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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Conservatism is Already Dead, but Nationalism is Gaining Strength:

When Trump won the Republican nomination, conservatism died forever.  They are the whig party.  Put a fork in them.  Nobody wants any of their policy platforms anymore.  They are universally reviled.

Conservatism has the support of like 20% of diehards on issues like abortion, marijuana legalization, gay marriage, low taxes for the rich, invading countries and starting wars all over the world, cutting social security and medicare, etc.  Pretty much every policy they embrace is universally loathed.

Liberalism is not the popular alternative, however.  Liberalism still has yet to infect the majority of the country.  Liberalism, which for now stands for lawlessness, open borders, free trade, endless deficit spending, education as an institution of indoctrination instead of learning, raising taxes to the stratosphere to fight illusory demons like global warming, regulating all businesses out of existence, Obamacare, blame America for 9/11 and Muslims are a religion of peace, cronyism and corruption, unions asking for insanely high wages and benefits, public sector workers who don't do a damned thing all day but still get payed $100,000 a year, blah blah blah, have around 40% of the electorate at best.

Who are the remaining 40%?  They're nationalists.  Libertarians still have a strong following of people who want economic conservatism and social liberalism, but they're split against themselves because they're always voting evenly between the conservative and liberal parties.  If all libertarians actually voted their conscience in the same year they may well have won the presidency by now, instead they don't even show up in congress anywhere.

Nationalists, however, will never vote for either conservatives or liberals, because they a) are hated and despised by both parties, and b) hate and despise both parties.  They have mostly sat out every election up until now because they had no one to vote for.  They are the 40% of the US electorate that hasn't voted up until Trump ran and brought an entire new population into the democratic process.  Because they will vote as a block for their own candidate, they are infinitely more powerful than libertarians, and will be the replacement for the conservatives instead of the Ron Paul revolution people were so hopeful about eight years ago.

There are as many nationalists as liberals, 40 vs. 40, while conservatives are a tiny rump 20% no one cares about anymore.  This is why Trump can still win elections in America, whereas conservatives like Romney were completely doomed before even the first vote was cast.  Any poll based around the issues could have told you that nobody wanted what Romney and his true conservative platform was selling.

The  nationalist platform Trump is running on believes in moderation on popular liberal issues like abortion, gay marriage, medicare, social security, equal pay for women, etc.  He basically cedes all these issues while making a token resistance to it and dismissing it as largely unimportant to the vital issues facing the US today.  He takes up strong antithetical positions where liberals are weak, however, and the American people are searching for an alternative.  Law and order, like Giuliani provided, instead of crime waves like the liberals want.  No more foreign wars.  No more open borders, immigrants to be screened for how well they can benefit Americans, basically zero muslim immigration because we've had enough terrorism for a century.  These are popular positions that neither the conservatives nor the liberals were willing to touch.  Even though they had the support of around half the population, no one was running on them.  While conservatives have a platform that nobody will ever vote for again, Trump's platform may well win in November and save the country.

The glaring pointlessness of conservative think tanks rears its ugly head.  What use is there in all these foundations and pundits who nobody agrees with?  They're just talking to each other on tv and in magazines.  No one buys their shit anymore.  Neither do they believe it nor will they pay for it anymore.  The younger generations are not interested in conservative positions on gays, drugs and abortion, and the elderly are not interested in cuts to social programs they're reliant upon.  Everyone is sick of the endless warmongering.  We have this hilarious situation where all the talking heads and paid journalists are advocating for conservatism whereas all the voters have already moved on to nationalism.  Conservatives either tepidly disagree with liberals on every policy where they are weak (note Rand Paul wanting to be a 'detroit conservative' and become weak on crime again when the majority of Americans want to get tougher on crime) or fully agree with them (like with open borders, what the Wall Street Journal has been advocating for for decades now).  They are not the opposition.

When you're 20% of the population (at best), you aren't the opposition in a two party democracy.  The opposition is the second largest group, and that's Trump voters.  There's liberals and nationalists.  Conservatives have no right to even a seat at the table.  They're no more numerous than Perot supporters anymore.  Either they can get on board with the nationalists that support Trump or fade away into irrelevance.

