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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Why are we giving 38 billion dollars to Israel?:

America is $20 trillion in debt, but we still have the luxury to spare $38 billion to Israel for free.  Just, gratis, here you go.  That's $5,000 per Israeli out of the kindness of our hearts.  Why not give that money to Americans instead?  Why are American tax dollars going to enrich Israel, which is plenty rich already and should take care of itself?

This isn't a one time thing either.  We've been steadily giving three billion + dollars to Israel every year since the dawn of time.  Everyone in Israel could just live off of our largess at this rate.

It doesn't matter in the least that the Israelis will turn around and buy US military equipment with the free money.  That's called slave labor, when we work for Israel for free, because they aren't paying a dime of their own money for the products we will be producing for them.  I don't recall becoming the slaves of the mighty Israeli Empire, so what exactly are we doing by giving them all these free manufactured goods?

It's ridiculous to say that Israel needs the money.  First off, only under communism does money flow in such a compassionate manner:  "from each according to their ability, to each according to their need."  I'm sure lots of countries would love free military equipment to the tune of $4 billion a year in perpetuity, but we don't give them free money to buy our stuff with.

Secondly, Israel is filthy rich and could easily afford to pay for its own security like everyone else on Earth has to do.  What kind of government doesn't even pay for its own security?  A country like that doesn't even deserve to exist.  People who won't even defend themselves certainly don't deserve defending by someone else.

Lastly, Israel has nuclear weapons so no one would dare attack them anyway.  What possible use does giving them free tanks and helicopters hold when they already have the ultimate weapon up their sleeves?

Israel has a right to exist, but not as a parasite nation that simply milks taxpayer dollars from German reparations and American alms.  If they can't hack it on their own, there's nothing admirable about their society that would make them a worthwhile conqueror of the previously Muslim lands.  And if you say 'these foreign aid funds are a minuscule portion of the Israeli engine of productivity', then why not prove it by forswearing any further charity and finally make it on your own?  Don't these Israelis have any pride as a country?  Why are they willing to live off of charity like they're some lowly starving refugees or third world basket cases?  Why are they receiving more foreign aid than Somalia, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, etc?

Foreign aid surely is not meant to take from the poor of one country and give to the rich of another.  Until taxes on the poor are zeroed out in America, it is offensive, malicious, even murderous to receive these foreign aid dollars when you're already rolling in cash yourselves.  America can't afford all this charity abroad, especially to countries almost as rich as they are.  We're deep in debt and our people haven't had a real raise in wages since the 1970's.  Poor people are so full of despair that our length of life is actually going down instead of up, unlike every other modern country on Earth.  Is this really the time to just give away $40 billion dollars to 'our good friends in Israel?'  If they're such good friends, why don't they take some pity on us and donate 40 billion shekels our way?

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