.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely spot on about these primitive hominids. They're a parasite from pre-history that has now attached itself to human evolution. They would be merely amusing if they weren't so violent and dangerous and considering them human is probably the worst mistake we've ever made as a species. They're destroying every society infected with them. Please feel free to visit human realists at

Proud white boy said...

To the misled man who said " whites are 4% Neanderthal " I have to say I wish I was a 100%! If only 4% difference is evident in society today, imagine a 100% " Neanderthal " race. If blacks are the true homo sapiens, why do they portray a massive lack of Intellect? Just wondering what your nigger-logic has to rebuttal?

Anonymous said...

Blacks are an ethnic Nuclear Bomb on any Country,City,Neighborhood,Building or Company.
These parasites will corrupt it and destroy it in a few months.
Example: Atlanta in 1950 was all White and crime free paradise.
Then Liberals gave rights and money to Blacks and today Atlanta is all Black full of murder and rape.

BLacks now want White women as wives to produce more nigglets. And this fact puts the White race in danger of extinction.
The only way is to wage war on them and drive them out back to Africa.

Anonymous said...

Survival of the fittest either we wipe the nuggets out or they wipe us out non blacks are the future did you know beyond all the blacks were the first human shit the oldest human skull had a caucasoid skull and were light skinned until they began losing their fur we aren't a mutatation were taking back our skin colour blacks are the most mongrelized race on earth Caucasians in Europe are the most homogenous of all races.

Swartz said...

To all those who hate this article. I challenge you to point out one nation on earth that is populated by large numbers of blacks that isn't a shit hole. If you can do that, I'll join in and bash this article and become a liberal. Hell I'll even allow dudes to have sex with my butt and call it normal.

what part of this article isn't true. I can't find not ONE nation on earth occupied by blacks that isn't on some sort of white welfare.

Oh yeah, and I forget to mention, the truth hurts sometimes. I come from the filthiest nastiest ugliest most demon possessed race on earth. I'm Jewish. I hate that truth but I'm big enough to realize its true none the less.

Diamed said...

From a source no less distinguished than Scientific American:

"Mutants in the X-Men films are always treated as a distinct species, but most of them can apparently pass as human and spawn children with them. Those facts do not absolutely eliminate the possibility that the mutants are a different species (because related species do sometimes limitedly crossbreed in nature and bear fertile offspring, as wolves and coyotes have)."

Exactly the point I made about dogs and wolves, except the scientist in Scientific American cited wolves and coyotes.

Therefore, for everyone who challenged my correct scientific statement that just because species can interbreed doesn't mean they belong to the same species, take it up with Scientific American. They're apparently pseudo-scientists too.

Frank Hoyle said...

Making disparaging remarks about a race is uncalled for! Feel sorry for the Africaan who was unjustly taken from his primitive environment and forced to try and assimilate. Lincoln had it right when he tried to repatriate them back to their homeland. The races just can get along, and each should stay in their own "territory" sharing food and humanitarian aid when needed - and that's all! Being hateful is no solution to any problem!

realist said...

Hoyle, I was ripped out of my home repeatedly growing up, attending 12 schools in 12 years, and in the United States, I found that blacks are just full of hate and violence. Nobody but "blacks" taught me to look at them for what they are. Their actions alone took me to the point where I had enough. Once I reached the boiling point, I was finished with the pity party that they, and left wing liberal negroloid suckers, perpetuate.

They moved from worthless dustbowl Africa to a better life here, even as slaves. Now you might check FBI crime stats by race, and interracial crime, to see who's causing all the problems, and who's hating whom. Don't blame the white race. We saved their asses.

Frank Hoyle said...

I am blaming the white race. If it were not for our laziness they would not be here in the first place. I'm simply saying they do not belong here, or in Europe for that matter. We did the same things to them the we did with the Native American, although the Native American had a culture unlike the primitive bushman from Africa. Everywhere whites go things are ruined in the name of industrialization and progress! They should all be repatriated in their homeland out of fairness to them and us.

See how they act in China of all places. I guess China has Ho's also:

Anonymous said...

i am not a black person, but if i don't stop you now, you will do samething upon anyonther who is, too, different from you in the after you attack black people. and god knows what kinda of race or ethnic you are, so i am here to tell shut up. and if you are a real man, go to spead the same imfo inside a black community, a hood. please don't just act tough on line.

Diamed said...

Your idea of a 'real man' and mine are different.

Rather than having the physical courage to needlessly get beaten up by a mob of angry irrational hominids for telling the truth, wouldn't it be wiser to have the moral and intellectual courage to tell the unpopular truth to a rational, human audience such that someday it changes the world for the better?

As to your other point: You're right, after I'm done with 'the blacks' I would just move on to some other social ill or underperforming group I want fixed. This is because I believe in human progress. I don't want the world to stagnate or devolve. If there's something deficient with some group, I want to improve it, supplant it, or replace it with something better. The only other alternatives are stagnation or extinction. Is that what you prefer?

Though I am flattered by your belief that unless I 'shut up' I'll manage to achieve my dark agenda of destroying all blacks and then moving on to destroy all other undesirables any second now. I had no such illusions about my power, but if you think I can do it, maybe I should redouble my efforts. ;).

Anonymous said...

Finally, someone speaks the truth about the nigger. Niggers are drug consuming, lazy, alcoholic, raping, handout seeking wastes who will amount to nothing. Ever. Fuck the monkeys. Send them all back to africa and see how well they do.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Send em back. See where those coons would be in 5 to 10 years. Why is it that the white man was able to advance so far? Why is it that white men created such elegant and technological civilizations? It's because we are not fucking lazy pieces of shit. White people don't sit on their damn porch all day complaining about there life. Whites don't blame others for their problems. White people step up and solve their problems and help their fellow man. Nuggets just murder, rape and steal from their own kind. And what's even worse is that niggers kill white people and steal from them and say whites are bad. Well news flash to all you fucking niggers. You wouldn't have shit if it wasn't for the far superior white race. Niggers would still be all living in Africa. Living in mud huts and wiping their own shit with their hands. Nuggets are a disgrace to humans. They shouldn't even be called human. God must have pressed the wrong button for color, cuz why would any one wna create an abomination such as the nigger. Obviously was a mistake. But if it wasn't then the only reason I can come up with why niggers r here is they were obviously made from the start to be white mans slave. There only good as slaves. And our founding fathers should not have forgotten the rightful place of the African nigger, in the field or at the end of his masters whip. American cities will keep declining as long as we let the niggers move in. I mean come on look at Detroit. It used to be such a great place for white people. A once glorious city with great industrial might and revolutionary ideas. Is now just a rats nest. An infested broken down city. Only remnants of great buildings and once beautiful homes r all thats left of once a great flourishing economic city center. But whites kissed that all good bye thanks to the fucking niggers who now infest and overrun the crime riddled streets of the once great city of Detroit Michigan. And for all u niggers who think the "D" is ur city, well it would not fucking be there unless whites built it. A nigger brain couldnt even comprehend the great engineering feats accomplished in building such great things. Which of course was built in mind for whites only. So bow to us u fucking animals. Actually ur not even animals. Cuz at least I would let my dog sleep in my bed. I wouldn't even let a nigger sleep with pigs. The pigs r better than niggers. So thanks all you god loving white Americans for listening to my rants. Long live the white man. Death to all niggers. I mean wat have they given us that would be missed. Rap? Come on it's not even music. Just some stupid nigger thinking he's tough shit and rapping all he's got. But it all comes down to the little fact that niggers would not have shit if it wasn't for our great ancestors who were smart enough to chain all up and ship em to slavers. But actually maybe now that ya look at it it maybe was a bad idea to bring niggers to America. I mean we would still control our once great flourishing cities. Detroit wouldn't be a run down wreck, the government would have more money because then they wouldn't have to waste it on these ungrateful niggers who think they deserve a hand out cuz their great great great great great grandparents were slaves. Well ya know wat, fuck of niggers. U don't deserve shit. Ur lucky ur even here. Like I said. Niggers would still be living the same way in Africa as they did 100000 years ago. Niggers r a inferior type of humanoid that should have been wiped off the planet. The only reason they survived is because the vast superiority of the white homosapian. Niggers would have gone extinct because they are not capable of producing the means to evolve, invent or to do anything that strays away from the basic instincts of animal survival. which is shit eat and sleep. they'd still be uncivilized animals running around the jungle killing each other still if it wasn't for white men. Oh wait they r still savages who run around the jungle killing their own kind.

Anonymous said...

Yet, for all your talk of Blacks being sub-human, you still haven't managed to become the dogcatcher. You must feel quite stupid when thinking that you've continually been outwitted and evaded by a race of sub-humans. Stop writing these stupid blogs and be the guy that makes things happen instead of continually talking about it. What have Blacks contributed to America? EVERYTHING. Every bit of money you have is blood money made off the backs of a race that is physically and mentally stronger than you. If Blacks have such a low IQ, why have they figured out a way to keep Whites paying for their needs? Fact is you White people are getting a taste of your own medicine. Instead of whipping a slave, Blacks kill and rape you. Instead of building and cultivating your plantations, Blacks are living off of your tax money. My people are Natives; you can't fool us into thinking that Whites are anything but liars, thieves and murderers. You showed your true colors for hundreds of years. Payback is a bitch and the Blacks are completely justified every time they kill one of your kind. The son of the White man is merely paying for the sins of his father.

Anonymous said...

Yeah The Law of Karma will get all you of you god damn nigger lovers!

when you daughters and mothers are all gang raped!


Anonymous said...

I found proof Blacks are predator animals from Africa in this video.
This video is so revealing that you and your family must watch it to save your lives:

Robert said...

Excellent article, my friend.
When will those liberal retards understand that niggers are the cancer of this world?

Anonymous said...

