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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

There Are no Double Standards But There Are Only Two Sides:

Liberals are not rife with hypocrisy and double standards.  It's okay for a minority oppressed group to organize in self defense against majoritarian oppression.  Because minorities are oppressed specifically due to their race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, or so on, it is only natural and follows logically to organize along those grounds.  If brown eyed people were oppressed as a group, then a 'brown eyed pride' organization which lobbied for brown eyed equality would arise ex nihilo as well.  There is nothing wrong with organizing between people with shared interests towards justice and equality, and that is what liberals think all the feminists, gays, blacks, hispanics, muslims, and so on are all doing.

This is completely different from the already in power majority organizing so that they can deny equality to other groups, that's just oppression.  The idea that a white identity organization, or a straight identity organization, or a male identity organization, could organize in order to assert its will, when it already has more rights and freedoms and strength than any other group, could only be doing so for nefarious purposes.  Lobbying to just reach parity with the better off groups in your society is only fair, since every group should be in parity since everyone is born equal, and the very existence of non-parity proves oppression a priori.  Lobbying to go beyond parity and get an unequal share of the wealth, fame, power, etc of society is tyranny.

Why do non-liberals refuse to understand basic power dynamics like these and insist that liberals are hypocritical when they clearly aren't and have never been?

Everything liberals say and believe is natural, logical and right -- if we are all born equal like they say.  There is no part of their thinking, words, or strategies that is wrong outside of this one basic fact.

There is only one answer to liberalism, that groups are not equal, individuals aren't equal, they are superior and inferior, and we are for the superior supplanting the inferior, rather than the inferior supplanting the superior.  Every time you try to call them out for their 'double standards' you just look like a blazing idiot, or a snarky liar trying to win through deception instead of honest debate.  You look weak and weaselly, like wormtongue.  You're deplorable.

White Lives Matter is a hate group because white lives already matter in this country and it's deceitful and intellectually dishonest to pretend they need any more visibility or assistance than they already have.  Black Lives Matter is a valiant protest group for justice because clearly black lives don't currently matter in this society because cops can just blast them away with no repercussions, no trial, nothing.  Philando Castille is just killed out of hand for a broken taillight and the killer isn't even arrested.  When are whites killed like that, with no repercussion, no trial, not even an apology?  It's blacks that need protection from the trigger happy police, not anyone else, so 'all lives matter' is this incredibly snarky and deceitful phrase as though this were ever in question.  If all lives really mattered, blacks wouldn't be getting shot down in the streets by policemen for no reason, now would they?  So all lives matter is a patently false statement.  In America, black lives don't matter, so how can you possibly say all lives matter?  No they don't.  Our law enforcement system currently believes that all lives except black lives matter.  Blacks are the ones getting shot without cause, not any other group, so don't give me your crap about all lives matter, white lives matter, or pig or cow or dog lives matter.  The only important cause we should be concentrating on right now is the fact that black lives matter, something the cops just will not get and do not seem to learn no matter how many times we repeat ourselves over the last few years.

Who are all these idiot, snarky assholes who pretend there are double standards among liberal causes when they are the only people speaking honestly and forthrightly about the issues?  Why do conservatives hide behind patently dishonest phrases and slogans as their countermeasure to liberalism?  Truth will always win out over lies, and the conservatives are all lying with shit eating grins on their faces and know they're lying, because they know that nothing they say in the least addresses what liberals are talking about and trying to communicate.

The proper answer to 'black lives matter' protestors is to say each and every one of the thugs shot down by the cops had it coming so there's nothing to see here and no reason for the cops to change their behavior.  But when you have Philando Castille being killed for his 50th plus misdemeanor traffic ticket that argument really doesn't sail very far, now does it?  It's obvious that cops really are plugging blacks for no reason and getting away with it.  And it's obvious that we really should do something about it, because this is insane.  But this is the only possible honest reply and only possible debate angle you could even take against black lives matter.  Everything else is a willful deflection and deception away from the issue at hand.

This basket of deplorables stuff is exactly the same.  It's true that around half of Trump supporters have un-pc views about blacks, gays, women, Muslims, or whatever.  Over half want a total ban on Muslim immigration.  To liberals, this really does mean they're racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, and so on.  The proper answer isn't to demand an apology for being accused of these monikers, which is how liberals have been using the words for decades now, it's to explain to liberals why the views we hold are not racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, and so on, and why their definitions and terms are inaccurate.