If they don't support Trump, thus giving nationalists a huge 60-40 majority, they'll lose everything.  Liberals intend to flood the country with populations that 100% oppose conservative ideology, such that conservatives won't even be able to win in Texas anymore.  Not only do Hispanics support high taxes and high spending, they're also in favor of gun control, gay marriage, and every other jewel of the liberal agenda.  They have wholly bought in to the liberal platform and are wedded to it at the hip.  If conservatives drop all of their old demands and join nationalists, they can still have their way on a few things -- relatively lower taxes, lower regulations, more religious freedom, a strong military even if it no longer fights anywhere -- so it should be a no brainer to throw in with Trump while they still have the chance.  And the most important thing is that these conservative policies will have a chance to last a significant amount of time because the mass immigration of liberal voters into the country will be forestalled.

But imagine they throw their little hissy fit and refuse to help Trump win in November.  In that case liberals will pass amnesty and increase legal immigration to the point of hundreds of millions if not billions of 'new americans' entering the system.  They'll be completely subsumed.  And the only people who will be protesting this and organizing and rallying against this will be the nationalists, who still want to preserve their national identity whether they win this election or lose it.  Nationalists will only be emboldened and energized by the national catastrophe of open borders and amnesty.  They still have a nationalist solution up their sleeve -- a solution conservatives lack because they only cling to abstract universal principles.

Nationalists, facing this history changing emergency, will say 'enough, we're seceding into a separate nation, and this one we're protecting for good.'  Conservatives have no such vocabulary.  There are no lifeboats on their Titanic.  They have no philosophical way out of the liberal's eternal grasp of power.

If Hillary wins, both the liberals and the nationalists will prosper.  Liberals will get their influx of new liberal voters.  Nationalist discontent will swell to the highest crescendo since the Civil War and give healthy majorities in Texas in support of secession and other red states.  And conservatives will have nothing and no one.  Don't Tread on Me will become a rallying cry, but 'let's cut social security and ban abortion under any circumstances' will be looked at as ravings from the loony bin.

Sadly, nationalism does not equal the basket of deplorables.  The people who will want to separate from Hillary's brave new world will not be racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic or islamophobic.  They'll just want some common sense measures put in place such that they aren't wholly taxed and regulated and indoctrinated into oblivion.  These are just people with healthy self-preservation instincts.  They'll be opposed to crime, terrorism, people who can't speak English and won't assimilate, cripplingly high taxes and regulations where they can no longer afford to start a family or run a business, and so on.  These are people who just want to be left alone for once and not be lectured for the millionth time why they're responsible for everyone else on Earth's woes.

They will not create a paradise on Earth.  They are not in favor of Vinland, the new racist utopia.  They have yet to grasp the concept that only white and/or East Asian people are spiritually and mentally capable of creating successful 1st world countries.  They have yet to grasp that religion is a pack of lies and insufferable in a modern age that needs to operate along harsh and strict truths.  They have yet to realize that the women's rights movement is an existential threat to our ability to reproduce and raise our children in even a halfway decent environment.  They still don't get that machines have replaced humans as the providers of wealth and therefore earnings should no longer be correlated to hours worked.  In fact, once they succeed in seceding, things will settle down nicely for a few centuries and everyone will be so content that we'll even get further away from our goal than where we are now.

But that's okay, because civilization will be on a strong enough footing in this sort of instinctively white state, that technological solutions will come about that make that next step possible for those of us dreaming of a real revolution.  So long as we aren't subsumed by billions of muslims and Africans in 2100, AI, spaceflight and virtual reality will be invented and allow racists to carve out their own place in the universe without any further interaction or conflict with the outside world.

If Texas secession can be considered a lifeboat rather than a luxury yacht, that's really not so bad.  So we ride around on this boat for a while, until 2200 or whenever, where we reach solid land and found our own Vinland that suits us best.  We don't get to see the racialism we need in the long run, but we also don't see the fall of Rome and the literal sacking of our cities, burning of our temples and raping of our women.  Just give us peace and safety for a bit longer, and we can invent our way to the next step of our political evolution.