I have had to deal with these negro beasts for over 50 years in school and business and Have no argument at all with the article. I have tried to work with them and teach them, but it's as if they come from another planet. They haven't the same intellect, morality or energy as caucasians. They are like animals who have learned the ability of speech (somewhat) and who seek to behave as humans but just do not have the mental or spiritual characteristics necessary to do so.

Caleb Vogel said...

Totally agree with you budy!!!!

Their has to be a major distinction of categorization between us and them.

If homo habilus (homonid of the tool) was defined by his use of the tool perhaps the distinction that needs categorical distinction is in civility.

Every other peoples in the world have evolved with natural instincts to create advanced civilization. The mayans, aztecs, indus valley, mesopatamian, egyptian etc.

Virtually every region of the world has this except for subsaharan africa. Historical and ancient accomplishments in mathematics, astronomy, masonry, architecture etc.

The people inhabiting the subsaharan region even now have not reached a society where even masonry developed let alone a non-tribal society.

It seems that the instinct for civilization is what they lack.

Tribal vs. Civil man, a historical and genetic divergence.

Diamed said...

Yet further proof that my factual statement, "just because you can interbreed does not make you the same species," is known and supported by the scientific mainstream community:

"A new paper published by Michael Hammer from the University of Arizona, however, provides new evidence that Homo sapiens not only interbred with Neanderthals in Eurasia, they also had sex with several species of our ancestors across the African continent. And they did it often. "We think there were probably thousands of interbreeding events," said Hammer. "It happened relatively extensively and regularly."

I repeat, if we applied the same objective rules we applied to hominid species in our archaic past and to the rest of the animal kingdom to the races today, blacks would not be classified as part of the same species as the rest of mankind. I am following the clearly set down rules that are being applied by the scientific community in EVERY OTHER CASE except this one. It is the outside world that is making an unprincipled exception to spare blacks' feelings.

The Realist said...

Although the very primitive, violent, thieving, illiterate, lazy, disease-infested, impolite, ugly, prejudiced, racist negroloids will say or do anything under the sun to have sex with a human woman, I don't think they're trying to evolve the species into a higher form by selectively breeding.

If I know them, they're only trying to get their rocks off. In that quest, they'll use anything from a child to a billy goat to a knot hole in a fence, and will use force to achieve their primitive brainstem-driven activities.

Anonymous said...

I have seen blacks destroy many a neighborhood. It seems they thrive on welfare, section 8, ssi and food stamps. They hate whites, the very people that provide them with their free african american ride. It is politically unacceptable to say bad things about them like you have. We will all have to move to ares in which they do not exist in order to escape their ghetto violent destruction. It's not about drugs, it's about their predilection for destroying everything they come into contact with. Black people are indeed the missing link between the first apes that came down from the trees to walk upright. They are us, but we have evolved and they have not.

Anonymous said...

all of you just shut up!
as a black 16 year old i am ashamed and i am shaking as i write this.
to hear about the standards of my race been so cruelly dragged around the ground is frightening.
so u class us as no human?
just think about this if there no blacks in the first place,there would be no whites to evolve from them.
i for one do not pass judgement on the basis of colour,and the only outstanding difference i see between us is our colour.
How dare you call me ugly?
do you even know me?
do you even know how it hurts?
do you even know why blacks hate whites so much?
your article is a good reason why...

Diamed said...

Since your comment isn't the usual abusive 'stupid rednecks we'll kill you all' type, I'll publish it and respond to it fairly.

Just because we evolved from blacks doesn't mean we're beholden to blacks for anything. We also evolved from fish. Now we eat fish.

I listed a giant number of differences between blacks and 'everyone else' that far exceeds skin color. Is it possible that you haven't noticed any of these differences in your own life? How is that possible? They are everywhere.

Blacks hate whites whatever we do. They hate us because our very existence makes them feel inferior, and their vengeance is to rape, torture and kill us wholesale whenever they have the upper hand, ala South Africa. It's impossible to get blacks to like anyone. They ethnically cleansed their Indian minority from Kenya and slaughtered all of the mulattoes in Haiti. They hate everyone because everyone they ever meet makes them feel inferior, which enrages them no matter how many handouts and affirmative action positions, even the presidency of the United States, we give them.

Anonymous said...

Reading these kinds of posts and comments requires an open mind. The mind that dismisses these arguments as "racist, Hitler bantering" is an extremely narrow and uncompromising mind indeed. My advice: learn to see both sides of the argument instead of going with your initial, societally brainwashed reaction.

I agree with most of your post, Diamed, and I think (for reasons already mentioned) it would probably be for the better of society if blacks were sent away or put back into slavery.

Slavery should be reintroduced because whites have the power to control niggers, and (based on data, statistics, facts, experience and observation) blacks are most useful (or only useful) to society as slaves.

In order for the human race to evolve, the strong (whites) must survive and the weak (niggers) must be used. This is required for evolution. Instead of pampering and breeding with the weak, we should be using them as slaves.

Where would be today as a human race if we were properly evolving? Probably flying space ships and colonizing planets.

Thanks to the niggers, and the media, progress has been severely stifled.

Anonymous said...

I would like to correct you on one of your's 73% not 70% illegitimacy rate for nigglet bastards.Ans thanks for adding the rest of humanities accomplishments throughout the centuries as well. Very well done and made article.

Anonymous said...

why are blacks so agressive towards whites?do u not think it is because of all the physcological abuse theyv've been through thruoghout the ages?
the torture they went through during times of slavery and physical abuse?
the truobles the whites put them through?
i do not hate white people,infact most of my friends are white.
what you are doing that is wrong is the fact that you're basing your opinion on your experience of blacks but that does not mean all blacks are violent, all blacks rape,and all blacks drink.
the truth is some of them are violent,some of them rape and some of them drink. this is the same scenario as father for intance would never do any harm to any living creature and he doesn't drink or person said to use blacks as is that fair?
that person is just like hitler,believing the germans were superior to the jews.
you would agree that that is an absurd thought,but then you turn around and say,whites are superior to blacks.that such an hypocritical view.

Anonymous said...

Your article is basically stating what everyone knows but what is being suppressed politically-correct/liberal crowd. I believe the intent behind desegregation was to intentionally cause harm and turmoil to society. Discussing this though is another topic, so I won't go on about it.

The problem lies in the fallacy of thinking that blacks are equal to other human races. This is just not true as much as some people wish it to be. There's just too many discrepancies that are explained away in some convoluted way, when it is simply genetic behavior differences that account for them. Blacks just have a higher number of what we would term "sociopaths" in their populations. Worse yet, they are actually have sadistic tendencies, such that they enjoy the suffering of others and take delight from this. They actually enjoy making other's lives a living hell and revel in the destruction. They can't help themselves. It's like whites and Asians with their societies and civilizations represent order in the world, while blacks are basically chaos and entropy. The duality is so striking it's like the Ying and Yang.

So much damage is done by treating blacks like they were human. We are basically letting ape-men roam around our cities and neighborhoods like wild animals. I actually felt heartache when I read the comment from the person who is a South African expatriate. We just have to come to our senses as a society and realize that blacks are simply too wild to be kept in our civilization and should be at the VERY LEAST segregated or held to a different standard like in the past. That's the only way true peace is going to occur.

Blacks of course are going to always deny the truth because of the consequences to them personally, yet even they are affected by the criminality and gross misconduct of the majority of their race. To the liberals who say the author just wrote this to feel superior, that is a lie. It has nothing to do with superiority. It is about recognizing differences and acting accordingly. We don't want to cover our eyes and ears and keep repeating some PC chant in our head enough times so that we start believing your nonsense. It is about our communities, the sanctity of our own culture, and the love of our fellow whites and even some other races that we don't wish to see them harmed by these uncivilized beasts. Just read the comment from the person from SA. Is this what you want to see as the future of America? I don't. I don't want to see any more innocent people being harmed by random black violence and opportunistic criminality.

the truth said...

high 5 you are a niggerlover if ive ever seen one
denying this essay is like denying the sky is blue
they suffer because they create suffering you dumb fuck
they do not spread any good only evil
they dont invent
they dont produce
they dont advance
they are selfish greedy pieces of shit whose only use is to run kill steal and fuck

Der Uebung macht den Meister said...

I am an African American (OMG, he can differentiate when to use "a" and "an"). After reading your article, I will say yes, you are right to an extent when you say many African Americans blame others for their misfortunes. However, to say that "blacks aren't human" is preposterous. Being not informed to the highest degree of accuracy, I hesitate to articulate for fear that I may deviate from the true course of rectitude as to your individual experiences with blacks, but I assure you that not all are rapists, murderers, nor cogitate that they are inferior to their white counterparts. Or should I not refer to it as counterparts since that would suggest that both parties are equal? Continuing on, I have also seen Caucasians acting just as sub-human, if not more, than their black counterparts. I do not recollect exactly what was said to whom (OMG again, he knows when to use "whom")but I do recall one saying that "we are referring to the whole population" or something to that nature when categorizing and "one can't just use individuals." However, this makes no sense. Is one to say that some white people are not humans? I don't know, but I will say this: I don't consider myself inferior to white students in my classes at Texas A&M. Especially when they ask me to help them in a subject they're lacking knowledge of. That is not to say that I do not ask for help in some areas also.

Diamed said...

It isn't physically impossible for dogs, parrots, monkeys or dolphins to outperform humans on intelligence tests, so why is it surprising to find a black or two who can outperform a white or two on intelligence tests?

The point is the statistical average, not the outliers. Some dolphins are extremely smart. That doesn't mean dolphins = humans.

Due to regression to the mean, extraordinarily talented blacks will end up having normal black children, and extraordinarily untalented whites will end up having normal white children, so when looking at future potential, even the most pathetic whites are better off than the best blacks. Unless, of course, those talented blacks marry a non-black and give their children good genes from elsewhere. Even though you say you're black, you're probably mixed race yourself, right? That would explain your ability to use 'whom,' just like it explains how Obama became president -- he's actually half-white.