Trump supporters could say -- "We believe these things not out of malice or prejudice, but out of simple scientific knowledge.  These are indisputable, undebatable facts, collected from our own government and published yearly from the most reputable sources you could ever imagine.  How can it be racist to acknowledge truths published by Obama's own justice department, his own SAT tests, PISA tests, etc?"

Liberals believe it is racist, sexist, etc, to think there are any differences between groups.  Conservatives need to stop howling at being called names, and push back by saying that is not their accepted definition of the term.  Until they explain what racist, sexist, etc, means to them, and why the liberal definition does not fit them, conservatives again just look duplicitous.  They insist they aren't deplorable, while still holding all of the opinions that make them deplorable without any change.  They're exactly as Hillary described them, but also whiny losers for being called out on top of it all.  That just makes conservatives look even worse than if they just owned up to the title.

Once conservatives have explained that it is impossible for someone who believes the truth as published in well documented and well proven scientific databases to be prejudiced in any shape of the term simply by definition, they can then demand a retraction of the deplorable title.  The the next debate can be waged, fairly and honestly, between liberals and conservatives -- 'are these group differences malleable or innate?'  If they're malleable, again it's deplorable to refuse the liberals' wishes because all they're trying to do is erase these group differences and restore justice and fairness to the universe.  If they aren't malleable, however, then liberal efforts are just a waste of time and energy and it is perfectly correct to oppose any further changes in furtherance of social justice.

A conservative who says gaps between the races are malleable but they still have no interest in bridging said gaps is deplorable.  They are motivated by malice, because there's no other possible explanation for allowing such a festering wound to fester in the body politic.  You must believe the gaps are genetic and unchangeable or else you would be morally obligated to do something about it.

It's not racist to believe the gaps between the races are innate, because again this is just basic scientific fact, and facts, truth, cannot be biased or prejudiced.  It cannot be a sin to believe the truth no matter what the truth might be.  Twin studies have shown that 80% of intelligence is genetic.  They've also shown that many other characteristics, like behavior and personality, are also heritable.  It follows, then, that genes must be the cause of gaps between individuals and groups, because there simply isn't enough room for other forces to have any sway at all.  Even without twin studies, the Minnesota Trans-racial Adoption study is the definitive proof that gaps between the races are innate and unchangeable by any good-willed or good-natured efforts by society.  The Minnesota Trans-racial Adoption Study showed that blacks adopted at birth by white Minnesotan middle-class parents and raised as their very own children were no better off, in the long run, than if they had been raised by their biological parents in the slums.  In fact, adoptive parents have a 0% influence on their adoptive children, there's zero correlation between their life outcomes, it's like they don't even exist.

Even more impressive is the fact that the mixed race adopted blacks scored halfway inbetween the pureblood adopted blacks and normal whites.  If it were true that the parents simply hated their children for being black and actively kept them down, and thus were not the beneficent environment black children really needed, why on Earth would white adoptive parents be half as hateful towards the mixed race blacks as the pureblooded ones?  Are we to believe that people who are racist enough to oppress their own children wouldn't follow the one drop rule and would instead be half again fairer than usual to the halfbloods?  After all this time where we were told that whites treat all blacks the same no matter how light the skin, are liberals going to reverse that statement and say of course whites are less prejudiced towards blacks the closer to genetically white they become?  If whites are as malicious and evil as liberals say, it defies reason and beggars the imagination that our cackling conspiracies would gradually calm down and start smiling and hugging blacks the lighter their skin tone in a perfect continuum.  Wouldn't we just throw them all into the same basket and be done with it, like the Nazis did with the Jews?

If giving blacks perfect role models, a stable home environment, middle class lifestyles, great school learning environments, and so on and so forth, all of which the parents in the Minnesota study did, is not enough to make any long term difference in their outcomes, than the gaps are not malleable and there is nothing we can do.  There is no imaginable heaven on Earth we could send blacks to to make them any better off.  As the final nail in the coffin, the children of the richest blacks in America, who makes tons more than the average white, have stable families, good role models, go to ritzy private schools, etc, etc, have lower SAT scores when they graduate from high school than children of the poorest whites.  Give them the best upbringing the country can provide and they're still worse than hillbillies.  What can we possibly do for the average black that hasn't already been done for the children of the rich and famous, none of which availed them any?

