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Monday, May 30, 2016

Boku no Hero Academia Dropped:

There was never any hook in this series to get me interested.  Why should I care about these heroes' lives?  What does it matter if the world is destroyed or not?  The over the top melodrama behind the main character's origin story and his relationship with his rival isn't sympathetic at all.  I could care less about either of them.  All Might is like Mr. Miracle from battle athletes, an annoying gag character who repeats his one single gag every time he's on frame.  The only redeeming feature is the cute girl with the power of levitation, but there are tons of shows with cute girls so there's no reason to watch this one if that's all you're after.

A world where everyone's super powered is a world that certainly doesn't need you to help or contribute in any way.  You may as well just relax and leave it up to someone else.  In Naruto, the ever present risk of war meant all hands had to be on deck or your entire nation would be obliterated by scheming foes who you can be sure are trying to power up their militaries.  There's no such risk in this hero world, the villains are isolated and weak and there's a thousand heroes per villain to go around.  You can't walk five steps without meeting another hero.  The situation is innately demotivating.

I know it's unfair to compare Hero Academia to the greatest anime of all time, but this is Hero's fault for so closely trying to mimic Naruto and get the fans of Naruto to come watch it as well.  If it weren't such a copycat, the comparisons between the two wouldn't be so apt.  Just like Naruto, Hero's protagonist is a talentless washout, but just like Naruto, Hero's protagonist dreams of becoming the greatest of all heroes.  Just like Naruto, he trains at ninja, I mean, hero academy to someday get a job as a ninja, I mean a hero, and undergoes tough ninja, I mean hero exams by instructors who are tasked to make sure there's a high failure rate in order to maintain the quality of outgoing ninjas, I mean heroes into the wider violent world.

If I wanted to watch Naruto again I'd just watch Naruto again.  Enough is enough.  I gave this super popular show all the chance it needed to shine and it just couldn't.  By episode nine of Naruto so many amazing moments had already happened, like Sasuke telling Sakura she was annoying, or Naruto pulling out his very first mass shadow clone technique, or Kakashi passing down the lessons he learned from his fateful mission with Obito.  There isn't a single memorable event or line of dialogue that's occurred in the entirety of this series.  It's all just blah.

Meanwhile, I've finished rewatching Hello! Kiniro Mosaic.  I'd ask for a sequel season to be made, but there's barely any manga past the anime anyway so there's no point in trying.  If another six volumes come out I'll ask for a sequel then.  Luckily the manga is being translated by Yen Press now, so a project long neglected by fansubbers might see some movement shortly.

Deadpool is a terrible movie with no redeeming value.  It's just violence, cursing, random nudity that serves no narrative purpose, gore, and a simplistic plot that's been done a million times before with characters whose motives couldn't be more generic.  I can't believe anyone spent money on this movie.  I also can't believe all those critics who praised it to the stars.  What exactly were they smoking at the time?  It was a horrible movie.  There wasn't anything good you could say about it, except I suppose costume design and a couple jokes.  A couple good jokes over the course of hours of monotonous crap doesn't make your movie good.  It makes your movie awful, terrible garbage.  Movie critics clearly have no idea what they are talking about, they couldn't distinguish a diamond from a lump of coal.  I'm sure Warcraft is going to be amazing, because whatever critics say, the better bet is that the exact opposite is what's actually true.

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