Also, good writing doesn't use big words just for the sake of sounding cerebral. It's best to use simple words whenever possible and only break out the thesaurus when nothing else avails itself. ;).

Anonymous said...

@Der Ueben Macht der Meister, which means practice makes perfect: you're either a nigger or a nigger lover. You either lied or you stole.

Unable to come up with anything original, you stole the phrase about deviating from the proper course of rectitution. Typical nigger. The monkey-people call that "biting," or "biting rhymes." I call it a nigger thief.

By starting off saying you're a nigger, that makes me think you might merely be a nigger lover.

Either way, you're an illiterate.

A nigger or nigger loving nigger enabler might start a sentence with the word "or." Bad form for a white person.

The term "to that nature" isn't customary. It would be better to use "of that nature." Niggers like to mix up the letters of the alphabet randomly to name their illegitimate offspring and to make up other words and phrases.

It's better to add a space after a parenthesis.

Starting off your sentence with "especially" reflected a rather "junior high school" writing ability, not to mention ending that same sentence with the word "of," which just trumpets ignorance.

As for the help you ask for in school, I'm sure you cheat and let everybody else in your "study group" do all the work as you smoke weed, stay drunk and get shuffled through school like all the other "enabled" niggers...that is, unless you're just a nigger lover who has learned to "do as the nigger do" and skate by.

Practice does make perfect. If you're a nigger lover imitating a nigger, or a nigger imitating a white, KEEP PRACTICING.

- The Realist

Whitey Ford said...

Look, the Vietnamese have been severely disadvantaged in almost every way until about 70 years ago when they decided that enough was enough and they fought back against the French. The Vietnamese have been colonized and raped and pillaged, but the Vietnamese NEVER make excuses. I live here and never once have I heard, "Oh, but you damn Americans disenfranchised us." Never. Because the Vietnamese are industrious and hard-working and have decided to make their own future. Asians are superior to Africans. It's a fact. Globalization and cultural Marxism are fucking us sideways. Not every culture is meant to be in the 21st century! Just wait until Nigeria is the 4th most populous country in the world. How in the fuck could that possibly be a good thing?

Anonymous said...

@Der Ueben Macht der Meister:

Classic ape mimicry.

Anonymous said...

i'm an ethiopian studying in norway. i'm the best in my class. i don't wanna say this but fuck you!!

Diamed said...

Ethiopians are mixed-race, light-skinned semitic types. They've always been a cut above the average black. Beyond that, any particular black can be better than any particular white. That says nothing about average black intelligence. Regardless of how bright you are, you're not brighter than whites like Stephen Hawking. Not a single black has won a Nobel prize in the hard sciences. Your argument by anecdote is useless in the face of my statistics.

Anonymous said...

Orangutigger, you can say you're the best in your class, but niggers have very low class, so that's not saying much. At my university, niggers are shuffled through, unable to answer many questions, meeting with the teachers and given the answers so that niggers can pass the difficult medical courses. What a joke. When I work with them, they are inept as hell, ignorance is their watchword, and any reference to their ineptitude is met with loud screeching and arm-waving. These loud sounds don't make them any smarter. I shudder to think that lives are on the line with these human-imitating hairless orangutiggers. God help us all.

The Realist

Anonymous said...

Let me just say: how long have
blacks been in 'America' now? 100
years? 200? How is it justified to
say that all the problems of the
black race are a result of 'whitey'
oppressing them? What about the
rest of their evolutionary lives?
You know, the 400,000 years or
whatever that THEY have been on the
planet alongside whites? Why have
they not built their own great
civilizations (although, admittedly,
egyptians are technically just a
light-skinned black race, as
are 'Guatemalans', for that matter). Why is Africa such a
shithole? Modern civilization
(white civilization) invented
air conditioners, canals, cotton
gins, and so on to modify their
environments, however harsh. I
see no such ingenuity on the
behalf of the dark-skinned ones.

Anonymous said...

I feel like my IQ dropped when I read this, and I'm not even black. Although my dark Indian skin could be considered "Black"

Wasn't Aksumite Ethiopia more advanced than the majority of the world at one point in time? While Europe was still filled with barbaric idiots, they were trading with Greece, Rome, India, and Pre-Islamic Arabia. They had their own organized government and religion. They even had some of their people educated.

What were you white people doing when the East was learing maths and sciences? Our scholars had Algebra and medicine. We were performing surgury before you even knew what illness was. We had schools and philisophical religions such as Buddhism. Although I don't practice it, it makes infinitely more sense than the idiotic pagan religions of the western world. Christianity isn't even your own religion. It's a Jewish one.

The only reason whites had any advantage over any people in the world is because you could violently conquer people. That's you barbaric instincts yet again.

And your IQ's are obviously low. I outpreform all of my white classmates in school. Major Colleges have to turn away Asian students because they need room for everyone else. The only way you can go to school is by keeping other people out.

By your logic, I can conclude that we Easterners are human, and you whites are the scum of the Earth and should serve us.

Diamed said...

There are so many problems with your arguments, Mr. Anonymous.

To start with, Ethiopia is not sub-saharan Africa. It is an admixture of Caucasians and blacks with large genetic and cultural influences from the outside world. Blacks in isolation could never reach the levels of civilization found in ancient Ethiopia. Secondly, if you look at Ethiopia today, it's still a terrible place, so how good a counter-example is Ethiopia, really, to my point?

Second off, I specifically talked about blacks in this post, not non-whites. 'Blacks' are not dark-skinned people, but people whose genetic ancestry traces back to sub-saharan Africa. There is no way you could count as a 'black' if you're Indian. Indians, if you didn't know, are actually descended from white Aryans. So any of your 'superiority' stems from your own white ancestry.

Next off, Indians have a piss-poor IQ as a national average. Studies put it at 85 IQ, while white nations have an average IQ of 100. Bragging about India, which is also a basket case empirically speaking, is also absurd. If you are in fact smarter than the whites around you, it's just because you haven't met enough smart whites. Judging by the elocution of your argument, you're nothing compared to, say, me.

The 'Asian' students you speak of are East Asians, whose average IQ is 105, not South Asians, whose average IQ is 85. Don't try to borrow the light of other people's accomplishments and just lump all Asians together like they're in any way culturally or genetically related. I have a huge amount of respect for East Asia, but none for South Asians like you. South Asia competes with Africa in terms of being the world's cesspool.

If you want to take collective pride in your Indian heritage, go ahead. India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are some of the poorest hellholes on Earth, so I'm not sure what you'd be proud about, but hey. But you have no right whatsoever to call yourself an "Easterner" or an "Asian" and piggyback on the grandeur of Japan.

Furthermore, it's absurd to put down the "West's" past. We had ancient Greece and Rome, which was infinitely superior to any other ancient culture in history. Pagan religions vs. Buddhism? Read Plato and Aristotle and then mock 'paganism.' The rest of the world couldn't light a candle to our one single city-state of Athens.

Every single culture and people in the past were violent and tried to conquer their neighbors, it's just that whites were actually good at it. We're superior at war just like we're superior at everything else. It must still rankle that three thousand Englishmen defeated an army of 50,000 better armed Indians at the battle of Plessey, huh? Sucks to be loser South Asians, doesn't it? I guess for losers like you, turning cowardly ignominious defeats into 'virtue' is the best you can do.

Anonymous said...

Diamed for President!

The Realist

SmallerCap said...

Name one white neurosurgeon more accomplished than Ben Carson.

Anonymous said...

Lonnie Hammargren.

The Realist

SmallerCap said...


Are you trolling?
If you are being in any way serious, then you know nothing about the history of neurosurgery.

sickjunior said...

yep. Negroes are something else all right.

Anonymous said...

I've grown so weary of this phenomenon where if a nigger does anything under the sun that amounts to more than just stealing, smoking weed and arguing, they're "making history."

From the scarface dancer on the TV show to the motocross racer, niggers are put up on a pedestal when they do things that umpteen thousand whites have already done.

People seem to marvel that an animal can mimic human behavior without exploding into violence and screeching at every turn. They reward these rhesus retards lavishly just for refraining from breaking the law, or for participating in non-criminal activities. When they achieve something, it's a miracle.

I have to wonder: if Jesus came walking into our lives today in the flesh, would anybody be amazed? They might say, "Nice job coming back to life, but you're a day late and a dollar short. There's a nigger who didn't commit a crime today, which is more miraculous. Looks like your story will be buried in section B."

Niggers are idolized by enabling nigger suckers these days to the point where they would rather worship the niggers. Disgusting.

The Realist

Anonymous said...

True, there is only 1 percent distinction between humans, but have you stopped to think that there is only a 2 percent distinction with chimps whom we cannot mate with? All argues presented are facts. All of you so called "counter racists" use stupid opinionated evidence, for example look at High 5's comment, SO WHAT IF THEY ARE RESILIENT?!!! There are horses called Stage coach horses that will not stop galloping until a word is said, even if they die running! A horse is not human!!! All evidence points to the fact that Blacks are not human. It is not racism if they are not people, it is racism to hate a fellow human which a negro is not. Any person that mates with a negro is just one step up from mating with a dog.

Anonymous said...

"Whereas literature and palaces and cities existed in almost every corner of the earth, from the Incas to the Indians to the Persians to the Chinese to Stonehenge to Ankar Wat in Cambodia — nothing existed in Africa. For the past 100,000 years non-blacks have been spreading across the globe, building pyramids and cities, developing new technology, domesticating animals and crops, covering themselves in finely decorated clothing, and living essentially human lives. Blacks, meanwhile, stayed nearly naked, self-mutilating, technology-less, with no domesticated animals, no written language, no wheel, no stone buildings, no metalworking, nothing."