The answer also cannot be that if we simply stopped being racist towards blacks, both their rich scions, their adopted into middle class white family children, the ghetto children, the children of black doctors and lawyers, and all the other blacks would skyrocket in achievement, because there are plenty of blacks in all-black cities or all-black countries which never experience racism in their life because they never even meet a white in their life.  They don't do any better than the ones in the heart of the evil South that's still whipping and hanging negroes regularly.  In fact, blacks who live in ritzy, super liberal zip codes like Washington D.C., Milwaukee, San Fransisco, Boston, etc, do even worse than those living in Republican voting areas.  The gaps are even wider there!  If being less racist were the key, why is it that areas that voted 90% plus for Obama produce worse outcomes for blacks than the deplorable South?

None of the environmental explanations behind racial gaps can hold any water.  They just don't hold up under common sense, factual, scientific scrutiny.  When you add it all together the gaps cannot be malleable.  The same applies to all the other categories liberals whine about.  If you look at the facts closely and carefully, no environmental explanation fits the data and the differences must be inborn.

It cannot be racist, sexist, or whatever, to believe the truth that science and all studies are telling us is true.  Now, conservatives could just stop here and they would be on safe ground.  They would be out of the basket of deplorables for good if they just vociferously, honestly, and passionately argued this case in public and never backed down or apologized over it because they are, God damn it, in the right.  Once they showed some cajones, the rest of the public would listen to their statements, admit that it all made sense, and we could overwhelmingly throw off the liberal scourge of all their bullshit definitions of racism, sexism, blah blah blah.

But take one step further and you would be right back into the basket of deplorables voluntarily, which is what people should really do.  Because it is racist, sexist, homophobic, and so on, to draw value judgments from these lined up facts that are perfectly on display in front of us.  The textbook definition of racism is to believe that one race is superior to the other due to innate inborn traits.  A real racist gladly admits to this, saying, not only are whites more intelligent than blacks, which is simply an undebatable truth proven by all testing across all time, but also that this matters, and as a result we should support whites while bearing down on blacks as hard as we can, and let evolution take its course towards a better, more eugenic world.

It's pretty wild to believe that women have a proper place in society due to their innate nature, and not insist on putting them there.  It's pretty ridiculous to say blacks are poverty stricken, criminal dullards who can never amount to anything, but we should let billions more immigrate to our country.  It's eye rolling to say that gays and transgenders are not just sexually disturbed, but mentally disturbed, and behave in a self-destructive manner across the board, and not try to dissuade borderline cases away from the whole lifestyle.  It's absurd to say that the Koran, Hadith and Suna clearly enunciate an inflexible code of violence and barbarism against non-believers, apostates, heretics and true believers alike, but not think anything should be done about this.

Conservatives are intellectually bankrupt no matter what they do.  The only way to get out of the basket of deplorables is to prove that believing true things does not make them racist, but once you've proven the truth you'll just want to jump right back into the basket anyway.  There is no rational, philosophical basis for a neutral stance between liberalism and Nazism.  It's one or the other, and everyone will eventually have to choose.  If you aren't a liberal you're a Nazi, or an incoherent idiot who deserves the total opprobrium and shaming by both sides for deliberately being too cowardly or simply too retarded to fucking make up their minds.

I long for the day where everyone is either a liberal or a deplorable.  Then we can have an honest conversation and an honest debate about the topic, instead of running away and covering our ears like conservatives do from birth till death.  And if the conversation and debate is not sufficient to convince the liberals of their erred beliefs, based on ignorance of basic factual reality, then we can have an honest war over the topic and settle things once and for all, one way or the other.  Let's stop all the blather and dithering and bullshit.  We hate each other, our differences are irreconcilable, they say we are irredeemable, and we believe they are irredeemable, so let's just get down to it and see who's right once and for all.

"So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth."

Before the Ragnarok, the final reckoning with the intelligent, rational, and consistent liberals, the group I hate most and most want to see destroyed is the conservatives.  They live solely by lies, their logic is completely incoherent, and none of their arguments make any sense.  They don't even have the right to a spot at the table.  They're just racists who are too cowardly to upfront confront the liberals and say "yeah I'm a racist, what about it?"  Better to be deplorable than despicable.  And today all conservatives can say is "I'm not deplorable, I'm a lick-spittle coward who wants to somehow not confront the issue and divert and look away from the argument all the way until my deathbed!"  If only there really were a God and the Bible really were true, and the line from Revelations really did predict what would be done with these folks.  What a joyous occasion for both sides, liberals and Nazis, that would be!

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