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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Girls und Panzer Film:

Girls und Panzer's movie and special ova are out subtitled, so now's the time to see it for the first time outside of Japan.

The movie was spectacular.  The creativity behind how the tanks fought and their clever interactions with the terrain was neverending.  Getting to see all the former rivals of the different schools fight together as one team was also an amazing experience.  The movie was so full of adrenaline and heart pumping action that it felt like it ended just moments after it began.  I watched the movie twice in a row it was so good.

Girls und Panzer is the 4th best anime entry of 2016 so far.  This one film is beating out the entire Mahoutskai Pretty Cure season.  I'll need to adjust Girls und Panzer's overall rankings upwards at some point, but it can wait until I have a lot of other series' rankings I want to adjust as well.

I'm up to volume 14 of Spice and Wolf and volume 5 of Hataraku Maou-sama!

Grimgar's third volume is finally translated in full, so now I'm on volume 4 of this series as well.  What a cliffhanger for an ending though. >.<

The best selling light novel series of the first half of 2016 is yet again Sword Art Online.  I just like rubbing this into the faces of all the SAO haters out there.  It's nice to see popularity and perfection coincide.

The Warcraft movie will have a hard time making back its production costs unless all we Warcraft fans get out there and buy a ticket when it comes out.  For the Horde!  (or, if you prefer, For the Alliance!)

I'm about halfway through Hello! Kiniro Mosaic's rewatch.  Once that's done I guess it'll be school days' blu-ray turn.  The second season of Kiniro Mosaic was a real letdown in quality compared to the first, but at least the girls are still cute, which is the main selling point of this show.  The problem with all comedy shows is there isn't any plot progression, and thus all the character based jokes become repetitive.  As a result, extending the length of a comedy series never works.  One way to avoid this issue is to keep adding in more and more characters, but once you get too distant from the main cast you start to wonder why you should even care about these extra irrelevant add-ons, because, yet again, they do nothing to advance the plot or further characterize our characters.

Working season 3 was really good because the characters actually changed and the story reached closure.  Maybe Kiniro Mosaic should try the same thing and make its third season reach a reasonable ending for everyone by being a bit more serious drama based and less pure comedy.  We would need the manga-ka to cooperate by bringing the manga to a close first, though.

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