Same thing applies to North American Indians, who are extremely genetically close to East Asians (who, of course have historically been one of the most advanced ethnic groups on earth), and South Americans (who have been fairly advanced too). So why is there such a difference in cultural achievement? Genetics isn't enough. Obviously, there are some environmental factors involved.

An IQ of 90 is needed to run an advanced civilization? Go look up the Flynn effect. We got along fine with an IQ of 70 a hundred years ago.

I'm in agreement with Diamed that there are probably genetic differences in IQ and tendency towards violence among different races. But I think saying that blacks aren't human is too extreme. There's much more variation in intelligence and appearance among different breeds of dogs, but they're part of the same species.

Oh, and by the way––since you care so much about IQ, mine is over 150.

Diamed said...

Many North American Indians did have impressive civilizations, like the enigmatic Mound Builders of the Mississippi valley. But leaving them aside, South American Indians had writing, math, enormous cities with elaborate architecture, etc. They weren't on par with Africans.

I'll grant you that being isolated from the outside world tends to depress your 'accomplishment' rate, but look how quickly some North American Indian tribes civilized themselves when afforded the opportunity by coming into contact with Europeans compared to blacks, who never have. If Africa had all this hidden potential, why didn't they transform themselves into a higher civilization when given the chance? The Cherokee did.

The Flynn effect, whatever it is measuring, is not an accurate portrayal of historic IQs, or else our Founding Fathers, Aristotle and Plato were 50 IQ drooling retards.

I'll actually believe your IQ score, since you can write in complete sentences. But even smart people can be wrong. ^_^.

Anonymous said...

I know that South Americans were very advanced; that was part of my point, since South Americans are nearly identical to North Americans genetically but were far more advanced. Re-reading my comment, I realize I phrased it in a misleading way, as though I were saying South Americans were as primitive as most North Americans. That was not at all my intent.

North American Indians today are generally poor (25% poverty rate), alcoholic (10.7%), violent (their rate of violent crimes is 2.48 times the national average) and have low IQs. They're worse off in almost every category than blacks. But they're closely related to East Asians, genetically speaking. If genetics are the most important factors in racial achievement, how is this possible?

Besides, you haven't answered my objection based on the analogy of dog breeds. How are humans different? The differences between two dog breeds can be far greater than those between blacks and whites.

Diamed said...

I think the differences between blacks and whites are vaster than the differences between any two dog breeds. If I look at, say, the Eiffel tower in Paris and then go take a tour of South Sudan, I see more variation than between greyhounds and terriers.

Also, as bad as Amerindians are, black murder rates are even higher, and blacks score even lower on IQ tests, especially African blacks, so it's not true that Amerindians are worse performers than blacks on average.

A great many Amerindians integrated into the European bloodstream and culture without a hitch. Mexico is, genetically speaking, a modern Amerindian nation, which is much better than your African alternatives: Haiti, Congo, etc. I don't see Amerindians embarrassing their Asian heritage too badly.

Luckily, the minimum standard for variation to warrant alternate species names isn't 'dogs,' it's the two most similar species on Earth that are still called different species. So long as two acknowledged species anywhere on Earth are more similar genetically than blacks and non-blacks, my point stands.

Here's a good example:

"Until recently biologists considered that red deer and wapiti or elk (C. canadensis) were the same species, forming a continuous distribution throughout temperate Eurasia and North America. This belief was based largely[citation needed] on the fully fertile hybrids that can be produced under captive conditions.

Genetic evidence suggests that the wapiti/elk and Central Asian red deer should be treated as species separate from the red deer.[2][20][3] If the Central Asian red deer (from the Caspian Sea to western China) is recognized as a species, it includes the Yarkand Deer and Bactrian Deer (the two may be synonymous), but it could possibly also include the Kashmir Stag, which has not been sampled in recent studies.[2][3] If it is included in the Central Asian red deer, the scientific name of that species is C. hanglu. If it is not included in the Central Asian Deer, the scientific name of that species is C. yarkandensis, and the Kashmir Stag (C. hanglu) may represent a separate monotypic species.[2][3]

Others members of the red deer group that some believe represent separate species are C. corsicanus, C. wallichii and C. xanthopygus.[2][21]"

Am I to believe that there's a greater difference between red deer and elk than whites and blacks? Or even Amerindians and blacks? According to present accepted terminology, apparently so. According to our lying eyes -- no.

Anonymous said...

According to cited source #2 of that Wikipedia article, the genetic distance between the deer species in question is 0.123 to 0.154. Human genetic diversity, according to, is 0.027. So these species are about 5.13 times more genetically distinct than humans.

Your point about Amerindians isn't entirely true; IIRC, Hispanics score about 2 points lower on IQ tests than blacks. According to the Bureau of Justice, Amerindians are more violent by age group than blacks, though it is true that blacks commit more murders. Whether they're better than blacks or not, Amerindians are far, far less advanced than East Asians, which is good evidence against the idea that differences in racial achievement are mostly genetic (though some genetics probably is involved).

Moreover, I think there are greater differences between dog breeds than you account for; take, say, a poodle and an Afghan hound.

Mykayla Leach said...

Dear Diamed,
You are utterly retarded.

I am a black 14 year old girl and I can clearly read you like a book. You and insecure about yourself and you seek a way to better yourself. You were raised around closed minded idiots who have been corrupted by thinking that one race is better than another. You turn your ears away from the truth and let your tongue shout out lies. You blame my race because you see others do it. You are foolish.

When you, and others, read this you'll tell me to "shut up" or stop whining. You don't hate me for my personality but you hate me just because my skin is darker. If the world was filled with idiots such as you then the world would be in turmoil.

Have you ever stopped for one second and thought about what you were saying when you typed this? Your argument on saying that I'm not a human already proves that your IQ level is greatly lower than mine. We are humans. We eat, function and breathe like you. We have emotions and we express them like you. We have children the same way like you, so what makes us non-human?

We (black people) have proven that we are on the exact same level as any other race in the world. You say that we have contributed none to the advancement of America? I believe that the website below shows a fraction of the many things blacks have done to help the advancement of America.

Even though you have insulted me and my race to the lowest existent there is, I do not hate you. In fact, I'm actually happy! You, and people who think like you, help motivate me into becoming a better person! So I guess I should say thanks for being ignorant!

Diamed said...

Sometimes it isn't the number of genes that are different, but the impact those genes have. Two deer look exactly alike, act exactly alike, behave exactly alike, they can have fertile offspring, etc -- but they're two different species.

Blacks and whites don't look alike, they don't act alike, they don't behave alike, etc -- but they're the same species. It makes no sense. Obviously whatever genes, however few they are, that separate us, are extremely important. Far more important than the five times as many genes that separate these two deer.

Anonymous said...

Mykayla, you should spend more time in school. First, I'll tell you what makes you typical.

First, you call people "retarded," "insecure," "idiot," "corrupted," "foolish," "liars," and "ignorant," and you call their families and friends "idiots."

Blacks always spew a lot of verbal trash, saying MF, talking about each other's mommas, slinging their arms around. In that way, you are typical.

Now let's talk about your use of the English language.

You said, "We have children the same way like you..."

That should have been "We have children the same way as you..."

This is typical, because your unfamiliarity with the language gives you license to mix words and phrases up inappropriately.

You said, " have insulted me and my race to the lowest existent there is..."

The lowest existent? You are, my dear, illiterate. If you can read Diamed like a book, I assume you can't read.

That website, like those who go waaaaaay out of their way to give blacks a reason to be proud, exaggerates and rewrites history. I guess you're proud to be black - to have lower intelligence and to be ugly as sin. You go, girl. Be proud.

We don't care about your dark skin. It's your conduct, the crime rates (check the FBI stats - looks like you're unaware or in denial) and the trouble that inevitably arises when blacks are around that we care about.

By the way, it's statistically impossible for all races to be exactly the same intellectually. Put the pipe down, Mykayla.

- The Realist

SmallerCap said...

This isn't one of those rediculous pseudo-science articles on Niggermania or Chimpout, so I'll credit you on being able to write this. What is your educational background?

In my opinion any lazy person who does nothing with his life and holds society back is a "sub-human."

If they are black, they are called "niggers"

If they are white, they are called "rednecks"

If they are Mexican, they are called "Greasers"


Like the WAY above said, blacks need to "wake up." Martin Luther King did NOT envision an African-American society filled with lazy idiots in the ghetto. If the guy was around today, he would be pissed.

Anonymous said...

I thought that "redneck" only meant you worked on a farm or ranch, lived out in the country and that your neck was red from being out in the sun. Now it means white people who are lazy and hold society back?

Blacks probably call us rednecks because that's something they simply can't achieve, unless it's from a nice sisal rope and a big oak tree.

- The Realist

SmallerCap said...


" Redneck is a historically derogatory slang term for poor, uneducated, white farmers. Especially in the southern United States"

"In more recent decades, the term has expanded its meaning to refer to bigoted, loutish reactionaries who are opposed to modern ways. Often used to attack southern Conservatives and racists."

The "Redneck" States (Alabama, N/S Carolina, Mississippi, ect.) statistically are the poorest states with the worst education.

Synonyms: Hillbilly, white trash, ect..

SmallerCap said...

That was in response to The Realist, not Diamed's essay.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for expanding on the redneck definition, but the definition has evolved over my lifetime. It originally meant farmers/ranchers/country folks. People were okay with the name "redneck" because it reflected their work ethic and way of life.

The following is not intended toward you, Smaller Cap, so please don't take offense.

Nowadays it seems that niggers and nigger lovers have modified the meaning of the word "redneck" over the years to become a racist term for any white person who doesn't worship and coddle to niggers.

In the same way, niggers have changed the meaning of the dixie flag. Instead of people loving and being proud of the south, niggers have made the dixie flag to only be about the niggers.

