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Monday, April 18, 2016

Wagamama High Spec Dropped:

Sometimes a series is so short that no discernible information can even be conveyed.  Wagamama High Spec is too much bother to watch when it's this transient.  I also feel like the art quality is sub-par, and that they really aren't even trying to make this show any good.  In that case there's no point in me trying to watch it.

This brings the spring total down to 18 shows.  Still not bad, so long as there aren't any further casualties down the road.  Sailor Moon is so good it can make up all the difference regardless of what else is airing this season.

Meanwhile, I've rewatched Game of Thrones Season 5 and am all primed for the next season to begin.  With that done, the next project is to rewatch all the Pretty Cure movies belonging to the various seasons and add their respective worth into the average worth of each season, thus creating a complete and perfect version of my Pretty Cure Rankings post (which will stay under maintenance until completed.)

Adding in the movie rankings is a little complicated, but it will work like this.  A movie will count as a variable number of episodes based on its length.  If a season has no movies, its overall average won't change.  If it has two movies, then both will be added into that season's average.  These movies will be ranked from 1-12.  So, for example, if movie #1 is the best movie of all, and it happens to be the length of 3 normal tv episodes, I would add three 1's to Max Heart's current rankings and then divide by three more than I previously divided, finding the new average.

DX movies will be treated as being a 2nd movie in whatever season they appear in.  So if the DX movie that introduces the Fresh Pretty Cure to the dx universe is particularly good, that will help out the Fresh Pretty Cure overall average, even though all the other Cures are also there.  They will be judged separately from the season-central movies, so the possible rankings will range from 1-7.

These 19 movies will end up having a sizable impact on the rankings, and might flip more than one ranking that's currently based on just the TV series, so the tension is going to be extremely high until the final judging is done.

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