Previously I opposed Texan secession from the United States.  I didn't feel there was much difference between Texan politics and US politics, so it wouldn't make any difference, while also disrupting our economy, travel rights and sports leagues.  The last thing I wanted to see was Texas seceding from the Union, only to become just as liberal as the rest of the US a few years later due to the majority-minority Texan kids coming of age.  But with Hillary coming to office, a being of such demonic vileness as never before seen, anything is better than staying in the USA.  In addition, if Texas secedes on the basis of wanting a more nationalist country like Trump, then Texan policies will make sure we aren't overtaken by liberals in the future.  We will invite the tens of millions of nationalists in America to immigrate to the newly independent Texas, while banning any further immigration of Hispanics and even deporting a large number who are already here.  We will cut off all welfare aid and crack down on crime to the point that minorities will gladly flee to the liberal USA and leave us the hell alone from here on.

Seceding just 'for the heck of it, because we're Texas.'  Was not a winning recipe and wouldn't achieve anything.  Seceding because "Trump will be our first president since 1845, not the demon possessed witch Hillary, whether we win in November or not," is the strong foundation we need for lasting success.

There is a big difference between open borders, billions of Africans and Muslims flooding into your country and a lawless system that blames whites for defending themselves instead of the actual criminals and terrorists trying to kill us, and a Texan nationalist country that welcomes anyone who can 'hack it,' but tells all the whiners to go hang.  It isn't the ideal alternative, and racists in Texas will be just as reviled and kicked around as racists in the old USA, but it's such a huge step in the right direction that it's immaterial.

Worse is better, definitely, in terms of getting more and more people to just throw up their hands in despair and beg for the return of Nazism.  But worse is not better when the poison is so strong that the host simply keels over dead from a lethal dose of liberalism.  There is no evidence that people would turn to Hitler before they keeled over if we stayed in the old USA.  In fact, the immigration flood would happen so suddenly and so decisively that people wouldn't even have a chance to change their views they've been indoctrinated in for so long.  Given centuries, however, a small and dedicated minority which is not snuffed out by liberal totalitarianism can man their own spaceship and venture forth to their own habitable planet, and no one will get in their way because 'don't tread on me' will mean something.  In that case, 'normal is better.'  A hell of a lot better than worse.  Once we have our own planet we can plot out our own future.  Sheltered in Texas until we can emigrate to Vinland sounds a hell of a lot better than 'we'll rebuild from the ashes of burnt down Baltimore and Detroit.'  A hell of a lot more likely as a scenario goes than 'we'll go to war with the entire USA and win via clever guerilla tactics' too.


A. Braddock said...

40% are nationalists..
Lol yeah I call bullshit. Stats or it didn't happen. You also have to consider the idea that Nationalism is an unbrella term that can cover a lot of ground but even then, many people who don't fit that bill are only voting one way or the other because of their unwavering loyalty to their party

Diamed said...

Trump is a nationalist, and at least 40% of the country is voting for Trump. Isn't that enough?

But if you prefer issues oriented questions:

"The CNBC All-America Economic Survey, conducted March 21-23, finds that just 27 percent of the public agree that free trade "has helped the U.S.," compared with 43 percent who say it has hurt."

"Among all likely voters, 51% favor building a wall on the border; 37% disagree, and 12% are not sure. Eighty percent (80%) support the deportation of all illegal immigrants convicted of a felony; only 11% are opposed."

"Fifty-four percent (54%) of voters disagree with the current federal policy that says a child born to an illegal immigrant here is automatically a U.S. citizen."

"Just 34% favor President Obama’s plan to protect up to five million illegal immigrants from deportation. Most voters continue to think instead that the United States is not aggressive enough in deporting those who are here illegally."

"A new poll shows that 50 percent of all American voters support a temporary ban on Muslims traveling to the U.S. — an idea originally proposed by GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump."

Surely you are ready to admit these are nationalist policies, that neither conservatives nor liberals promote? What else would you call the people who support these issues but nationalists?