Well, niggers, the flag wasn't thinking about your worthless asses when it was born, and never has given a damn about you. It represents the south!

I wish these niggers would quit rewriting history.

Recently I went back to college after a long time out of school. I found out that niggers had rewritten history, and now they're worshiping niggers like Malcolm X as a "great black leader" in college textbooks. Of course the teacher was an NAACP nigger. Disgusting.

- The Realist

Anonymous said...

This article was incredibly biast and innacurate. Your reference to the Japannese culture was not appropriate, as the United States aided their "progression" from the Samurai culture to the "civilised" culture. Without their aid, it would've taken them much much longer to come out of their statuses of "savages". Let us consider the differences of the two cultures at that time however. The industrialized westeren world was on a path that favoured war, the rich and was beginning to cause global warming. Everyman for himself. Whereas the japanese culture were maybe not always at peace, but survived just as well as any other civilisation and lived off the land. They didn't have a enormous gab between their rich and their poor - they farmed their own, and lived fine.

Which is better? The Western world, since everything is easier? Our culture has created an EPIDEMIC of obese people. That's greed and glutony at their finest.

The fact that you describe black people then add "everything about them is ugly" is simply an opinion, and should not be used to convince others. Simply having a lot of hate and poorly connotaded words relating to the subject you are trying to belittle and then comparing it to other things with better words will get you the audience of the uneducated and ignorant.

I hope you realise how horrible this article is. You, and all who support you are purely evil and should be considered the animals. It is our ability to critically think and make decisions that seperates us from animals. You have show that you can't think without having your own ideals promoted, and you take the decision to spread hate and anger to the world through the internet.

I am white. I am human. I have black friends. They are equally human. You are unbielivable.

Anonymous said...

OK, let's have a plan then. How about, morphing the hiring practices of today's jobs to the point where the nigs can't pass it. It will still be within legal limits. And it will also be honest and fair since nobody will be given preferential treatment.

Just have a nig do some math. It breaths, breeds and claims to be human. It causes diminished productivity, social unrest and overall is able to generate a feeling to any human that "oo, ooh", I am at a wrong place.

Can we have that? What good is it to try to negrofy a culture? Nobody likes the negroes period. A kid coming from a superbly impoverished country will not respect a nig in a cadillac. Why? A nig is not a human. But why do we pander to these subhuman things? As part of one human species, let us actually take some steps.

And no I am not white. So don't blame the white people. They had hundreds of years of negro experience, and I had just a few years of it and I am here ranting. Imaging the magnitude of the problem.

Anonymous said...

If you agree with this article, you are just as ignorant as the information contained here in. First of all. Africa was the first organized civilization. All science, math and astronomy comes from Africa. Ancient egyptians built pyramids with perfect dimensions, without modern technology? The pyramids were built in perfect lines with the stars? How can happen without having a greater knowledge of astronomy. Europe learned astronomy from Africa. Whites were the low iq cavemen who learned from the Africans. The greatest library of the ancient times was is Africa, and guess what, it was robbed by the europeans. The ancient egytian stories and sciences was all stolen and given new titles and characters from the europeans. You all are descendants of blacks in Africa, and to hear you disrepecting your own ancestors is VERY SMART, HIGH IQ behavior. What we learn is history is a brainwash lesson of purposely left out info that would probably lower the moral of most whites who think highly of themselves. The white man is the only human being that kills,blackmail, steals, from every race that they have ever encountered with throughout history. Caucasians have a animal instinct to kill. Caucasians eat raw meat, bloody steak, kill their families, etc. Barbarian behavior cant be ignored when considering who the wild animal like beast is? If Blacks are not human, how can white descendants of blacks be human beings??? Oh yeah, FYI, the U.S. Government formed by whites has been oppression blacks since the civil war days. Our inventions were not published? Why? because the government didnt want to let whites know that we were on the same intelligence level. Why doesnt the history books tell us that math and science was stolen from Africa?? Because of the "white power" mentality. There are symbols that were put in place to honor where everything came from.In the great Vatican city, is a egyptian obelisks stolen from egypt. In our great nations capital washington DC stands a real egytian obelisks?? Why, to honor the great ones with the knowledge. There are 13 obelisks in Rome, thats alot of honoring without words. The entire stories of the Greek Gods was stolen from the egyptians. They were egyptian gods and goddesses with different names, until the white man saw how amazing these stories of the gods were. He had to incorporate himself because he wanted to be like the egyptians. You all should do some real research, not just white studies that dont include everything. The biggest thing to keep in mind is the white mentality of wanted to control and take credit. Only a true inferior being would do anything to get credit and to feel in control.

The Flying Catfish said...

All the points as to blacks being a inferior race are hard to dispute. With that said, I thinks its stupid to say they are not humans.

Here is how I look at it. Canine= (Dogs, wolves, fox) Humans= (Africans, Whites, Asians)

Just like not all Canines have the same I.Q. as all humans dont either. Call them what you will but they are just another flavor of human.

Diamed said...

You seem to be confused, Mr. Anonymous. Egyptians are Caucasians, not Blacks.

Anonymous said...

Niggers suck in every way. They're dumber than a box of rocks. They're soulless, wild, savage, loudmouth, violent, ignorant jackasses. They're walking, talking crime factories, and I hate every molecule of feces from which they're made.

No offense, monkeys.

- The Realist

Anonymous said...

The Egyptians themselves said they descended from the Ethiopians. They were Hamitic/Niolitic Africans, ie Ethiopians, Kenyans. The Arabs didn't arrive until 700 ad and they incorporated the culture and people as part of their own. But Egypt is a decidedly african civilization. Its insulting to every race to suggest that blacks simply stayed in the lower part of Africa when the people migrated all over the world.

Diamed said...

We have done dna sequencing of Egyptian mummies. They were Caucasian mummies. That is the absolute final verdict on this ridiculous lie.

All Greek and Roman historical accounts of Egyptians, which date to before 700 AD, described Egyptians as Caucasians, not Blacks.

Egyptian art depicts themselves as a different color from blacks. Even they could tell the difference.

"Black Egypt" is a scurrilous lie.

"Attempts to extract ancient DNA or aDNA from Ancient Egyptian remains have yielded mainly Eurasian DNA types from the Dakleh Oasis cemetery site"

"One successful study was performed on ancient mummies of the 12th Dynasty, by Paabo and Di Rienzo, which identified multiple lines of descent, a minority of which originated in sub-Saharan Africa."

Anonymous said...

Simply living on the African continent - in Ethiopia or South Africa - doesn't make one a nigger.

A white man can live in Ethiopia without having black skin, a nose so wide that it's used as a measuring device for astronomers, nostrils you could drive a Gleaner combine through, lips that could serve as flotation devices for the Great Pyramid of Cheops, an ass so evolved for sitting around that people use them for impact-absorbing nose cones in bumper cars and demolition derbies, a brain so small that an amoeba needs a microscope to see it, shrieking chimp sounds so deafening that the U.S. Navy uses recordings of them as military weapons, a skull so thick that ancient warriors used them as armor plating, and hands so long that they can wrap twice around a basketball.

Niggers are so desperate to be proud of something. Look at any nigger. Does he sound like he could engineer anything but a crime, theft, murder, dope deal, break dance, race card?

Do niggers get off their asses to build anything? They only destroy.

I mean, slavery was ended because those worthless porch monkeys couldn't put in an honest day's work at something so simple as pulling cotton off of a chest-high plant. If they can't do that worth a damn, they sure can't build a complex and enduring structure like a pyramid or the Sphinx.

If niggers moved into the neighborhood of the pyramids, they'd have them trashed within 20 years, just like they trashed other large things, like - I don't know - DETROIT.

- The Realist

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's me again. Canine is not a species. It is a family. When I say blacks are not human, I mean they are not HUMAN. Our own species that is. Just like a dog is not a wolf, blacks are not like us human. They can interbreed, blacks and wolves that is. Just like that human beings can interbreed with the blacks. What I am trying to say is that, blacks are not a "different flavor" of human. They "are not" human. How many things can you blame on slavery? Each and every ethnicity despises blacks out loud or secretly. The blacks know it and instead of trying to better them to be more like human beings, they go ahead keep doing the same simian crap that they are used to doing. Whites are probably the only ones that actually will and still tolerate blacks more than any other ethnic groups and yet they are vilified like nothing else. Blacks were not the only kind enslaved or oppressed, but they surely gotten more profit out of being enslaved than any other ethnic groups. It is time to stop feeding the hole.

Anonymous said...

I'm a pretty liberal guy. I'm well-educated (Master's degree from a prestigious institution). I've often tried to deny that there exists a disparity in intelligence between blacks and non-blacks. But based on my observation, it would be intellectually dishonest for me to try to convince myself otherwise.

It's undeniable to me that a blacks tend to be unintelligent, relatively speaking. There are, of course, many exceptional blacks. But it's clear that overall they suffer in terms of intelligence, impulse control, violent tendencies, etc.

It's depressing that the science of this topic has to be suppressed due to political correctness. I believe that science should be unflinching in its pursuit of understanding. We see similar trends in the examination of gender.

Personally, I don't feel that hate-mongering is a productive path. There's no reason to use derogatory terms like "nigger" just because a group of people acts according to their nature. They are still people, and they feel pain, regardless of what burdens you may feel they've inflicted on you.

I'm interested in reading material that examines this issue in an objective light; I could do without the name-calling. Besides that, I enjoyed the article.

Anonymous said...

"Nigger" is not a bad word. It has been made into a bad word by niggers.

Niggers have gotten away with what I call "reverse enslavement," a term I coined years ago. They repeatedly tell us what we are allowed to do, and are not allowed to do, while making us work to support them - ESSENTIALLY ENSLAVING US. We are their slaves.

Back when they were slaves, they were simply called niggers. No big deal, that's what they were. Just like dogs, clouds and dirt, they had a word to tell what they were. It had no derogatory connotation.

At some point after reverse enslavement began, they started dictating what we could and could not do, and what we could and could not say. Give a nigger any power at all and they'll abuse it.

They tell us we can't say nigger. Then they tell us not to call them negro. A while later they tell us not to call them black. They tell us not to call computer hard drives "master" and "slave" drives. What's next? Are they going to tell us what to think? They try, believe me.

Meanwhile, these reverse enslavement niggers call each other "nigger" 2,793 times a day.

Double standard?

They convert the meaning of the dixie flag from representing the Southern states (a geographical area) to being all about the niggers, banning it all over the place. I don't remember anything in the history books about the dixie flag representing niggers or slavery.

This is another set of reasons why niggers are so very hateable.

- The Realist

brad said...

I am a white American. As mentioned, both history and science have proven the difference in blacks and all other races. Even today, blacks are still dependent upon us, perhaps this is the way it was meant to be. This pertains in majority to the African blacks whom have still not evolved in any fashion whatsoever. Most American blacks are OK as they have evolved over the generations however, the newer immigrants are still at the animal level. In conclusion, blacks are not human.

Anonymous said...

Well all said and done we live in the same world, on the same earth

Anonymous said...

We live on the same Earth, but consider this.

A filet mignon and a pile of feces both exist on this Earth, but we don't put them both on our dinner plate just because they come from the same planet.

Rattlesnakes and one's pet hamster don't live in the same cubicle just because they came from Earth.

Poisonous gases in the Earth aren't placed inside of one's living room simply because "we are the world."

Ever notice that screeching howler monkeys, pit vipers, elephants, tigers, hyenas and rhinoceri aren't free to run amok in our cities? Hey, they're living on Earth with us.

It's funny that they let niggers run amok and not other nigger variants like the howler monkeys. Why is that?

Because the howler monkeys have not complained, argued and waved their arms around as insanely as niggers do.

- The Realist

Anonymous said...

Initially all I can say is "wow"!

However, with a bit more thought, plenty of words come to mind. Of course I want to spew racial hatred back, but that only brings me to your level, so I won't do so.

It may well be true that blacks' IQ is lower,on a scale that has been devised by white men. I also even agree with the fact that black people are not as industrially adept. Yes, I in fact, am"black".

My people in reflection to the continent of "Africa", were and are more at one with nature. Not seeing the need to exploit the land or other people for material gain. We in our origins built our cultures around family and community. Our dark skin, protects us from skin cancer. Our wide noses help us breathe cooler air in the hot african sun. Our kinky hair protects our scalps. We are perfectly built for the regions in which we were found.

The thought that industrialization equates intelligence is silly. Through industrialization our world is becoming so polluted and unliveable that cancer and asthma are common place in children of all ethnicities. By way of this capitalistic society substances that can't be labeled as food kills and diseases all populations of people. Your industrialism and "civilized" way of living is destroying the Earth.

So if this is what society or science measures as being "human" (destruction of natural resources, a whole in the ozone layer, destruction of people everywhere you set foot, bringing disease and chaos to all nations) then honestly, I would like to renounce the title of "human" myself. If this is what humanity is, then I would rather be an animal!

And I would gladly accept the funding to move from this treacherous and inhospitable place!

Anonymous said...

When I was in high school, a teacher pandered to the blacks by making a test that made it easier for them to pass. One question on that test was this: "What time does Soul Train come on TV?"

It doesn't have to be an IQ test. Make it any test.

You call blacks "one with nature." I call them "primitive." Maybe "primate-ive" would be more accurate. Surely they would rather get in the air conditioning than stand around with flies all over their eyes, dying of starvation because all they do is take, take, take, and they don't plan and create sustainable crops or anything to make a better life. They only destroy and consume.

Exploiting the land means building something useful that will help people and the world, and to make life easier. Let's face it, even primitive African niggers need the white man's money and technology. Our bleeding heart liberals suck the lifeblood out of us and take the money to throw away by helping niggers in Africa, healing their diseases and trying to show them how to grow sustainable crops, deal with sewage etc. Otherwise, those dumb niggers will destroy the land and have nothing, sitting around in their own feces wondering how they will have sex or commit violent acts.

You build your culture out of family and community, huh? As far as I can tell, your men impregnate your women at the fastest possible rate and leave them behind, your women pump out brats as fast as possible with many fathers, and they gain financially from that reproductive machine with welfare payments, food stamps, WIC payments and other financial incentives. They don't pay into the system, they only suck it dry like a leech. They're parasites. They're a burden on everybody else.

As for your "community," they do the most crime of any race, then when the police try to solve the crimes, your community is too stupid to try to make the place better, so they stupidly believe any conspiracy theory that comes along in their primitive minds, and they collectively refuse to cooperate with the police in solving any crimes. Niggers are idiots!

As for your dark skin protecting you from skin cancer, no black person designed that.

Your skin is naturally greasy, which collects dirt, microbes and diseases. The good news is that head lice are so disgusted by nigger hair that they won't even live on it. That's "white flight."

The spreadbore nostrils sported by niggers and gorillas alike are designed not for sniffing African air, but rather for snorting cocaine, crystal meth and other drugs, which they use at higher rates than any other race.

- The Realist

Anonymous said...

In actuality, our skin is not oily, it is dry. We did not create cocaine, meth nor any other chemical substances (remember we are too dumb for that) neither are these our drugs of choice, had you said weed, I could agree. I never said that our skin color was created by us its just a fact of our existence.

Contrary to what you may believe, I nor any of my family or friends have ever been on welfare or had any type of governmental assistance to survive. Among us, there are those who work at fortune 500 companies, have Masters degrees, PhDs, are lawyers, work in departments of federal government, as well as those of us who own our own businesses while doing so. I have never had problems taking tests, as a matter of facted I excelled in them. I went to gifted schools all of my life. I was taught to create my own way and existence in life.

Since you are so against us, you have the power to rectify it. The next time you vote, vote for someone who will get rid of taxes, someone who will end social security and someone who will privatize education and medical care. This way you can ensure your money does not go to us. After all this will keep money in my pockets as well as yours.

You take care of your people, and I will take care of mine.

Ps. Remember also that underserved rural communities receive funds from these programs as well. Be prepared to take them on as a part of you privately helping your own.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Realist, I'd much rather be considered "sub-human" than be part of a race that has killed more people than all the other races combined.

Anonymous said...

Your skin is dry if you bathe, but most blacks I've seen have that gloss and stench that proves they haven't bathed in days.

I know you didn't create coke or meth, but your race sure knows how to use them and deal them in the community.

The vast majority of blacks who work in fortune 500 companies, have Masters degrees, PhDs, are lawyers, or work in departments of federal government, were shuttled through school without the same high bar of academic achievement that is set for the white students. I see it in the school I attend now. They can't answer any questions, and then they have closed door meetings with faculty so the school can make ignorant niggers get a passing grade so they don't look biased when all the niggers fail. Those hired at the companies you mentioned were given preferential hiring treatment to fill quotas, and that's all there is to it.

As for the orangutang steering the ship right now, I will vote for anybody who campaigns against him, because that is how blacks do it against my people (check the stats on how blacks always, always vote along racial lines). I don't really need any black folks telling me how to vote, because I'll vote for anybody who is running against a black person, no matter what their platform. Why? I said it before. It's because that's the unfair, prejudiced way of the negro, and I'm hitting them with what they do to me. When they start voting for what's right, I might change my strategy, but as long as they're only trying to crush the white man, I'll vote against them every single time.

I am the antithesis of a black man, fighting fire with fire. I've always been nice to them, but they only attack and kill my family and my race. Blacks are the most racially prejudiced group in this country, unless they're raping a white woman. The statistics don't lie.

- The Realist

Anonymous said...

As for you, "sub-human," if you mess with the white man, you might get away with it for a while, but once the white man gets pissed, you will lose, and history will bear that out.

I'm just waiting for the white man to get pissed again. How much can we take? Once all these nigger-sucking libtards realize they're pissing up a rope trying to make the uncivilized beast civilized, and the greedy, violent nigger has stepped on the last white man's toes for the last time, the nigger pity party will be over and it will be time for some serious reckoning.

Every nigger should realize - or shall I say, REC-O-NOZZ - that when the white man gets pissed, niggers better start running like a nigger from a crime scene.

- The Realist

SmallerCap said...

Sorry I forgot to add my name to my previous post.

I wasn't talking about American blacks. I don't think the Chinese or South Asians "Messed the white man." I don't think any of the colonies in Africa "Messed with the white
man." I don't think the American Indians "Messed with the white man." I don't think native South Africans "Messed with the White man." I don't think the any of the countries that were randomly and irrationally invaded by whites "Messed with the white man."

I doubt any of these countries wanted to have anything to do with whites. It seems as if whites were the ones who felt the need to "mess" with these countries for the sake their own people, or their own wallet.

Diamed said...

Colonialism was largely directed towards uninhabited wastelands -- ie, Australia, Canada, North America, New Zealand, and South Africa. These places hadn't discovered agriculture yet and so their population density was basically nil. By bringing agriculture to these areas of the world, we built up some of the finest nations in history and gave life, like God almighty did, to a region that 'was without form and void.'

White South Africans arrived in South Africa before the bantus did. Only the pygmies, who are virtually extinct now (not due to whites, but due to black bantus) predate whites as 'native' South Africans.

White colonists did not indiscriminately murder every native they came across. They tried, largely, a live and let live policy, one which the natives refused to adhere to. White colonists were mercilessly attacked by said natives, men, women and children, tortured, raped, kidnapped and often eaten. When said colonists acted in self-defense, that's considered a 'massacre' in the history books.

White imperialism that never settled any area but just tried to administer it was a) for the sake of global commerce, which enriches everyone, native and foreigner alike -- and b) uplifting and civilizing the world.

Believe it or not, whites felt bad that they were the only technologically advanced people on Earth and tried to share the wealth by giving India, China, etc railroads, telegraphs, etc. This noblesse oblige extended into the 20th century when we gave them the green revolution which ended famine all across the world, courtesy of white scientists. We saved more, and made possible, more non-white lives than we ever killed, with the green revolution alone. But we also gave non-whites our antibiotics and vaccines, our world peace (thanks to first the British and then the Americans), our germ theory of disease, electricity which helped clean their water supply, etc, etc. Every non-white in the world today is alive because of white inventions and white charity, which shared our knowledge freely with the barbaric, ignorant 'natives.'

If you give back all the inventions we ever made, and return to the state we found you in when we arrived, then and only then will I listen to any complaints about white 'Imperialism.' I will never listen to any complaints about white 'Colonialism.' I'm a white American who could not have existed save for my colonial ancestors, and I'm eternally grateful to them.

We braved an ocean 'natives' never figured out how to cross. We then put down roots on a hostile, alien land. We suffered over 50% casualties year in and year out from diseases we had to cure (malaria) by terraforming the land ourselves, since the 'natives' never bothered. We were under constant siege from savages who did not understand the meaning of honor or honesty, betraying every treaty they ever signed with us. We took an empty wilderness and turned it into skyscrapers and spaceports. We turned the stone age into the most prosperous and productive nation on Earth, the U.S.A. Colonialism was the greatest deed in world history.

Diamed said...

World population was tiny in the era whites went adventuring abroad, especially in the places we went to. It isn't true that whites have killed the 'most people of any race.' Arabs killed over 300 million people in their Jihads ever since 600 AD. Mostly blacks and Indians, for all you crying liberals. Mao killed 60 million people on his own. Whites are extremely competent killers, and in war we are even known to vaporize whole cities that dare to defy us. But we are merciful in peacetime, unlike Asians, who seem to be pitiless beasts at all times, whether to each other or even to animals.

Chinese think it great sport to watch animals be tortured to death and eat dogs. Whites pass laws against animal cruelty and love their dogs. Whites are the most murderous race? Bullshit. We are the most competent race when it comes to killing, but we always kill for a reason. We aren't sadists like certain races (cough: blacks) And never doubt for a moment that if blacks, arabs, or the like ilk ever got the power to murder others wholesale, like whites have had for centuries, this world would be so awash in blood that everything whites have ever done ((WITH THE SAME AMOUNT OF OVERWHELMING POWER IN OUR HANDS)) would look like a hippie festival.

I'm getting tired of these libelous arguments against whites in general or racists in particular. I'm also getting sick and tired of people using unprovable anecdotes "I'm the smartest guy in my college I swear!" to disprove statistical facts about race and IQ, criminality, STD's, illegitimacy rates, etc.

I hope future comments will be more original, more relevant, and for once have an ounce of honesty in them. Otherwise, I see no reason why they should be published. This article isn't for liberals, it's for truth seekers.

Anonymous said...

"Chinese think it great sport to watch animals be tortured to death and eat dogs. Whites pass laws against animal cruelty and love their dogs."

Throughout most of history, Europeans have treated animals as poorly as any other race. I'll name a few bloodsports whites have invented: cat burning, cockfighting, bullfighting, bearbaiting. Not to mention the slaughter of animals in the Coliseum. Modern white attitudes toward animals are unrepresentative of most of history.

"But we are merciful in peacetime, unlike Asians, who seem to be pitiless beasts at all times, whether to each other or even to animals."

Not really. Medieval Europe had a 300 per 100,000 homicide rate, practiced torture, bloodsports (see above), brutal executions for trivial crimes, etc. (The psychologist Steven Pinker has written a book on the subject of violence called "The Better Angels of our Nature." I recommend you check it out.) Again, whites have only become more peaceful in the last 2 centuries. Throughout the majority of history, they were just as brutal as any other race.

Chinese eat dogs, and whites don't, therefore whites must love animals more? Are you serious? That's like an Indian blogger writing that because Indians view cows as sacred and don't kill them, whereas in America cows are eaten constantly, Indians must be predisposed to love animals more than whites.

300 million killed in jihads? Give me a citation.

Diamed said...

120 million Africans

60 million Christians

80 million Hindus

10 million Buddhists

This gives a rough estimate of 270 million killed by jihad.

There's your citation.

As for the rest of your complaints, you are doing the typical liberal trick: Comparing modern Asians to ancient Europeans. That's ridiculous. the only fair comparison is ancient Asians to ancient Europeans. At that point you're comparing King Arthur and the Round Table to -- The mongols. You see how that works?

Obviously there has been progress through history, that's sort of the point of evolution, and cultures continuously try to reshape people into better people. It would be strange if we hadn't succeeded in becoming more peaceful over time. So don't compare modern day Asians to ancient whites, or pretend that because ancient whites were violent, this means whites are genetically the most violent race on Earth. Ancient Asians, ancient blacks, and acient Amerindians were even more violent. You can only compare apples to apples.

Killing cows and killing dogs isn't the same. Cows are extremely low IQ, unfeeling, brutish beasts. Dogs have feelings, are cute, friendly towards humans, and are extremely intelligent. They are as smart as 2 year olds at least. There's no comparison between a rational, compassionate treatment of dogs based on objective facts and an irrational superstition about cows based on dumb religions.

Anonymous said...

"As for the rest of your complaints, you are doing the typical liberal trick: Comparing modern Asians to ancient Europeans. That's ridiculous. the only fair comparison is ancient Asians to ancient Europeans. At that point you're comparing King Arthur and the Round Table to -- The mongols. You see how that works?"

If the Mongols were European, you'd be saying that they were just efficient, not sadistic, conquerors––just trying to spread the seed of the noble white race by exterminating the filthy lesser races.

In any case, I never said that whites are innately violent more than Asians. What I said was simply that whites have treated animals poorly, and have also been extremely violent towards one another––as violent as other races. It's true that whites haven't killed as many people as Asians, but you've said that mass extermination isn't what you're talking about, so much as sadism:

"Whites are extremely competent killers, and in war we are even known to vaporize whole cities that dare to defy us. But we are merciful in peacetime, unlike Asians, who seem to be pitiless beasts at all times, whether to each other or even to animals."

"Whites are the most murderous race? Bullshit. We are the most competent race when it comes to killing, but we always kill for a reason. We aren't sadists like certain races (cough: blacks)"

No. Asians are the most competent killers, but whites are more sadistic. (I'm NOT talking about genetics here, I'm talking about historical behavior.)

Whites have only become more humanitarian within the past 200 years, a span of time which is unrepresentative of their history. If not for stupid isolationist policies in the 1400's, China would probably have continued to develop much faster than Europe.

Anonymous said...

Whites are superior.

We are the most evolved human species.

W/ out whites. The world goes nowhere.

Imagine a world without Spics, Chinks, and niggers ruining every country.

Look at Mexico, Spic country
Look at Argentina, White country

Which one do you think looks better?

Look at China, Chink country
Now look at America, White country

Which one is starving under a communist governmemt?
Who has the balls to rule the world?

Look at Africa, niggerland
Look at Europe, White land

Who created vast empires and conquered the world?
Who enslaved the nigger and put him to good use?
Who puts up with lazy, ugly, inconmpitent minorities?

Whites do.

We will rise again.


Anonymous said...

"W/ out whites. The world goes nowhere."

The world "went somewhere" in ancient South America, China, and Japan, didn't it?

"Look at China, Chink country
Now look at America, White country

Which one is starving under a communist governmemt?
Who has the balls to rule the world?"

Well, China certainly has the balls to rule the world––because that's what they'll be doing in about ten years.

"Who created vast empires and conquered the world?"

Mongols, Han Chinese, Incas (their empire was nearly as large as the Roman Empire), Ottomans.

"We will rise again.


Are you trolling?

SmallerCap said...

@White power guy

Wtf are you even talking about? As if whites are an all powerful god-type race.

"Who created vast empires and conquered the world"

The largest empire was the Mongol Empire.

"Look at China, Chink country"

Trust me, China has 50x more "balls" than the U.S. does right now.

"Look at Europe, white country"

Europe, as in the UK and France? Or Kosavo, Ukraine, and Romania?

"We will rise again"

Ahahaha, not happening. To much interracial stuff going on right now. Expect a tan ancient Egyptian type skin tone to be the majority about 100 years from now.

"White Power"

....Ok troll……whatever you say....

Anthony said...

Just brief comment. I'm of Mexican descent (Native American not Spanish/Hispanic). I tend to lean towards liberal concepts politically as well. And i completely agree with this article. Although there may be technical arguments that can be made (however inconsequential they may be) the general foundation of the arguments is 100% valid. I've had contact witha plethora of these pseudo humans and with out a doubt i can commit to the statement that 99% of them fit the description. The remainder even still share the obvious signatures. I commend you on your honesty and directness of your statements. (also to those who discount the statement that they are not human based on DNA...look at what just a slight difference can make eg humans vs chimpanzees)

Please excuse any errors in spelling or punctuation as i am typing from a phone. +1 like for this post.

Anonymous said...

When USA splits ala USSR, blacks will not like their corner of the FUSA.

Good point about "white racism". They could simply leave and not have to "suffer" at the hand of non-blacks. They won't because they know what a shithole any predominately black nation becomes.

The more intelligent blacks are the result of interbreeding with non-blacks. I have heard women from poor east European nations express total revulsion at the idea of sex with a black. Note how rare it is for a non-white man to marry a black. White leftists advocate the idea of whites mixing with blacks, but most retreat to their gated communities and recoil in horror at the idea of a black being introduced into THEIR family. Leftists use race-mixing as a tool for destroying a society they wish to rebuild to their liking (with them in charge, of course).

Blacks have earned the label nigger

One last note...High 5 can consider his/her leftist indoctrination successful.

GreatMcWhite said...

Welfare has made U.S. blacks the stupidest on "earf". Survival of the fittest has been reversed, with the criteria for paternity reduced to zero. The fact that paternity can't be established means it is very likely that inadvertent incest will occur, with the result being even stupider, more deformed offspring. As far as racial harmony goes, when blacks move in - EVERYTHING GOES TO SHIT. This invariably applies to the entire planet.

Anonymous said...

diamed, thank you for creating this amazing blog . I learned a great deal about the history of civilization, and appreciate the time and effort you put toward creating this masterpiece.

One point I would like to add, and this is not directed at anyone in particular, is the constant misuse of the term African American. An African American is someone born in Africa, immigrated to the United States legally, and became a citizen. If you don’t meet those qualifications, you’re just black. The liberal media and Politically Correct constantly misuse the term to make blacks feel special…as if Affirmative Action, access to government social programs, and preference over every other ethic group isn’t enough, that’s one more.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

If a black man and a white woman, or a white man and a black woman, can reproduce, and those babies grow up to be able to reproduce, then black people and white people are of the same species. 'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

There is obviously some very intelligent people with comments for both sides of the debate- I believe that because our government has mandated that blacks are to be hired for equal opportunity is the only reason we have educated blacks in office at any level. This does not change the majority values and lifestyle of the black race. All of the "Pro Blacks are equal" commentators have obviously never worked with lived near or had to deal with the black africans - stealing from them- being assulted by them,vandalizing there possesions.
Most Pro Black people dont understand that 99% of the black race will stab you steal from you and rape you for a pair of shoes. This article maybe be hard to take or for many people an insult - but its true and we all know it. The only problem is there is nothing we can do about it- Thats whats sad- If our fore fathers could see what they did to this country now after bringing the african slaves here today I honestly believe slavery would have never happend-

Anonymous said...

People of whatever race are currently classified by the anthropologist or biologist as belonging to the one species, Homo sapiens. Look up what human means and blacks fit the description.

Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Gershom - Really? "Blacks have wide noses, kinky hair, black skin, high waist-to-hip ratios, prognathic jaws, long arms, and soulless, vacant eyes. Everything about them is ugly."

That prove something... You are a idiot...

The first picture I find of the keywords east asian on google, tell me only blacks have that nose?

It's not just the nose, it is all of the characteristics that are mentioned. And, yes, Haiti is an excellent example of how f-ed up Blacks are. There is not one decent country in the world that is run by Blacks.

You, Gershom, are part of the problem. Yeah, the Blacks are terrible savages, but it is the Ni&&er lovers who really deserve our disrespect. A Black can't help being a Black, just like a dog can't help being a dog. But, Ni&&er lovers have a choice.
Dcahill2468 at yahoo dot com

Diamed said...

I did not say that biologists and anthropologists currently classify blacks as non-human. I said that if they were honest and fair, following the same standards they followed concerning the classification of other species, they Would classify blacks as a separate species.

Obviously in this politically correct world, no scientist would survive five seconds making this statement in some official venue. That doesn't change the truth.

Recently a Japanese scientist working out of the University of London made a rather offhand, statistically backed study showing black women were the least attractive women on Earth. He was fired almost immediately after, though there was no attempt to refute or disprove his point.

With a totalitarian thought police like that in control, how can anthropologists and biologists ever say what they really know is true in their hearts?

Anonymous said...

That is like asking why different breeds of dogs are considered one species.

Anonymous said...

Also the "Out of Africa Theory" has not been proven as fact yet. There are some theories that say different, the last I checked.

Anonymous said...

In response to anonymous, evolution is a theory and will be one until we can observe it, but I'm sure it's true, and so does the scientific community.

Same goes for "Out of Africa," but we can't go back in time or repicate it.

So until something is proven, believe what you want.

Anonymous said...

Ok, this guy made a legitimate point. And believe it or not, it is true, based on empirical evidence. And no, I am not white. So stop blaming whites for being racist. Just stop it. No one ever gave humanity more than what the whites did in the last few hundreds of years. I am not an Europhile but, blacks are not human. Come on, an immigrant kid from a third world nation could know that right when that individual arrived in this country. Free of any prejudice, any misconceptions, just based on behavior, anyone can conclude what a chimp is or not. The looks say it before you even judge about behavior. But you give these chimps the benefit of the doubt. And yet your instinct is right and they are not human. It is too complicated an issue to eradicate these low lives, but human mind is ever so ingenious, we will find a way to get rid of these lesser beings we all call simians.

flavia said...

I am deeply annoyed at the slavery excuse. I am a Slav. Anyone care to wager a guess at the etymology of that word or names like "Mstislav, Stanisław, Rostislav, Sławomir, and Vladislav"

All of humanity at one point or another has been deeply oppressed. It is a shame that we hide the truth in order to shield the "feelings" of certain groups (or more likely the feelings we think they have.)

Anonymous said...

OK, be that as it may. May be we can also learn to tolerate them. It does not look like they are going anywhere. We have to learn to tolerate them. I guess this is the only way. Because atrocities are something that we would rather not commit. Let us try once again to achieve peace.

Anonymous said...

Flavia makes a good point, and I believe it was here where someone - maybe Diamed - laid down a list of races who have been enslaved in the past.

The niggers are shown preferential treatment above all other races who have ever been slaves, and remember, all races have been slaves. The reason I believe that niggers are shown preferential treatment today is because they are violent animals, and frightened coward enablers will do anything - even handing over their own daughters - to keep these violent animals from throwing a fit and hurting humans.

Sometimes, some people might say that fighting fire with fire would be a good strategy to control these violent outbursts.

One thing is certain - coddling them and cowering to these animals and giving everything to them is an exercise in futility that only emboldens them.

- The Realist

Anonymous said...

What is interesting to me is the lack of blacks from around the world in Universities that specialize in hardcore sciences, math and engineering. School like MIT look around the world for blacks to be in their schools, so they aren't condemned for not having enough blacks. Well, they can hardly find any. It's 5 kids here and there. Most are north African and we know they mixed with Europeans and Arabs. So they get their 5 token black kids and none from the US. I can't tell you how many schools from MIT to Princeton want hard science people who are black. They can't find them. At both my children's colleges, blacks just do horribly in academia. Many are on financial aide and drop out. The rich ones from north Africa, who are mixed with whites do okay, but the ones in my son's school are at the bottom of the barrel and they've been given every chance. They are American blacks. They even have programs to try to help them catch up in math and science for a year or two before even starting their college classes. This has been going on since I went to college. All they end up doing is flunking out. They have tons of tutoring help and support. Very few make it at all. Another thing I wanted to mention... not only are aboriginal Australians black, but so are southern Indians. They are related to the aboriginal Austrians. The northern Indians are related to the Proto Indo Europeans. The northern Indians have white features, yet darker skin. Still they are much whiter than southern Indians. Northern Indians can't stand southern Indians and now genetic studies show, they aren't related to one another and the caste system has kept them separated genetically. My daughter is just stunned that north Africans do okay at college and American blacks are a no show in math and science. My son says that they are an embarrassment at his college. I have two children in college right now. We are an all white family of total European ancestry. We are mostly German. I admire Asian and north Indian mothers for pushing their children to succeed. I pushed my children also. Even the Indians don't like blacks and some of them are rather dark. Skin color is not the relevant issue, but yes, blacks have had many advantages and I haven't seen this new generation in college doing any better than 30 years ago. No one likes blacks... from north Indians to Asians to native Americans it seems. The natives are kicking them out of their tribes. I do not hate blacks, but I do wonder if many of them don't have enough white DNA in them or Neanderthal DNA though whites, to succeed. Is this a losing battle with most of them? Even the south American Indians, if you spend any time with them, are learning fast. I guarantee in a generation or two, their kids will be doing well at college also. Illegal or not, they push themselves to make something of themselves. I give it two generations and you'll see their children surpass blacks at college level. Blacks aren't the only group to be enslaved. The Barbary pirates took tons of southern Europeans, but you don't see Italians in American doing poorly. Koreans were treated horribly by the Japanese, but you don't see them using it as an excuse. I don't hate blacks, but I can't help looking at some of them, especially the aboriginal Australians and wondering if they are a subgroup of homo sapient.

Anonymous said...

Africans never built a wheel, but that’s not saying much. They did built the Walls of Benin and Great Zimbabwe, both of which take more skill to build than a wheel. So it's not as though all Africans lived in huts. And it’s really poverty that has Africa in the state it’s in. People act as though Africans always were in a state of chaos and crime. Yet both European and Arab explorers alike often commented on the lack of theft and the security in pre-colonial Africa. It’s no coincidence that Africa was more stable before European colonization. Also aboriginal Australians have Neanderthal DNA.

Anonymous said...

"I did not say that biologists and anthropologists currently classify blacks as non-human. I said that if they were honest and fair, following the same standards they followed concerning the classification of other species, they Would classify blacks as a separate species."

Golden Retrievers and Pit Bulls who look different and act different are classed as the same species...

Diamed said...

So what? Can you tell the difference between say, related species of butterflies? Because I can't. Dogs have radically different looks while staying genetically similar due to selective breeding. This is why dogs remain the same species, because they're bred to differ on specific traits dramatically but do not differ much overall, genetically.

I never said dogs were different species, so stop misinterpreting me. Humans are more varied than many different 'species' vary from each other. This does not mean humans are more varied than every single species' internal variance on Earth. Stop conflating the two statements and read carefully for once.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I guess that was a bad comparison.

Anonymous said...

Subspecies of human would be about right.

Anonymous said...

Morals are influenced by upbringing, not by race.

Diamed said...

Right, so, the female black widow spider immorally kills their mating partner because of their bad upbringing from their mothers, not because they have an inborn instinct to do so. . .

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